Google Messages vs. Samsung Messages: Which Is the Best Messaging App?

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Google Messages vs. Samsung Messages: Which Is the Best Messaging App?

If you possess a Samsung smartphone, you may have noticed that it comes with two messaging applications pre-installed: Google Messages and Samsung Messages. The former is the default setting on flagship Samsung phones, while the latter is on mid-range and inexpensive Samsung phones.

Both applications serve the same purpose but vary in a number of ways. So, which is superior? What are the distinctions? And does it really make a difference whatever app you use? Let us investigate.

User Interface

Both applications enable Dark Mode, but Samsung Messages does so significantly more effectively than Google Messages. Enabling Dark Mode causes the former app to go completely black (enabling you to take use of AMOLED screens), while the latter just changes to a gray backdrop while retaining its Material You design.

Samsung Messages organizes chats from the bottom half of the screen upon startup for simpler one-handed operation (the same design layout found on the Quick Settings panel and other parts of One UI).The upper half displays the number of unread messages you have.

Google Messages generally organizes discussions from the top down. On Samsung smartphones, however, it is obliged to replicate the One UI reachability design, and the top half of the screen just displays “Messages.” Both applications may be arranged by swiping up from the top.

Samsung Messages displays a little symbol beneath unread chats with the amount of new messages, but Google Messages just bolds them to distinguish them from read messages and places a small dot on the side. The former also displays two lines of preview text, whilst the later displays just one. The former has a search icon, but the latter includes a search bar.

Conversations in Google Messages are divided into four categories: personal, transactions, OTPs, and offers. Under its Useful Cards menu, Samsung Messages displays offers, transactions, and upcoming events in a more readable form, while also enabling you to manually create categories.

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The Contacts option in Samsung Messages allows you to simply search and text your favorite contacts. When you hit the search bar at the top of Google Messages, it displays suggested contacts. The latter allows you to swipe a discussion to rapidly archive it, but the former does not.

App Features

Both applications enable you to pin conversations to the top, however Google Messages only allows you to pin three conversations at a time, while Samsung Messages lets you to pin up to 20. Both applications also feature highlighting messages and group texting with up to 20 recipients.

If you wish to use Google Messages on your laptop or desktop PC, cross-platform sync is considerably better; to use Google Messages for web, launch the app, hit the hamburger menu, and then choose Device pairing. Then, on your laptop or PC, go to and scan the QR code.

To achieve the same outcome with Samsung Messages, you must have a Microsoft account and connect your Galaxy mobile to your Windows PC using the Link to Windows service. Basically, you have to bother leaping through hoops, thus it is not advised.

Google Messages also lets you to remove OTP messages after 24 hours, so your inbox isn’t clogged after you’re done with them. This function does not exist in Samsung Messages, although it does enable you to erase old messages after 1000 texts, 100 multimedia messages, or 5000 conversations.

Both applications support sending read receipts, copying codes from the notification panel, configurable notification noises, and floating chat bubbles. You may also change the size of the text by pinching out or in from the screen.

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Only Samsung Messages, on the other hand, allows you to select a personalized backdrop for each discussion, add a note to the Reminder app, and establish a moniker that others who don’t have you in their contacts will see when you speak.

However, in Google Messages, you may configure iPhone replies to display as emojis rather than text messages. This is one of the most recent additions to Google Messages.

Both applications support sharing photographs, videos, audio files, voice recordings, emoticons, stickers, and GIFs, however Samsung Messages requires you to use Samsung Keyboard instead of Gboard to send stickers for reasons we don’t understand. On both applications, you can also share your location and contacts, schedule messages, create subject lines, and store drafts.

Sending videos on both applications is a tremendous nuisance since the quality is slashed to insane levels, to the point where the information becomes incomprehensible. As a result, you’re better off transmitting videos using WhatsApp, Discord, or any other third-party chat service.

Only Google Messages enables you to transmit documents (up to 307KB) and label messages as urgent. However, with Samsung Messages, you can communicate calendar events as text or as a VCS file, as well as send brief answers like “What’s up?”, “How’s it going?”, “Sorry, I missed your call,” and more.

Both applications use the MMS protocol for multimedia communication, although MMS is not supported by all cell carriers. If yours does not, you may be limited to sending SMS text messages only. If your carrier supports it but not the recipient’s, they may get a web link to your given photographs, videos, or files instead.

Google Messages, on the other hand, has a few additional features that make it a more appealing alternative. You’ll discover a few of useful tools under the Ideas menu that give in-conversation suggestions depending on the context of your messages.

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Smart Reply, for example, proposes typical replies to messages you receive for speedier conversation, and Suggested Actions may assist you in rapidly creating an event, sharing your location, attaching current photographs, or sending GIFs.

Nudges may also be used to get birthday reminders and have messages that “may need a reply or follow up” rise to the top of the list of chats so you don’t forget to react to them. And Assistant recommendations may help you find weather information, local restaurants and theaters, and moreā€”all from inside the app.

Google Messages Should Be the Default on All Android Phones

Both Google Messages and Samsung Messages are terrific applications; however, although the latter has a few unique features, the former is clearly the victor. Not just due of its characteristics, but also because it is more easily established as a global communications system.

The uncertainty around texting applications is both irritating and useless. It should not be the user’s responsibility to be concerned about disparities in communications protocols and feature sets. So here’s our opinion: On all Android phones, Google Messages should be the default messaging app.

This is not an issue if you possess a stock Android phone since there is no bloatware. However, most Android businesses pre-install their own messaging software on their handsets, and most users use their phone’s default messaging app, which just adds to the confusion.

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