Got Pop-Up Ads on Android? How to Spot and Remove Them

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Got Pop-Up Ads on Android? How to Spot and Remove Them

Ads start appearing on my phone. My Android gadget just advised I purchase a brand-new Audi, with a full-screen pop-up ad to entice me.

This came as a surprise to someone who wants to keep commercial items, social networks, and spyware off his phone.

One of my applications serves advertisements. But which is the malicious software? This is how to disable pop-up advertisements on Android.

Ads on Android: The Good Old Days

There was a time when Android advertisements were major news. Remember the Notification Area advertisements? When it became clear that advertising messages will soon begin to show over the top of your phone’s display, they created quite a stir, with AirPush and SlingLabs just two of the firms allowing adverts to appear there.

Although you may have wanted to adopt our strategy to dealing with these Notification Area invasions, opting out was the best way to address this.

With Notification Area advertising (which might still affect users on older devices), identifying the app responsible is simple owing to its icon displaying next to the ad on Android 4.1 and later.

It should be noted that the screenshots in this post show regular, non-adware serving programs.

How Do You Stop Pop-Up Ads on Android?

Have you noticed that your phone shows an excessive number of advertisements, whether in an app or on the home screen? It is time to take action.

The first step is to close all of your applications. To access the Overview screen, use the standard approach of swiping from the bottom and holding in the center of your screen. Swipe each app card to the side to remove it (or use the X button to clear all apps if your version of Android supports it).These instructions may differ depending on your Android version.

You might try reset your phone, which may be faster.

Check the applications you’ve recently installed around the time the pop-ups initially appeared. If you often install new applications and games, this may take some time.

When you find potential offenders, go to Google Play and read the app’s ratings. Do any of you have any experience with unexpected advertisements? If so, uninstall the software. However, don’t stop there! Examine all of the applications you’ve lately installed.

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How to Find Which App Is Serving Pop-Up Ads

I install applications that I would not ordinarily use while working. I’m more discriminating than others, but there’s a good possibility you’re using applications with advertising that you’re putting up with, possibly because you play a free game.

This is fair enough if the ads appear in the game.

But what if the adverts appear unexpectedly on the home screen? Simply put, this is adware, a kind of spyware that may be difficult to track down.

As the Implementation Policies for the AdMob program state:

“Ads should not be positioned in a way that obscures or conceals any area that consumers may be interested in seeing during normal engagement. Ads should not be positioned in regions where users are likely to click or put their fingers on the screen at random.”

Furthermore, Google frowns on applications and games that bombard the user with advertisements:

“Apps in which interstitial advertising appear after each user activity, including but not limited to clicks, swipes, and so on.”

You have two options for spotting pop-up ads.

1. Check Pop-Up Ad Notifications

Recent Android versions have made it simpler to discover what apps are running on your smartphone and what permissions they need. When you get a notice for an app you didn’t aware was running, long-press the notification and hit the More button. Depending on your phone type, the button may have a different name.

This will send you to the app’s permissions page, where you may control how much access it has to the hardware and functionality of your phone (such as notifications).

Additional choices may be accessed by going to Settings > Apps > Permissions > Permissions. Specific instructions will differ based on the type of your phone. Alternatively, launch the Settings app and type Permissions into the top search box.

You’ll find comprehensive app data here, which should expose any connections; otherwise, you may discover that the app isn’t exactly what you thought it was.

2. Check the Currently Open Apps

In addition to the notification area, you may go through your open applications to determine which one is providing the pop-ups.

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Swipe up from the bottom of your screen and hold your finger in the center of your screen to display the Overview screen when the pop-up ad appears (on some devices you can tap the Recent apps on the bottom bar instead).Cards for recently launched applications will be shown.

Look for strange app names. If you come across one, long-press its card and then hit the Settings button to access the app’s page. The software may then be uninstalled simply from the following page.

Also, keep in mind that the procedures on your unique Android device may differ, and that applications might send alerts even when they are not shown on the Overview screen.

Can’t Find the Offending App?

An anti-adware program, an application intended to identify ad-serving malware, is perhaps the best solution for anybody expecting to use their phone or tablet without having to factory reset.

Popup Ad Detector, a free program that detects which applications are delivering pop-up adverts, is probably the best place to start. It can recognize various pop-up advertising, including as lock screen ads, home screen ads, notification bar ads, and applications that show adverts on top of other apps.

When you use this app, it will notify you whenever a pop-up ad is sent on your home screen, lock screen, notification bar, or on top of another app. The harmful program may be easily removed from here.

Popup Ad Detector (Free) (Free, in-app purchases available)

If you don’t already have a comprehensive mobile security app on your phone, this is the best way to deal with advertisements. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware are two options here.

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus is available for download (Free, in-app purchases available)

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (free) (Free, in-app purchases available)

Ad Network Detectors

Consider utilizing an ad network detector as well. These applications are meant to identify and restrict connections between your phone and recognized ad networks. This should put a stop to the annoying pop-up ads on your Android home screen.

There are other great choices available, however we recommend AppBrain Ad Detector and Mobile Security – Lookout (previously Lookout Security & Antivirus).Meanwhile, Addons Detector provides information to study what advertising are presented by which applications and where they are provided from. This may not be extremely helpful, but it is worth noting that the information is accessible.

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Download: AppBrain Ad Detector (Free)

Lookout Mobile Security – Download (Free, in-app purchases available)

Download: Addons Detector (Free, in-app purchases available)

Delete Ad-Serving Apps

For the best results, uninstall the app to permanently remove the Android pop-up ads.

This is typically simple; go to Settings > Applications and search for the program you wish to uninstall. To delete the program, touch it and then pick Uninstall from the following screen.

Alternatively, from the home screen or app drawer, tap and hold an app icon and choose Uninstall. It is more difficult to remove a pre-installed program. For more information, see our tutorial on how to delete pre-installed Android applications without rooting your smartphone.

You may, however, want a more drastic option. The first step would be to restore a backup of your phone prior to the installation of the malicious ad-serving spyware.

Alternatively, you may factory reset your Android phone to erase all applications and data, erasing it and starting over. This may be the preferable choice for most people, especially if you’re worried about the advertising that are being displayed.

If you choose this approach, be sure to backup your Android smartphone. Although drastic, resetting is a definite technique to permanently remove pop-up advertisements on Android.

Tips to Avoid Pop-Up Ads on Android

Ads that appear on your Android smartphone are unpleasant. They use your data allotment and obstruct your ability to use your phone. One strategy to eliminate pop-up advertising on Android is to carefully review applications before downloading them, whether from the Google Play Store or from third-party markets.

Learn more about how to determine if an Android app is safe to install.

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