Google Keep vs. Microsoft OneNote: Which Is Better?

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Google Keep vs. Microsoft OneNote: Which Is Better?

Google and Microsoft are the two most popular office suite vendors. They are well-known for their basic office tools (word processor, presentation, and spreadsheet), but they also have additional products.

Their note-taking app is one such option. Google offers Keep, whereas Microsoft offers OneNote. Let’s compare the two and decide which one to utilize.

Mobile App

Because you usually take notes while on the move, an easy-to-use mobile app is one of the most critical features any note-taking tool should have. As a result, Google Keep and Microsoft OneNote are both accessible on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, respectively.

Google Keep offers a basic UI that makes it simple to use. When you launch the Google Keep app, you’ll see any notes you’ve taken right away. You may also pin notes you’ve made so they display at the top of the app. If you take a lot of notes, you may choose between two views: grid view and list view.

It’s also simple to add a note: just press the plus symbol (+) in the lower-right corner to add a text remark. With a single press, you can also add checklists, drawings, voice notes, and images to the bottom menu. Google Keep is a fantastic software for making to-do lists on the move.

Microsoft OneNote, on the other hand, is significantly more sophisticated. When you launch the OneNote app, you’ll get a list of all your most recent notes under Recent Pages. Tap the plus symbol (+) in the lower-right corner to quickly add a remark.

The bottom menu displays your Notebooks, as well as the Search button and Sticky Notes. What distinguishes OneNote from Google Keep is the ability to have several notebooks. When you touch on All Notebooks, a menu appears that includes all of the notebooks you’ve created.

When you choose a notebook, you’ll be directed to the Section view, where you may organize your notes anyway you see fit. When you touch on a section, the Pages view appears, displaying the title of each individual note you authored. You may see the whole note on the app by pressing the note titles.

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Desktop App

Microsoft OneNote features a comprehensive desktop software that is free to download from the Microsoft Store. This program, known as OneNote for Windows 10, provides a full-featured desktop experience. You may choose which notebooks to display, so if you’re using a business computer, uncheck any personal notebooks.

The desktop software also allows you to simply make notes. All you have to do is click anywhere on the empty page, and you’re free to text as much as you like. It also does not capture notes in the same way that a word processor does. When you type, OneNote produces a text box that you may move around rapidly. You may generate random snippets anywhere on the page and reorganize them afterwards in this manner.

If you’re acquainted with Microsoft’s Office Suite, you won’t be confused by the OneNote desktop software.

Google Keep, on the other hand, does not offer a desktop app. To use it on your PC, launch your browser and go to The online version of Google Keep offers the benefit of having a comparable feel to the app. So, if you use Google Keep on your smartphone often, utilizing it on your computer will be a snap.

Organizing Notes

When it comes to organizing your notes, Google Keep is identical to Gmail. All of your notes are saved in a single repository, which is the default location. Labels may be added to individual notes to help you stay organized. You may then choose a label in the Google Keep sidebar to see notes with that label. In addition, you may use 11 various colors and nine different backgrounds to assist you discern the purpose of a note at a glance.

Aside from that, you may pin a note to keep it at the top of your list. If a note is time-sensitive, you may add a reminder with the time, date, and location to guarantee you don’t forget about it. When you’re finished with a note, you may either archive or delete it.

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Organizing notes in Microsoft OneNote, on the other hand, is a very other story. To begin, OneNote asks you to put your notes in a notebook. Each notebook will be divided into parts, and each note will need its own page with a title.

If you use different devices, you may also choose which notebooks appear in the OneNote app. So, if you have a laptop for education and a desktop computer for gaming streaming, you may have distinct notebooks on each device while utilizing a same account.

Adding Rich Text & Media

When taking notes, you may wish to highlight a point or make a bulleted list. You may also wish to include photographs, links, and other material at times. In this aspect, OneNote outperforms Keep. You can upload photographs, drawings, checklists, and voice notes to Google Keep, but that’s about it.

However, with OneNote, you can do all of that and more. When composing notes, you may add formatting to your text such as bold, italics, underlines, highlights, changing the color, and even changing the font style. You may include tables, files, document printouts, photos, web movies, links, audio files, and more in a single note.

You’re effectively using OneNote as a digital whiteboard, where you can write anything you want wherever you want on your note.

Collaboration & Sharing

You may share your notes in both Google Keep and Microsoft OneNote. When you add a collaborator to a Google Keep note, their profile picture will show at the bottom of your note, and you will be able to view and work on the note at the same time.

Microsoft OneNote approaches cooperation in a unique way. You may only share full Notebooks rather than individual notes. By doing so, the individuals with whom you are cooperating may add new sections and notes to your notebook. As a result, even if you haven’t been invited to the new note they’ve posted, you’ll be able to view it immediately. This collaboration feature is useful, particularly if you routinely collaborate with a team.

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Choose Between Simplicity and Functionality

Google Keep is straightforward and simple to use. You don’t need to figure out how it works; what you see is what you get. If you’re not much of a note-taker and simply need something to keep your ideas temporarily, Google Keep is for you.

However, if you regularly lose track of where you stored your notes on various themes or subjects, Microsoft OneNote is for you. It’s also beneficial if you work with various teams since its enhanced collaboration and digital whiteboard capabilities are ideal for brainstorming. Microsoft OneNote includes a number of handy features that make it the ideal all-purpose program.

Which One Works for You Better?

Despite the fact that Microsoft OneNote has many more capabilities than Google Keep, most users may find it overwhelming. For most individuals, Google Keep will be more than enough. However, if you want to retain all of your notes in one location, such as in a single app rather than carrying many notebooks, OneNote is for you.

Finally, the greatest option is one that works for you. In truth, you don’t have to choose between the two. You can use both—Google Keep for short, on-the-fly notes and Microsoft OneNote for detailed notes and collaborative brainstorming.

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