Google Promises to Update All Nest Displays and Speakers to Support Matter

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Google Promises to Update All Nest Displays and Speakers to Support Matter

Google has stated that Matter support would be added to Android and “capable” Nest gadgets. Matter is a new smart home standard established by a consortium of more than 180 firms, including Amazon, Apple, Google, and 180 more.

The partnership, formerly known as Project CHIP, aspires to create a unified smart home standard with full device and platform compatibility.

Android and Nest Productsto Gain Matter Support

Matter support will be incorporated into Android, allowing users to pair compatible devices with their phone and Google account in only a few clicks. This will also enable you to control your Matter devices through Google Assistant, the Google Home app, the Power menu in Android, and other Matter-compatible applications.

Google also confirmed that Matter will work with Thread, another smart home technology that enables smart home items to communicate with one another, which is also supported by Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung, and others, in its statement on The Keyword. More information on Thread and what it implies for your smart home can be found here.

Matter smart home devices
Image Credit: Matter

Nest equipment that enable Thread, including as the Nest Wifi, Nest Hub Max, and the second-generation Nest Hub, will serve as Matter connection hubs, resulting in a stronger and quicker connection. Google will upgrade all Nest displays and speakers to control Matter devices, regardless of whether they utilize Wi-Fi, Thread, or ethernet.

Furthermore, the Nest Thermostat will be upgraded to enable Matter. This is significant since it allows users to operate their Nest Thermostat using Alexa, Siri, or other Matter-certified platforms. There is no news on whether or not the more costly Nest Learning Thermostat will have this connectivity.

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Google, on the other hand, has not said when the update would be released. The first Matter-compatible smart home gadgets are expected to hit the market later this year, so Google’s upgrade should arrive around the same time.

Improved Smart Home Experience

Google is also enhancing the current smart home experience with two significant new features. To begin, it has implemented WebRTC compatibility to minimize latency in audio/video streaming between security cameras, video doorbells, smart displays, and other devices and smartphones. This means that Google Assistant can now instantly access the feed from your security cameras or video doorbell.

For the time being, Arlo, Logitech, Netatmo, and Wyze have added WebRTC support for Google Assistant, with more firms expected to follow suit in the coming weeks.

Second, Google is boosting Assistant’s Home and Away Routines by adding support for Nest cameras and thermostats. This means that when you leave the house, the Away routine will activate your Nest security cameras and switch off the thermostat. Similarly, when you return home, the Home routine may automatically activate and deactivate your security cameras.

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