How to Access Google’s Built-In Bubble Level on Android

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How to Access Google’s Built-In Bubble Level on Android

Because you take your smartphone everywhere, having a variety of tools on it comes in useful. While most of these gadgets aren’t as accurate as specialised equipment, they’ll do in a hurry.

Unlike on an iPhone, there is no bubble level app loaded by default on Android. However, getting a bubble level on Android is still simple. We’ll demonstrate how.

How to Use Google’s Bubble Level on Android

Google features a plethora of widgets that display on the search results page, including a calculator, metronome, and even some Google search games. As it turns out, the simplest choice for a bubble level on Android is actually a Google widget.

To get a bubble level (or spirit level) on Android, launch the Google app and search for “bubble level.” You may also say the words into Google Assistant. This will display a basic level in a little box at the top of the search results.

Use it like a bubble level: line your phone vertically or horizontally against a surface to check how level it is. To assist you measure, you’ll see how many degrees you’re off from zero, as well as a plus symbol to ensure everything is flat.

Keep in mind that your device may have a camera lens, a Pop Socket, or another piece protruding from the rear that prevents it from being completely level.

Obviously, this cannot substitute a genuine level since your phone’s internal sensors are incapable of replicating the actual tool. As a result, any major work will almost certainly need a second opinion. But it’s good for a quick check or simply goofing around to see how level things in your house are.

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Other Android Bubble Level Apps

In most circumstances, the Google level should be sufficient. And it’s not just an Android utility; if you search for the same phrase in the Google app, it will function on iPhones and other mobile devices as well.

However, if you want additional capabilities or do not like to check Google every time, you may install a specialized level app on your phone.

Most level applications, like lighting apps, are sadly rife with advertisements and intrusive permissions. As a result, you should be cautious about the one you install.

Bubble Level by PixelProse is a nice option. It contains no adverts and simply a few basic permissions that aren’t excessive. The software displays measures for each side of your phone and adds sound effects to allow you to verify the readings without having to look at your smartphone.

Again, it is not a complete substitute for a true level tool, but it is more handy than searching Google if you intend to use it often. If this level app does not meet your requirements, you may try another one, although most of them are similar, and this one does not contain any extraneous rubbish.

Carry a Bubble Level Everywhere

You now know how to quickly access a bubble level on your Android smartphone. Use it the next time you hang a poster or notice that something isn’t quite even. You never know when you’ll need it!

Your phone can approximate with more than just a level. There are several toolbox applications for Android that feature rulers, protractors, and other useful tools.

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