How to Apply Dark Mode to Websites in Google Chrome 

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How to Apply Dark Mode to Websites in Google Chrome 

Dark themes for PC and mobile apps are popular right now. You may enable a dark mode in Google Chrome by choosing Dark under the Colors Personalization Settings of Windows 11. This setting gives Chrome a black user interface but does not modify the background color of webpages.

But what if you want to make Chrome’s dark mode available on websites as well? If this is the case, you may use black backgrounds on website pages, both with and without addons, to make Chrome pages darker. This is how to enable dark mode in Google’s flagship browser.

How to Apply Dark Mode for Websites by Enabling a Flag Setting

In Google Chrome, there is an option to display page content with a black theme. That option, however, is a flag setting buried under Chrome’s Experiments tab. By activating the Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents flag, you may apply a dark mode to websites.

  1. Open Google Chrome and go to the URL address bar.
  2. In the website URL box, type chrome:/flags/ and hit the Enter keyboard key.
  3. In the Search flags box at the top of the Experiments tab, type enable-force-dark.
  4. Enable the Auto Dark Mode for Web Content option from the drop-down menu.
  5. At the bottom of Chrome, click the Relaunch button.

Chrome’s new dark webpage option is now available. Launch the Google page in your browser. That search engine’s backdrop will now be dark. All websites with white backgrounds will now have black backgrounds with white text.

There are various different Enabled dark mode options under the Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents flag. These parameters have various implications on the dark mode. Try out some of the flag’s various settings to see what happens.

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How to Apply Dark Mode for Websites With the Dark Reader Extension

There are also various Chrome extensions that allow you to apply a similar dark mode to webpages. Dark Reader is one such addon with several useful settings. To add Dark Reader to Google’s flagship browser, go to its online store page and click the Add to Chrome option.

After installing Dark Reader, go to Chrome’s URL toolbar and click the extension’s button. If you can’t see it, click the Extensions jigsaw piece icon and choose Dark Reader’s Pin option; then hit the Dark Reader button to launch the add-on, as seen in the screenshot below.

Click the Dark mode option if it is not already chosen. Most internet pages will now have a black background. You may quickly return to the previous state by clicking the extension’s Light or Off buttons.

The dark theme may also be customized using the extension’s other features. To modify the Brightness, Contrast, Sepia, and Grayscale settings, use the left and right arrow buttons. Select the Only for option if you only want those changes to be applied to the currently active site.

Unless you specify otherwise, the dark theme will be applied to all websites. Click the Dark Reader’s Site List tab, which is displayed just below. By choosing Invert listed only, you may set the extension to apply its black theme exclusively to certain websites. Then input the URLs of the websites to which you want to apply black backgrounds.

The More option in Dark Reader has some more web page customization choices. On websites, you may change the font by choosing the Select a font drop-down option on the More tab. Select a typeface and hit the X button to apply it.

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Download: Dark Reader for Google Chrome (Free)

Add an Even Darker Side to Google Chrome

If you favor dark modes, you’ll like the black backgrounds added to webpages by Google Chrome’s enable-force-dark flag option and Dark Reader. Enabling the enable-force-dark flag is sufficient for adding a basic dark mode to websites, but Dark Reader provides more customization options.

When paired with Windows 11’s dark app mode, applying black backgrounds to webpages with any approach will give Google Chrome an even darker side.

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