How to Access Your Google History and Delete All Activity

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How to Access Your Google History and Delete All Activity

Almost everyone makes use of Google services, whether it’s the search engine, cloud storage, or YouTube. A history of your Google activity is also kept for each service you utilize.

Because Google is the most popular search engine, your actions are kept to your account as well. However, how can you get access to your Google activity history? And how can you remove all of your Google activity across many services?

Types of Google Activity Stored

Google tracks a variety of behaviors when you use a smartphone in conjunction with Google services.

Here’s a quick rundown of the kinds of activities Google stores:

  • YouTube history.
  • Google search history.
  • Map history.
  • Location history.
  • History of device access or use (for Android).

Having access to your use data not only reminds you to recollect what you were looking for, but it may also assist you in detecting illegal use in certain circumstances.

It’s worth noting that the same set of procedures applies whether you’re using a mobile or desktop web browser to control your Google activity.

You can locate the choices using the Google mobile app, but you must use a web browser to view and control the activity.

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How Do You Access Your Google History?

To begin, go to your Google account’s My Activity page.

You will be able to view all of your activity across many services and search for anything particular here.

You may locate all of your recent activity by scrolling down and filtering them depending on the product/service you use.

What You Need to Know Before Deleting Your Google Activity History

Now that you’re aware of your history, there are a few things to consider before erasing all of your activity data.

  • You cannot retrieve your history after it has been deleted.
  • Even if you clear the history, recent behavior may be logged automatically.
  • Some Google applications may monitor your behavior on the device even if you are not signed in.
  • You may set the history to be deleted automatically.
  • You have the option to turn off activity monitoring.
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Given that you cannot retrieve your history, creating a backup of your data may be a smart option.

If you absolutely require the history of your Chrome activity, Android device use, Google search, or YouTube search history, you should consider carefully. If you haven’t removed it yet, it may be something important to look back on.

How to Back Up Your Google Activity History

Here’s how to back up your data, which you should do before deleting your Google activity log:

1. Head to your Google account management page.

2. From the available choices, choose Data & Personalization.

3. Next, scroll down until you see the Download your data option. To continue, click on it.

4. Select the services for which you wish to back up your activities. Everything is chosen by default; if you do not need all of the data, you may uncheck your selections.

5. You will then be prompted to choose the file type and method of backup delivery. You may select to get the backup immediately in your Google Drive account, or you can receive a download link through email, among other possibilities.

If you have a large amount of data, this procedure might take days to finish. So, before removing your search history and other actions, you need wait for it to complete.

How to Delete All Your Google Activity

You may quickly remove any or all of your Google activity at once. Google does give granular options to make it more convenient.

Here is how you can delete all your activity.

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Delete One Activity At a Time

All of your recent actions will be featured on the My Activity page.

You may easily remove an item from your activity history, whether it’s Google search history or device access data.

All you have to do is click the X button, and it will be gone.

Delete All Your Activities Within a Time Range

You may erase all of your data defined by a time period from the My Activity page. As illustrated below, use the erase button.

If you do not want all of your activity history to be erased, you may filter it.

You may choose a particular time frame or everything from the available choices. Choose what you believe is best for you.

Deleting the search activity or any other Google history will not need further approval; your data will be removed immediately as you go.

Delete Google Search and Device Access Activity

You may access the Web & App Activity option by going to the My Activity page.

Scroll down to Manage activities and choose whether to erase all search history or just device access history.

Individual searches may also be deleted if desired.

Auto-Delete Activity

Each type of activity mentioned in your My Google Activity page may be deleted automatically.

If you choose Web & App Activity, you must go to the auto-delete option (which is off by default) and then select the time period of activity to be destroyed automatically.

You may only remove actions that are 3 months or older. Follow the additional procedures outlined above to erase more recent activities.

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How to Disable Google Activity Tracking

Moving ahead, if you do not want your activity to be saved, you may suspend the kind of activities saved to your account.

Please keep in mind that if you stop all activity monitoring, you will lose access to your history when you re-enable it, as well as tailored suggestions.

To do so, go to My Activity and then click on any of the activities that you wish to prevent tracking for:

  • Web & App Activity: prevents the storing of your search history and device access data.
  • YouTube History: Turns off storing your most recent YouTube search history and videos viewed.
  • Location History: prohibits your device’s location data from being saved.

If you turn any of them off, you will get an extra confirmation with further information. Go ahead if you’re okay with it.

Manage Your Google History to Keep Tabs on Your Activity

While your activity history may include an overwhelming amount of data, it might help you keep track of what you do online and remember what you were looking for.

People seldom examine or manage their actions, but if you value your privacy, it is a good practice to erase or check your history on a frequent basis.

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