How to Add a Bookmark Sidebar to Google Chrome

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How to Add a Bookmark Sidebar to Google Chrome

Most Google Chrome users need to bookmark websites now and then so they can locate them later. A bookmarks sidebar for accessing saved webpages would be a welcome addition to Chrome.

With such a feature, you wouldn’t have to constantly visit the Bookmarks tab to go to your favorite websites. You may add a sidebar feature to Google Chrome using one of two approaches.

Google Chrome provides an Experimental tab that has a number of flag options for enabling the browser’s experimental capabilities. One of these is a Side panel option that, when enabled, opens a hidden bookmark and reading list sidebar in Google Chrome.

By activating the option, you may add a new side panel for bookmarked websites to Chrome:

  1. In Chrome’s URL bar, type chrome:/flags/ and hit the Return keyboard key.
  2. In the Experiments page search box, enter the term side panel.
  3. Select Enabled from the Side panel flag drop-down option.
  4. Select Enabled for the Side panel drag and drop flag option to provide the sidebar extra drag-and-drop page capability.
  5. To restart Google Chrome, click the Relaunch button.

The URL toolbar in Google Chrome now has a Show side panel button. To bring up the sidebar displayed below, click the Show side panel button. The Reading list and Bookmarks tabs are located in this sidebar. To access your saved sites in the sidebar, choose the Bookmarks tab.

You may access any bookmarked page in the sidebar by clicking on it. When you click a bookmarked page, it will open in the current tab. To open a website in a new tab, right-click its bookmark in the sidebar and choose Open in new tab from the menu that appears.

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Drag-and-drop page capability for the side panel allows you to bookmark websites by dragging them onto the sidebar. To do so, left-click and hold the small padlock symbol to the left of the URL bar. Then, on the sidebar, drag the URL padlock to the Bookmarks tab.

You may also install the Bookmarks Sidebar plugin to Google Chrome. Bookmarks Sidebar is a Chrome plugin that provides a more customisable side panel for bookmarked websites. By choosing Add to Chrome on the Bookmarks Sidebar page, you may add it to Google’s flagship browser.

You’ll be able to access Bookmarks Sidebar from the browser’s Extensions button after you’ve installed it to Chrome. On the URL toolbar, click the Extensions button (the jigsaw symbol). Select the Pin Bookmarks Sidebar option to add the extension’s button to the URL toolbar.

To launch the new side panel, click the Bookmarks Sidebar extension button. Right-click a bookmarked page to bring up the context menu displayed below. You may choose whether to open the website in a new tab, window, or incognito mode. From there, you can also remove, change, and copy URL choices for bookmarks.

Select Options by right-clicking the Bookmarks extension button on the URL toolbar. The Settings tab will then appear, allowing you to customize the sidebar. To access the Position option, go to Sidebar > General. Then, on the Position drop-down menu, choose Left or Right to modify which side of the browser the sidebar opens on.

Select Appearance from the Settings menu to change the appearance of the sidebar. To modify the color scheme and text color selections, go to General. Change the typeface for the side panel using the Typeface drop-down option.

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You may also modify the size of the side panel by going to Appearance > Sidebar. Then, for the sidebar, you may choose from big, medium, and tiny settings. Alternatively, you may manually alter the font, width, icon, scrollbar, and tooltip sizes by dragging the scrollbars left and right. To apply various options, don’t forget to click the Save Changes button.

Download: Bookmarks Sidebar for Google Chrome (Free)

A bookmarks sidebar is unquestionably a useful feature to Google Chrome. It allows you to visit all of your favorite websites from a side panel rather than opening a separate Bookmarks page. Adding a bookmarks sidebar to Chrome using any of the ways described above will provide you with more immediate access to your favorite websites while surfing.

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