Google Unveils Chrome OS 100: Here’s What’s New

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Google Unveils Chrome OS 100: Here’s What’s New

Chrome OS 100, the newest version of the operating system that runs Chromebooks, has been formally published by Google. It includes a new app launcher, voice dictation upgrades, a handy GIF generator, and other intriguing new features.

Here, we’ll go through some of the most intriguing features of Chrome OS 100. If you possess a Chromebook or want to get one, don’t miss out.

Redesigned App Launcher

Chrome OS 100 has a completely rebuilt app launcher that is more intuitive and user-friendly. It is designed after the Windows Start menu and opens at the bottom left corner rather than the middle. It allays many users’ fears about the previous launcher obscuring the current window.

The search tool has been considerably enhanced, and it now provides more specific information about programs, files, and searches. Web search results, weather updates, and computations can all be accessed immediately from the launcher menu, which is a huge time saver. You may also use the fast search to look through Chrome tabs much more precisely.

You can also organize applications by name, color, or arbitrary order, and freshly downloaded apps are instantly re-arranged. The new launcher is anticipated to be sent out to all Chromebooks shortly, but you can activate it manually in Chrome by performing the following:


Editing With Voice Dictation

Voice dictation is becoming more common in Google devices such as Pixel phones and Chromebooks. Chrome OS 100 enhances this feature by offering the user additional control. You may now edit straight with your voice. For example, stating “delete” deletes the previous character, but saying “move to next character” moves the cursor appropriately.

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Say “help” to learn more about voice edits, and Chrome OS will give recommendations on how to use them efficiently. Please keep in mind that you must first enable the “Dictation” option. This is accomplished by hitting the Everything key + D.

Creating Personal GIFs

Instead than going through websites to convert photographs into GIFs, you can now create and share customized GIFs. Go to “Video” on your Chromebook Camera app, and you’ll find a toggle option to switch to “GIF” mode.

Enable recording to begin. Clips may be recorded for up to five seconds. Once made, the GIF may be shared through email, applications, or Nearby Share.

School Accounts for Family Link

Through Family Link, parents may add and manage their children’s school accounts on Chrome OS 100. Account creation and access to Google Classroom have been simplified for monitored Chromebooks. Furthermore, the updated YouTube software for Chrome OS now supports offline playing, enabling youngsters to study even when there is no internet connection.

Updated Android Container

For a long time, Chrome OS has attempted to provide a native Android experience. OS 100 finally transitions from ARC to ARCVM, the most recent Android Runtime foundation for Chrome. This could bring about some much-anticipated improvements, making it simpler to run Android applications on Chromebooks.

ARCVM, as the name implies, employs virtual machines (VMs) for enhanced isolation and is anticipated to improve the speed, security, and maintainability of Android applications in Chromebooks.

Chromebook Insights for Admins

Google has included a new reporting tool in Chrome OS 100 that allows administrators to easily monitor and oversee registered devices. The new Chrome Management Telemetry API provides precise information on device performance and enables administrators to produce customized reports.

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Chrome OS 100: A New Experience

Chrome OS 100 introduces a new way for users to interact with their Chromebooks, primarily via a revamped application launcher. It also includes some interesting new capabilities, such as voice dictation editing and the ability to create customised GIFs. Overall, Chromebook users will find the most recent version intriguing and entertaining.

Even if you don’t have a Chromebook, you may take use of Chrome OS by installing Chrome OS Flex on your PC.

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