How Do I Delete Previous Google Searches From History?

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How Do I Delete Previous Google Searches From History?

Keeping a record of everything you’ve looked up on Google might be beneficial if you want to go back and check up anything you looked up previously. However, you may want to erase recent searches for privacy reasons or to decrease the amount of data Google has on you.

We’ll teach you how to remove prior Google searches. This includes your account’s Google search history as well as browser history.

How to Remove Previous Searches From Your Google Account

By default, Google records all searches you do when signed into your Google account on any device. If you weren’t signed into Google when you performed the searches you wish to remove, you may jump forward to the section on deleting your browser history.

To erase past searches one at a time, just click within the search box on Google’s homepage and a list will appear. To delete a recent search, choose Remove next to it.

This works well for fast eliminating a few current Google searches, but it is too sluggish to remove all past Google searches. To do so, go to Google and choose Manage your Google Account from the top-right corner of the screen.

On the left sidebar, click Data & privacy. Open the Web & App Activity area in the History settings box. Next, select Manage All Web & App Activity to view a running track of everything you’ve done lately with Google services.

To delete an item, click the X icon in the top-right corner next to every block labeled Search. To view just your Google Search history, go to the top and choose Filter by date & product, then check only the Search box.

You may search for a certain phrase to delete at the top of the list. Delete activity by using the left sidebar to erase your recent Google searches from certain time periods, such as the previous hour or day, or since a specific date.

You can also set up regular deletion of your Google search history by clicking the Auto-delete option at the top of the list. This allows you to delete your Google history every three months, every 18 months, or every three years. Of course, you may still remove history manually at any moment.

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Prevent Google From Saving Search History in the Future

You may remove your previous Google searches as many times as you like, but doing it manually all the time gets laborious. Instead, you may prevent Google from keeping any of your future search history.

Return to the main Web & App Activity screen and click Turn off. This prevents Google from utilizing your search and other Google services activities to tailor your experience. It also prevents current searches from displaying on Google’s homepage and prevents the firm from logging future queries.

If you often wish to remove all prior Google searches, utilize this option to save yourself some time. While you’re here, keep in mind that search tracking is only one of the numerous ways Google collects information about you. You may also wish to investigate and deactivate the other activity settings for more privacy.

How to Edit Your Google History on Android or iPhone

Display the Google app and hit your profile image in the top-right corner to open the identical interface on your mobile device so you may remove recent Google searches while on the road. Choose Manage your Google Account to see a mobile version of this page. Under Privacy & customization > Web & App Activity > Manage all Web & App Activity, you may make the same adjustments as previously.

You may also go straight to this panel by tapping Search history. If you need to delete searches from the recent past, the Delete last 15 minutes shortcut comes in helpful.

How to Delete Previous Google Searches From Your Browser History

When you wish to remove all searches, Google keeps track of your past search history on your account. As you are surely aware, your browser saves a history of every website you view. As a result, you’ll need to delete your browser history of prior Google searches.

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We’ll show you how to accomplish it on Chrome. To access the interface, enter the three-dot Menu in the top-right and choose History > History. This may also be accessed through the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + H (Windows) or Cmd + Y (Mac).

Check the boxes next to each history record you wish to delete on this page. After you’ve chosen all of them, click the Delete option at the top of the page to remove them from your history. If the searches you wish to exclude are dispersed, utilize the search box at the top to display just results.

Rather than manually removing things, the Clear browsing data feature on the left side of the History page allows you to quickly remove browser history. You may access this from anywhere in Chrome by using Ctrl + Shift + Del.

You may erase browsing history, as well as other types of history such as cookies and cached data, by using the Basic or Advanced tabs. Chrome allows you to choose a time period from which to clear history; when finished, click Clear data.

See how to manually and automatically remove your browser history if you use another browser.

Use Private Browsing to Avoid Storing Old Searches

While it is simple to delete prior Google searches, doing it on a regular basis is a waste of time. To be more efficient, utilize your browser’s private (or incognito) mode, which prevents it from saving this data in the first place.

To create a new private window in Chrome, click the Menu in the top-right and choose New incognito window (or press Ctrl + Shift + N). On discover how it works in other browsers, see our guide to utilizing private browsing.

Nothing you do in an incognito window is recorded by your browser. You may use Google without it logging what you search for since you aren’t logged into any accounts. Furthermore, the browser will not keep any history entries for that session.

Of course, you are not invisible while surfing privately. Websites may still monitor what you do and find out where you are. In addition, if you’re on a monitored network, such as at a company or school, incognito does not conceal your activities from the administrator. But it comes in useful when you merely want to avoid connecting a few Google queries to your account and browser history.

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Consider Switching to DuckDuckGo for Private Searches


If you don’t want to utilize a private window on a regular basis or if you don’t like the notion of Google tracking everything you search for, you should consider using a different search engine.

DuckDuckGo is well-known for its privacy policies. It does not monitor what you search for and still returns relevant results. If you want to learn more about what DuckDuckGo has to offer, check out how it compares to Google.

Of course, you don’t have to utilize it for every search. However, there are other types of material you could seek for, such as personal counsel and medical difficulties, that you definitely don’t want Google to know about. DuckDuckGo is a suitable option in these instances.

Remember that DuckDuckGo searches still leave traces in your browser history, so remove them afterwards (or use incognito) for optimal privacy.

Delete Previous Google Searches and Move On

You now know how to clear recent Google searches so they don’t display anyplace related to you. They basically no longer exist after you’ve deleted them from your Google activity and browser history, unless you searched on a network that tracks all data. Use these techniques, as well as the choices described, as required to prevent future search activity from being saved.

If you want to limit Google’s influence in your life, you need know how to block Google from listening on your phone.

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