How to Add Custom Memoji to Your Presentations and Documents on a Mac

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How to Add Custom Memoji to Your Presentations and Documents on a Mac

Have you ever wished to inject a little more personality into your Keynote presentation while still keeping professional? Perhaps your Pages document might benefit from some more visual help. Consider adding some Memoji for a fun touch.

The procedure of adding Memoji to your Keynote presentation is straightforward, and you’ll be able to save your customized Memoji as a high-quality PNG picture for use in future projects.

How to Get Memoji on Your Mac

Before you can begin using Memoji into your presentations and papers, you must first download them to your computer.

On your Mac, launch the Messages app. Then, click the New Message button and insert your own name or phone number in the address area to begin a new chat with yourself.

After you’ve formed your discussion, click the App Store icon to the left of your chat bar. You’ll see choices to transmit Photos, Memoji Stickers, #pictures, and Message Effects by default. You should choose Memoji Stickers.

Choose the Memoji (or Animoji) and position you want to use in your presentation.

You may also make a new Memoji by clicking the three dots on the far left and then choosing New Memoji. A window will appear that enables you to create one from scratch.

Other choices, such as Edit, allow you to make modifications to a Memoji. Duplicate allows you to duplicate a Memoji.

Once you’ve chosen your Memoji and stance, just send it to yourself as an iMessage.

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How to Add Memoji to a Keynote Presentation

Once you’ve downloaded the Memoji you desire, including it into a Keynote Presentation is as easy as dragging and dropping.

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Simply drag your Memoji from the Messages app to your active Keynote presentation by clicking and holding on it. Wait until you see a green plus sign before inserting it.

The Memoji will now be included as a high-quality object with a translucent backdrop to your Keynote. Edit it whatever you like, and then repeat the procedure with additional Memoji.

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How to Add Memoji to a Pages Document

You may use the same method to include Memoji into a Pages document. Send yourself the required stickers via Messages, then drag and drop them into the Pages page you’re working on.

The object is set to Automatic Text Wrap by default, so your text will wrap around the form of the Memoji. You may change the settings to match your needs by clicking on the Memoji and altering the options under the Arrange tab.

How to Add Memoji to Microsoft Applications

The method also works with Microsoft products, so you can quickly drag & drop a Memoji into your Word document, PowerPoint presentation, OneNote notebook, and other programs.

One significant distinction is that Microsoft apps will regard the image’s form as a square rather than the real shape of the Memoji. This implies that if you wrap your text around it, the edges will be harsh rather than smooth. However, there are a few Microsoft Word methods you may use to customize the format to your desire.

How to Add Memoji to Google Drive Projects

If you’re working on a Google Slides presentation or anything else in Google Drive, you’ll be relieved to hear that the same method applies to all Google platforms.

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The form of the picture will be identified as a square rather than a Memoji, as in Microsoft.

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How to Save Memoji as Image Files

Adding Memoji to different documents is relatively simple because to drag and drop functionality. However, not every platform supports it. Some only enable you to upload picture files, so save your Memoji first as a transparent image.

In Messages, Control-click on a Memoji and click Open.

This will open it in Preview as a transparent picture. Then, in Finder, go to File > Save and save it to your selected spot. Make sure you choose PNG as the format.

Your personalized Memoji is now accessible to you as an image file on your computer that you may use again and again.

Have Fun With It

Have fun with it now that you know how to add Memoji stickers to numerous applications. On separate slides or pages, you may make several Memoji to represent different persons, add some Animoji, or give yourself other accessories.

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