How to Add Fonts to Google Docs

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How to Add Fonts to Google Docs

How to Add Fonts to Google Docs

Google Docs has a wide library of free web-based typefaces. Here’s how to insert new fonts into your Google Doc.

Choose the appropriate font for your document’s topic. This fast instruction will walk you through adding fonts to Google Docs and formatting your project.

How to Use a New Font on Google Docs

Start a new Google document or open an existing one. To change the font of an existing document, first select the text. Place the cursor where you want to start typing in a new document.

Enter in the browser’s URL bar to instantly open a new document.

  1. Select the Font option from the toolbar. The dropdown menu displays a list of all installed fonts.
  2. Choose the A+ icon labeled More fonts.
  3. Google Docs will provide a window with a list of all fonts that are available. This font selector is designed to assist you in selecting the best font for your work.
  4. Choose a single font or a set of fonts based on their typefaces. Any font that has been chosen is highlighted in blue and shows in the My fonts list on the right.
  5. Drill down to the fonts you wish to add using the search box or filters. Select Show: Handwriting, for example, to see a list of all fonts that resemble a handwritten script. Sort fonts by what’s popular by choosing Sort: Popular.
  6. Close the font selector and return to your document by clicking OK.

Google Docs will show the newly added font in the font choice, allowing you to begin typing right immediately. Any additional fonts picked will display in the Font selection list beneath Recent.

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How to Remove an Added Font

The font dialog makes it simple to delete any fonts that have been applied. You have two options:

  • Scroll down the font list and deselect the blue-checked font.
  • Select X next to the font you wish to delete from the My fonts list.

Removing seldom used fonts is a great method to keep your font list organized and make it simpler to find the perfect font. You may quickly return to add a new typeface for a fresh document or presentation that might need it.

Uploading Your Custom Fonts to Google Docs

Google Docs is part of the Google Drive cloud-based suite. As a result, you cannot upload your own fonts to Google Docs. The typefaces used in a document are all web-based and free source. The typefaces themselves are part of the Google Fonts library, which has around 1300 fonts in various languages.

You can submit a custom font to Google Fonts using their submission procedures, but it’s out of reach for anybody who isn’t a typeface designer.

Google Docs and Slides now make it easy to add typefaces. Furthermore, the library of 1,364 open source font families should be sufficient to disregard third-party font extensions that previously served as font selectors.

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