How Do You Get Twitter Spaces?

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How Do You Get Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces, a clubhouse rival, is maturing as Twitter adds more features to the site and expands its reach.

What began as a restricted beta has evolved into a full-fledged feature of the site. However, many people are still confused about how to use the function, such as how to get access to it and who may host a Space on Twitter.

Here’s all you need to know about joining Twitter Spaces, hosting them, and determining your eligibility…

Twitter Spaces consists of two parts: listening as an audience member and hosting.

All you need to do to listen to a Space or participate as an audience member is make sure your Twitter app is up to current if you’re using it on mobile.

If you use Twitter Spaces on the web, you won’t miss any updates—you’ll still have access to Spaces. It is vital to remember, however, that only app users may talk in Spaces.

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Who Can Join a Space?

A Space may be joined by any Twitter user, whether they are using the app or the online version.

All Spaces are open to the public, which means you don’t have to follow someone to join a Space they’re hosting. Ticketed Spaces, on the other hand, have a restricted number of participants and need people to purchase a ticket in order to participate.

The online version of Twitter only allows you to listen to Spaces. You should use the app instead if you want to raise your hand and ask the host a question or participate to the debate.

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If a person does not use Twitter, they may join a Space on the web if they have a direct connection to that Space.

How to Use Twitter Spaces Without a Twitter Account

Who Can Host a Space?

Previously, hosting a Space on Twitter needed a particular amount of followers. However, Twitter stated in October 2021 that anybody using iOS or Android will be allowed to host a Space.

This implies that there is no minimum following requirement to host a Twitter Space. However, since the web browser does not support hosting, you must continue to utilize the Twitter app.

Hosts may also make listeners in their Spaces co-hosts or speakers. This gives them greater privileges than regular listeners.

A Space may accommodate up to 13 speakers (including the host and two co-hosts).

Co-hosts have admin access to the Space, which includes the ability to invite people to become speakers, manage speaker requests, remove participants, alter the Space name, manage pinned tweets, and silence all speakers.

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They cannot, however, add or remove other co-hosts or terminate the Space.

The primary host may also shift primary hosting to the co-host. Furthermore, if the principal host disconnects from the Space, the newly joined co-host receives primary admin access first.

Hosting Ticketed Spaces

The conditions for hosting Ticketed Spaces are substantially more constrained than those for the normal Spaces platform.

Twitter was still trial testing Ticketed Spaces in November 2021. As a result, those who wish to build Ticketed Spaces must apply to host these sorts of events.

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They must also have at least 1000 followers on their account and have hosted at least three spaces in the last 30 days. The beta is also exclusively available to creators in the United States.

How to Tell If You Can Host a Space

Whether you’re not sure if you can host a Space on Twitter, you may check it out in the app.

When you get access to hosting, Twitter usually notifies you with a popup when you log in. However, if you’re still unclear or missed the popup, you may double-check by clicking the write tweet button.

On Android, just hit the compose tweet (+) symbol to make a new tweet, and if you have the ability to host a Space, you will see the Spaces icon.

If you have access to the hosting capability, long press on the compose tweet (+) symbol on iOS, and the Spaces icon will show among the alternatives.

You may have heard about a form that must be completed in order to get access to Spaces.

It is, however, a community sign-up form for expressing interest in the feature. Twitter recommends that people who are interested in Spaces but do not have access to them fill out this form.

Spaces Feedback Community Sign-Up is accessible as a Google Document.

It should be noted that this does not guarantee you access to Spaces. It merely tells Twitter that you’re interested in the function.

Before completing the form, please ensure that you have updated the app on your device, since there is no longer a minimum follower count necessary to host Spaces.

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Twitter Spaces is a terrific way to get your feet wet in the social audio craze.

It’s a well-known platform with a wide audience, and the open nature of Spaces makes it simple to drop in and see what others are up to in theirs.

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