How to Add Email Aliases to Gmail

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How to Add Email Aliases to Gmail
How to Add Email Aliases to Gmail

Gmail is the world’s most popular email service. It’s quick, dependable, and, of course, free. Google’s email platform also includes a number of other features that improve its usefulness. It enables you to effortlessly connect your accounts or establish an alias to safeguard your privacy.

A supplementary email account is what an email alias is. In most circumstances, it may be a version of your current email address, or you can establish a whole new alias to shield yourself from spam.

Here’s how to set up email aliases in Gmail so you may send emails from a different address.

How to Create an Email Alias Using Gmail

In Gmail, you may easily establish an email alias. Here’s what you should do:

1. Add Another Email Address

To create an email alias, first sign in to your Gmail account. Then, choose Settings and then See all settings. Simply pick the Accounts and Import option from there.

Then, under the Send email as setting, click on Add another email address. A popup window will display, allowing you to enter your name and email address.

Your email alias does not have to be a different Gmail account. It might also be any other account, such as Outlook or Yandex.

Just tick Treat as an alias and then click on Next Step.

2. Confirm the Address

After that, you will get a verification email at the email address you supplied. That email will include a confirmation code as well as a confirmation link. To validate your new email, you must click on the link.

Screenshot showing Gmail's confirmation email

Then, to finish the transaction, enter the supplied confirmation code.

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3. Change Which Account the Email Is Sent From

When you open the window to compose a new email, the From address will now show. Simply click on the From line to modify it to the address from which you wish to send the email.

Screenshot showing two email addresses in email

How to Create Temporary Aliases in Gmail

You may also establish temporary aliases in Gmail. This allows you to receive emails from many sources and automatically sort them into distinct folders.

1. Amend Your Email With a Plus

When joining up for a newsletter or providing your email address online, just add a “+” symbol followed by some more text. As a result, emails sent to “” and “” will be sent to the same mailbox.

2. Create a Filter

To begin creating a filter, click the slider symbol on the far right of your Gmail search bar. Then, in the To area, enter the temporary alias address you generated, and then click Create filter.

Screenshot showing option to create a filter

You may then choose which category the emails should go into, such as Social or Promotions.

How to Add an Alias Email in Google Workspace

Adding a second email account to Google Workspace is a terrific method for enterprises to get more messages on their main address. There’s no need to pay more for another Workspace account.

Email aliases are perfect for small companies and make them look more professional. For example, you may set up an email alias for “” and receive any emails received to that address on your primary Google Workspace email account.

1. Access the Google Admin Console

The first step is to log in to your Google Workspace admin account and go to the Google Admin Console.

Screenshot Showing Google Admin Console

2. Create an Alternate Email Address

Simply choose Alternate email addresses from the admin Console (email alias).You must provide the username for the email address for which you wish to create an alias.

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Choose one from the drop-down menu to establish an other email address.

Screenshot showing alternate email address section in Workspace

You may establish up to 30 other email addresses at no extra cost.

Use Gmail to Send Better Emails

Email aliases are only one illustration of what Gmail is capable of. Email aliases are an excellent method to protect your email address while being safe and secure online. But that’s not all Gmail has to offer.

Gmail, for example, now allows you to send audio messages. If you don’t want to compose an email, this is a fantastic option to communicate fast.

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