How to Apply for Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge

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How to Apply for Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge

When Squid Game debuted in September 2021, it soared in popularity, immediately becoming one of the most-watched programs of the time. Squid Game has already made an unforgettable impression on our worldwide pop culture with its completely fleshed-out characters, cartoonish visuals, brutal action, dystopian scenario, and devastating societal satire.

So much so that not only has the TV show been extended for a second season, but Netflix is planning to bring Squid Game to the real world in order to profit on its success.

Netflix Introduces Squid Game: The Challenge

Netflix provides Following the success of Squid Game, Netflix said that it is in the process of adapting the South Korean TV series and bringing it to the real world.

Squid Game: The Challenge, a new Squid Game, will take the shape of a reality TV competition series. It will also be the biggest, with 456 players and a cash reward of $4.56 million.

As they battle for the grand prize, competitors will have to go through many games inspired by the original series, as well as some new additions. But how faithful will this adaptation be to the original show?

With a $4.56 million prize, the stakes are certainly high, but the worst-case scenario in Squid Game: The Challenge is walking home empty-handed. Although Netflix’s release states that participants’ “plans, alliances, and character will be put to the test,” we should anticipate some rivalry.

Netflix began losing members in early 2022, so introducing its most popular program into the real world might help the corporation increase its numbers.

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How to Apply for Squid Game: The Challenge

Squid Game soldier cosplayer
Image Credit: Nathan Rupert/Flickr

Those interested in competing and winning the $4.56 million prize may apply at The Front Man, as the games’ administrator is known inside the series, is searching for 456 English speakers from anywhere in the globe for this round of games.

Other requirements include being at least 21 years old, possessing a valid passport, and being available for at least four weeks at the start of 2023. If you satisfy all of the conditions, you may submit your application to the US, UK, or worldwide casting. After that, all you have to do is hope that you receive the opportunity to compete.

The Irony of Adapting Squid Game Into a Reality Show

Squid Game toy soldiers
Image Credit: Huw Gwilliam/Flickr

In a statement, Netflix’s VP for Unscripted and Documentary Series, Brandon Rieg, expressed thanks for Squid Game’s director’s assistance as Netflix transformed his imagined world into reality. What he didn’t comprehend is that Squid Game is a fictitious depiction of reality.

Squid Game isn’t simply another gruesome TV show—or is it?—but it contains a really profound indictment of how competition programs use inequality and people’s thirst for money to lure them to mock themselves for pleasure and profit.

On the other side, maybe Netflix knows what it’s doing. Brandon Rieg refers to the tournament as a “social experiment” in the same sentence. It seems that the Facebook Metaverse will not be our only taste of dystopia in the near future.

Squid Game Is Here to Stay

Following Squid Game’s tremendous popularity, it’s no surprise that they’re turning the series into a franchise. After all, there’s plenty of money to be earned. It seems shocking, however humorous, that they are turning the program into a real-life competition.

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Squid Game is here to stay, irony or not, and the payoff is well worth it. Squid Game: The Challenge is already in the works, and you might be a part of it.

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