Google Teases the Pixel Tablet: What We Know So Far

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Google Teases the Pixel Tablet: What We Know So Far

The last time Google tried to take on the iPad with a Pixel tablet, it didn’t go so well. In fact, a lackluster response to the Pixel Slate led the tech giant to pull out of the tablet game altogether.

But, like The Godfather’s Michael Corleone, Google is returning to the fight perhaps one last time, just when you thought it was out.

We don’t know much about the new tablet, since the company maintained an air of mystery around its announcement. But we’ve gathered up all the information we have right now about this exciting future device.

Google Teases Pixel Tablet at I/O Keynote

At its 2022 I/O developer conference, Google announced a new Pixel Tablet. It will be an Android tablet powered by the Tensor processor, according to The Keyword blog. Google says that it will be “designed to be the ideal companion for your Pixel phone.”

The tablet will be powered by the same Google Tensor processor seen in Google’s newest Pixel phones. This implies that it should be capable of doing activities like text-to-speech, real-time language translation, and picture processing even while not connected to the internet.

Android tablets have previously failed to gain traction because their applications were not designed for huge displays. However, Google claims to have learnt its lesson this time and that things would be different with the newest Pixel tablet.

“We have TikTok, Zoom, and Facebook putting out new applications for tablets this year,” said Trystan Upstill, VP of engineering on Google’s Android team, “and many more coming as well.”

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Google is also upgrading 20 of its own tablet applications, including Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube Music.

Why Is Google Making Tablets Again?

When Google debuted their previous tablet, the Pixel Slate, it was panned for its poor software. It was powered by Chrome OS, which wasn’t ideal for tablets, and performance was slow. Furthermore, the fully equipped version was rather expensive, costing roughly $1,600.

Tech blogger, MKBHD, gave it a brutal review:

After receiving negative feedback from users and reviewers, Google discontinued the Pixel Slate in June 2019, after just nine months. Instead, the corporation promised to concentrate on laptops.

What Google did not anticipate was a pandemic in 2020. When quarantines were implemented, the tech sector realized how vital tablets are for home entertainment.

So Google is getting back into the game with a tablet aimed at consumer entertainment, gaming, and other applications such as image processing.

The Pixel Slate will run improved Android software rather than Chrome OS, which is more suited for business or education.

“We view it as a fundamental aspect of how people engage with media and computers at home, particularly,” Rick Osterloh, Google’s senior vice president of products and services, told The Verge of the company’s new tablet philosophy.

Success Is Not Guaranteed for the Pixel Tablet

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series is performing well, while Amazon’s low-cost Fire tablets are still available. Meanwhile, Apple’s iPad continues to dominate the market.

Google will be hoping that it can strike the proper mix between technology and affordability this time. The Pixel Tablet will have its work cut out for it when it launches in 2023 in a skeptical market.

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