How to Access Your Microsoft Outlook Email From Any Platform

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How to Access Your Microsoft Outlook Email From Any Platform

There are several methods to access your Microsoft Outlook email. That means you can keep current, send messages from anywhere, and never miss an important email again.

We’ve collected a list of all the possible paths that will get you to your Microsoft Outlook emails.

Hopping Onto the Web on the web allows you to check your messages quickly and easily. The website is sleek and easy, with the fundamentals you already know and use as an Outlook user. There are also some great bonuses.

If you use Skype, you may access it immediately from by clicking the symbol in the upper right corner. If you use Microsoft apps online, such as Word or Excel, and want to check their calendar or go through their contacts, all of these choices are simply available from the App Launcher’s top left menu.

Office 365 and Microsoft Office

You may access Outlook from either website if you have an Office 365 business or school subscription or a Microsoft Office account. As with, you may access online programs like as OneNote or PowerPoint, or you can just open your calendar or OneDrive.

Remember that no matter which site you use for your Outlook email, you may log in on any computer or browser as long as you have internet connection.

Surfing With Your Browser


There is an official app for Google Chrome that can be installed to your launcher. When you click on it, Outlook will open in a new tab for you, ready to use. You may also use Skype and other Microsoft online services.

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There are a handful of extensions available if you merely want to get informed when a new email arrives. Both Notifier for Outlook [Broken URL Removed] and Notifier for Mail Microsoft Outlook[No longer accessible] will show a number on the icon indicating the number of unread messages.


While Microsoft has yet to develop an official Outlook extension for Firefox, there are a few third-party add-ons that will notify you of new emails and allow you to swiftly go to Outlook. When you get a new message, Outlook Notifier [No Longer Available], Outlook Button [No Longer Available], and Outlook Simple Watcher [No Longer Available] will all show an alert on the toolbar icon. To launch Outlook, just click the button, and a new tab will appear.


There are two useful addons for Opera users. Speed Dial will notify you when you have a new message and, as the name suggests, it is an extension for your Opera Speed Dial that allows you to access with a single click.

Another useful Opera addon is Notifier for Outlook. This one adds an icon to your toolbar, displays your unread message count, and opens a tiny pop-up window rather than a new tab when you click it. You may also customize the display, style, and automated responses.

If desktop notifications aren’t your thing, try a browser plugin that provides quick access to as well as new message alerts.

Using Your Desktop

Office Outlook Application

If you have Office 365 or Microsoft Office Home & Business, you most certainly use the Outlook program on your PC.

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Accessing your Outlook emails, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes on a Windows or Mac workstation couldn’t be simpler.

You may take use of helpful rules, a configurable ribbon, desktop alerts, and useful add-ins like Evernote and iCloud with a collection of vivid tools. Text formatting, photo insertions, category labels, and follow-up options are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of numerous and helpful features for communications.

Outlook Desktop App for Windows

With the Mail and Calendarlets app, you may view your Outlook items in a somewhat different manner. You can simply access your files, contacts, and calendar. And, although the message features aren’t as sophisticated as those in the Outlook program, there are some useful capabilities available.

Drag and drop for calendar events and email attachments, inbox linking for multiple accounts, fast actions for swiping and hovering, alerts and audio, and fun color and background customizing choices are all available in the desktop app.

Mail App for Mac

While there is no official Outlook client for Mac, you may view your Outlook email in other ways. One approach is to browse the Mac App Store for third-party software. The simplest method, though, is to utilize the default Mac Mail software. In just a few steps, you can link your Exchange, Outlook, and Hotmail accounts.

Select Mail from the menu while the app is active, and then Add Account. On the primary page, Exchange is an option, but for Outlook or Hotmail, just pick Other Mail Account and click Continue.

You’ll next be asked to provide your name, email address, and password for the account you want to add. It usually just takes a few seconds to validate the account, and then you’re good to go.

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So, whether you’re at work or simply surfing the web, having Outlook right on your desktop is the best option.

Going Mobile

Outlook Mobile App

There is an official Microsoft Outlook app for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Each is free and enables you to effortlessly log into your account. Aside from email, you may also access your calendar, file attachments, and contacts.

The applications support several email accounts, including Hotmail and Gmail, as well as different storage options, including Dropbox and Google Drive. Apps such as Evernote and Wunderlist may also be linked. After there, you may personalize your alerts, swipe choices, and signature. The Outlook software may also be used in both portrait and landscape mode.

Having a mobile app to keep up with your Outlook mails and calendar is just handy.

How Do You Access Your Outlook Emails?

With so many ways to retrieve Microsoft Outlook messages, you’re never more than a click or a touch away.

Which of these ways do you use to keep up with Outlook emails? Do you have a preferred method? Please leave your comments and recommendations in the section below.

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