How to Add an Email Signature in Microsoft Office 365

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How to Add an Email Signature in Microsoft Office 365

You can develop an email signature if you sign all or most of your emails the same way. It serves as a digital business card and demonstrates professionalism in business dealings. A well-designed email signature may also be used to promote almost anything, such as a company, website, blog, or book.

We’ve already spoken about how to add an email signature in Outlook for the desktop. But what if you utilize Office 365’s Microsoft Outlook Web App? In this post, we’ll teach you how to create, insert, and edit your signature in Office 365’s Outlook Web App.

Step 1: Log Into Microsoft Office 365

Go to Microsoft’s Office site and sign in with your own Microsoft account to use Microsoft Outlook online. You may also use your Microsoft account from work or school.

Then, click Outlook under Apps.

Step 2: Open Microsoft Outlook Settings

In the upper-right corner of the window, click the Settings gear symbol.

Then, at the bottom of the Settings window, select View all Outlook settings.

Step 3: Access the Email Signature in Settings

In the left pane of the Settings page, choose Mail. Then, in the center pane, select Compose and respond.

Step 4: Format Your Email Signature

The toolbar at the top of the Email signature field enables you to format your signature. You may make the text bold, italic, or underlined, as well as adjust its size and orientation.

When we tried the formatting toolbar, it applied the formatting we chose at the start of the signature regardless of where the pointer was. As a result, you may need to start your prepared text at the beginning of your signature and then copy and paste it where you want it.

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Step 5: Add an Office 365 Email Signature

In the Email signature box, type the words you want in your signature. There are excellent online email signature generators that may assist you if you are unsure what to include.

You cannot include an image file in your signature in the Outlook Web App. However, you may copy and paste an image from another software into your signature. Any text or pictures you paste are added at the cursor, not at the beginning of the signature, as with the previous step’s formatting.

Alternatively, you may create one using a free email generating software and paste it below.

There are two methods for adding your signature in emails automatically:

  • Check the Automatically add my signature on new messages that I create box to include your signature on all new messages automatically.
  • Check the Automatically add my signature on communications I forward or respond to box to include your signature when you reply to or forward messages.

Because the Outlook Web App only allows one signature, the signature is the same for new emails, replies, and forwarded messages. You may have distinct signatures for answers and new emails in the Outlook desktop software.

To exit the Compose and respond dialog box, click Save and then the X in the upper-right corner.

A signature made in one app will not be visible in the other if you use both the Outlook Web Software and the Outlook desktop app. In each app, you must establish a signature individually. You can only generate one signature using the online app. In the Outlook desktop software, however, you may define one default signature and numerous alternate signatures.

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Step 6: Automatically Insert Your Email Signature

If you choose to automatically insert your signature into all new emails, when you click New message, you’ll see your signature in the message body.

Step 7: Manually Insert Your Email Signature

If you do not want your signature to be automatically added to all of your email messages in the Outlook Web App, you may add it manually by clicking the menu button at the top of an email and choosing Insert Signature.

The signature is added to the email message, and the cursor is moved to the start of the message body. Just remember to include the recipient(s) and a subject line.

Step 8: Change Outlook Email Signature in Office 365

Simply return to the Compose and respond page in Settings and alter the text in the Email signature box to update your signature in the Outlook Web App in Office 365.

From now on, your updated signature will be included in all new emails, replies, and forwards.

Communicate Professionally With an Email Signature

Email signatures enable you to create a positive personal or professional impression fast and simply. Just make sure your email signature doesn’t give the incorrect idea.

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