How to Add Animated GIFs Correctly in Google Docs and Slides

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How to Add Animated GIFs Correctly in Google Docs and Slides

How to Add Animated GIFs Correctly in Google Docs and Slides

Learn how to properly embed animated GIFs into Google Docs and Slides to spice up your projects.

With the right animated GIF in your Google documents, you can say a lot, whether to better explain concepts or to make your presentation slides stand out. Animated GIFs now play smoothly in Google Docs and Slides, unlike previously.

This article shows you the different ways to insert animated GIFs in Google Docs and Slides.

How to Add Animated GIFs in Google Docs and Slides

The first step to insert animated GIFs into a Google document is to choose the right GIF. Ensure that the animation adds to the content and isn’t an afterthought. Then, use these simple methods:

Insert an Animated GIF With a Drag and Drop

The drag and drop method is the simplest and quickest way once you have your animated GIF saved on your computer.

  1. Open the Google document.
  2. Put the cursor where you want to put the GIF file.
  3. Drag and drop the GIF file onto the workspace, then use the formatting settings to alter the position and look as needed.

Use Google Search Within Google Docs

You can use Google’s Image Search to sift through the GIF universe. Earlier, youcouldn’t use the Image Search within Google Docs to search for animated GIFs and insert them, but now you can with a simple trick.

  1. Put the cursor where you want to place the GIF.
  2. Go to Insert > Image > Web Search. The Google Search side panel appears.
  3. Enter a search word in the search area and follow it with “animated GIF.”
  4. Drag and drag the appropriate file from the search results, or choose Insert.
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Use theImage URLof the Animated GIF

You can also source the animated GIF file from Google Image Search in any browser.

  1. In the picture search engine, enter your search term.
  2. To separate animated GIFs from the other picture kinds, go to Tools > Type > GIF.
  3. At the picture search side panel, choose the image and open it in its original resolution. Copy the picture address by right-clicking on it.
  4. Launch your document. Place your pointer in the appropriate spot. Navigate to Insert > Image > By URL.
  5. Copy the image address you copied in the previous step. In the picture window that appears, click Insert. The animated GIF is placed at the position you choose in your document.

Note: Make sure to copy the URL that ends in .GIF and not the search URL. Otherwise, the GIF files will not work. Do remember that some images may be copyrighted, so seek permission before you use the GIFs.

You may even make your own GIFs to use in Google Docs and Slides. In truth, animated GIFs are supported by all Google Drive document formats, although they are most effective in Docs and Slides.

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