How to Adjust the Volume of Tabs in Chrome

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How to Adjust the Volume of Tabs in Chrome

Although Google Chrome allows you to mute individual tabs, you cannot adjust the volume of a tab. However, there are times when you may wish to change the loudness of the tab.

Fortunately, there is a method to achieve this using a Chrome extension or the Windows Sound mixer settings. Let us go through them in depth.

How to Adjust Volume of Tabs in Chrome With Volume Control

Loudness Control for Google Chrome is the addon we’ll use to reduce tab volume. This is a free Chrome Web Store plugin with over 80,000 downloads. Volume Master and more comparable extensions exist.

Volume Control for Google Chrome, on the other hand, provides the most capabilities and finer control. Here’s how to put it to use:

  1. First, get the extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Switch to any audio-playing tab and click the extension icon.
  3. By holding and sliding the volume knob, you may change the loudness of the tab. You may also use your mouse wheel to adjust the volume. To control the volume, move the mouse cursor over the knob and scroll the mouse wheel.
  4. After you’ve adjusted the volume of the first tab, you may do the same for the remaining tabs.
  5. Similarly, you may use the symbol to view and switch to any audio-playing tabs.

You may adjust the volume from 0% to 600% with the plugin. Additionally, you may activate dark mode.

Volume Control for Google Chrome might be useful when you want to play music in the background or listen to many audios at once. You may use this extension to regulate the volume of YouTube videos since it can also increase the loudness.

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Download: Volume Control for Google Chrome (Free)

How to Adjust Tab Volumes Using Different Browsers and Windows Sound Mixer

The sound mixer is one of various options for controlling sound in Windows. It enables us to independently modify the loudness of various apps.

Rather than managing the audio of tabs in Chrome, you may play various audio sources in different browsers. Then, using the Windows Sound mixer, you may change the loudness of each browser.

To begin, play all of the audio you wish to listen to in several browsers. Then, in the Windows search box, look for Sound mixer and launch it. You may change the volume of the browsers from here.

Though this isn’t a means for regulating the loudness of Chrome tabs, it does allow you to alter the volume and blend the various sounds.

Control the Volume of Chrome Tabs Individually

Volume Control for Google Chrome might assist you if you want to listen to various audio sources at the same time or if you want to increase the volume.

You may also utilize Windows’ Sound Mixer to do the same thing, but you’ll need numerous browsers. Controlling the loudness of various noises is simple regardless of which path you select.

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