How to Archive Emails in Outlook

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How to Archive Emails in Outlook
How to Archive Emails in Outlook

One of the most effective strategies to keep your inbox clutter-free is to archive emails. You’re in luck if you want to accomplish this in Outlook. Both Outlook for web and Outlook for desktop make it simple to archive emails.

We’ll go through all of the best methods to archive emails in Microsoft Outlook on your PC in this post.

What Is an Archive in Outlook?

An archive in the context of Outlook and emails is simply all of the emails that you’ve decided to keep aside from your main inbox.

Archived emails in Outlook for web are moved from the main inbox folder to the Archive folder.

Archiving an email in Outlook for desktop essentially involves copying your emails from the primary Outlook PST file to a new PST file. You may move this PST file anywhere and view all of your stored emails inside it at any time.

If you’re new to Outlook, compare Outlook for web with Outlook for desktop to find which one best suits your requirements.

Can You Use Outlook Archive for All Your Email Accounts?

There are two situations in which you cannot utilize Outlook’s Archive function.

To begin, you cannot utilize the native Outlook archive function if you have an Exchange Server email account and your business uses Microsoft Exchange Server Online Archive.

Second, if your network administrator has disabled the archive capability, you will be unable to archive your emails.

In each of these circumstances, contact your organization’s network administrator for assistance.

How to Archive Emails in Outlook for Web

Using Outlook for web to archive emails is simpler than using the desktop client. Simply choose a few choices and your emails will be archived.

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Here’s how you do it:

  1. Visit and sign in to your email account.
  2. Click the folder on the left that contains your emails.
  3. From the right pane, choose the emails you want to archive.
  4. In the top menu bar, choose the Archive option.
  5. If you accidentally archived an email, click Undo at the bottom to undo your action.
  6. By choosing Archive on the left, you can see all of your archived emails.

    If you wish to transfer an archived email back to the main folder, locate it in the Archive folder, click it, then click Move to at the top and choose where you want the email to go.

    How to Archive Emails in Outlook Automatically

    You may archive emails in Outlook for desktop either automatically or manually. In this part, we’ll go through how to utilize Outlook for desktop’s automatic archive function.

    AutoArchive is the function that allows you to automatically archive your emails in the Outlook program. After a certain length of time, this function moves your emails from your main folders to the archive.

    This feature allows you to customize a variety of parameters, and the instructions below explain how to do so:

    1. Start your PC and launch Outlook.
    2. Select Options from the left sidebar after clicking File at the top.
    3. On the left, choose the Advanced option.
    4. On the right pane, locate AutoArchive and click the AutoArchive Settings option.
    5. Tick the Run AutoArchive every option at the top and decide when you want the functionality to run in Outlook.
    6. Select when an item should be archived in the Default folder settings for archiving section. Essentially, you’re indicating the age of your Outlook information.
    7. Select the destination folder for your archive file by clicking Browse. This is only necessary if you dislike the default Outlook PST directory.
    8. Finally, at the bottom, press OK to preserve your changes.
    9. Automatically archive emails in Outlook

      If you ever wish to stop Outlook from automatically archiving your emails, you may deactivate the AutoArchive option.

      To do this:

      1. Start your PC and launch Outlook.
      2. Select Options on the left after clicking File at the top.
      3. On the left, choose the Advanced option.
      4. On the right pane, click AutoArchive Settings.
      5. Uncheck the box at the top that says “Run AutoArchive every time.”
      6. Click OK in the bottom.

      How to Archive Emails in Outlook Manually

      You may manually archive emails in Outlook to have greater control over your email archives. This allows you to send your primary emails to the archive as needed.

      To use this method:

      1. Start your PC and launch Outlook.
      2. In the top-left corner, choose File.
      3. On the left, click the Info tab.
      4. Select Clean Up Old Items from the Tools drop-down menu.
      5. A dialog window displays, allowing you to customize your manual email archiving.
      6. You have two choices at the top to choose what to put in your archive. Choose the one you wish to use.
      7. Choose the folders you want to include in your archive.
      8. Using the calendar, choose the age of your products.
      9. Select the folder where you wish to store your Outlook archive file by clicking Browse.
      10. To begin building an email archive in Outlook, click OK at the bottom.
      11. Manually archive emails in Outlook

        You may then relocate the resultant PST file anywhere you like after the archive has been generated.

        How to View Archived Emails in Outlook

        It’s just as simple to access your archived emails in Outlook for desktop as it is in Outlook for web. Simply open your archive file in Outlook and you will see all of your archived emails.

        To import a PST email archive file into Outlook on your PC, follow these steps:

        1. Launch Outlook.
        2. At the top, choose the File menu.
        3. In the left sidebar, click Open & Export.
        4. As you import a PST data file into the software, click Open Outlook Data File in the right pane.
        5. Navigate to the folder containing your archive file, double-click it, and then click the Open button at the bottom.
        6. Your file should be recognized by the application, and you should be able to see all of your stored emails.
        7. View archived emails in Outlook

          If you have numerous Outlook PST files, you may combine them.

          Decluttering Outlook by Archiving Emails

          If just glancing at the volume of emails in your inbox makes you feel overwhelmed, it’s time to archive some of them. Use the strategies outlined above to archive the less important emails so you may focus on the ones that need your immediate attention.

          The trouble with emails is that handling them is difficult, even for professionals. However, there are several strategies and practices you can learn to make email management lot easier.

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