How to Add Your AirPods to iCloud

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How to Add Your AirPods to iCloud

Your AirPods are probably quite essential to you, not just because you use them for listening, but also because they are rather expensive. It’s critical to link your AirPods to your iCloud account not just to enable Find My functions, but also to seamlessly switch between devices.

Here’s how to do that.

Adding Your AirPods to iCloud

Adding your AirPods to your iCloud account is a breeze. In fact, it’s so simple that you don’t even need to do anything!

When you link your AirPods with a device that is logged in to your iCloud account, they are added to that account as well. This means you can’t directly add them to your iCloud account, but you also don’t have to.

After linking your AirPods to your iCloud account, you may rapidly move between Apple devices without re-pairing them, as long as those devices are also logged in to the same iCloud account.

How to Switch AirPods Between iCloud Devices

Simply bringing your AirPods near to another device and beginning to use it will transfer the Bluetooth connection to that device. This functionality was added in 2020 with the introduction of iOS 14 and Big Sur. We have a tutorial on how to repair it if your AirPods aren’t switching automatically.

How to Add AirPods to Find My

One thing to keep in mind is that your AirPods do not display in iCloud under My Devices. AirPods, on the other hand, may be used with Find My and will appear as one of your devices in the Find My app on any device.

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This is perfect because if you lose one or both of your AirPods, the Find My app will assist you in quickly locating the headphones. We also offer a tutorial on how to utilize Find My to find your AirPods if you’re unfamiliar with it.

Another Benefit of the Apple Ecosystem

It’s a wonderful and handy function to be able to swap devices without having to reconnect your headphones. It’s another advantage of the Apple ecosystem. Whether you like or dislike this environment, you can’t deny that it’s masterfully accomplished.

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