Google Home Mini vs. Google Nest Mini: What Are the Differences?

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Google Home Mini vs. Google Nest Mini: What Are the Differences?

When searching for a low-cost Google smart speaker, there are two options: the Google Home Mini and the Google Nest Mini.

The Nest Mini is the successor of the Home Mini, which has been discontinued but is still available through a variety of retailers.

We’ll compare the Google Home Mini and Google Nest Mini to assist you in determining which gadget is best for you.

Google Home Mini and Google Nest Mini: Design

Google Home Mini is a speaker that can be operated by speech. It can play music, operate smart home devices, answer trivia questions, add things to your shopping list, schedule appointments, and more.

You can even use Google Assistant to find lost phones.

The Google Home Mini is donut-sized and can be linked to a smartphone. It looks like a little disk covered with cloth. The Home Mini has four LED dots on top that indicate the operating functions, listening, and commencing setup.

The Google Nest Mini is the Google Home Mini’s replacement. It is reasonably priced and is considered Google’s current entry-level smart speaker.

It has the same design and language as the Google Home Mini. Its top is made of a tough fabric layer made entirely of recycled plastics. It contains controls for altering the audio level on the right and left sides.

When Google Assistant is active, LED lights illuminate the middle of the Nest Mini. The music stops when you touch the center top. The size is identical to the Google Home Mini, but the new version features a wall mount, which is really useful.

Naturally, the Nest Mini has a lot of enhancements.

Google Home Mini and Google Nest Mini: Similarities

The two smart speakers have a lot in common. The gadgets react to both voice and physical inputs, play music, and have Google Assistant, among other features.

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Both speakers are almost similar in design, since they are the same size and feature a fabric covering. The main distinction is that the Nest Mini is made from recyclable materials.

Both speakers are available in the same color options: chalk, charcoal, coral, and sky.

The microphone switch on both versions allows you to disable active listening, preventing Google Assistant from always listening for the activation command.

Google Home Mini and Google Nest Mini: Differences

Although the speakers are visibly comparable, there are some significant changes.

The key distinction between the devices is the distinct factory reset technique. You must turn off the microphone to reset the Google Nest Mini. Then, when the LED lights become orange, push and hold the middle of the speaker. After five seconds, the factory reset procedure starts. Continue to hold it for at least 10 seconds longer, or until you hear a sound signaling your speaker is resetting.

To reset the Google Home Mini, press down the little reset button located underneath the power cable. And, like with the Nest Mini, the reset process starts in 5 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of silence until you hear the confirmation signal indicating the reset is in progress.

You can’t use voice commands or the Google Home app to do a factory reset on any device, so that’s your only option.

The speakers on the Google Nest Mini are also of greater quality than those on the earlier generation.

Ultrasound sensing technology is another exclusive to the Nest Mini. When music is playing, the volume LEDs light up when your hand comes close. It does this by releasing inaudible chirps that bounce off adjacent objects and rebound onto the microphones.

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By clicking the top button of the Google Nest Mini, you may play or stop music. That option is not available on the Home Mini.

Google Home Mini and Google Nest Mini: Pricing

The Nest Mini, like the Google Home Mini, costs $49 when purchased separately. As a result, it is the most cheap Google-powered smart speaker on the market.

Because the Nest Mini was meant to replace the Home Mini, locating the older speaker is difficult. However, it is still accessible at certain stores.

Both speakers are often discounted and may be obtained for as little as $30. If you can wait, you can save money.

Google Home Mini and Google Nest Mini: Google Assistant

Both the Google Home Mini and the Google Nest Mini have Google Assistant to assist you in controlling smart home devices.

Both smart speakers may also be connected to a broad range of smartphones, including iOS and Android versions.

Google Assistant can help you with a variety of tasks. The smart voice assistant can answer general knowledge queries, check your emails, make appointments, and do a plethora of other tasks. Routines and instructions may also be created.

Both speakers can also make calls to the US and Canada, which is a huge benefit.

Because they’re both speakers, you can play music from streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and others.

The Nest Mini stands out because it has been upgraded to enable Bluetooth 5 and give a more robust connection while listening to music wirelessly from your smartphone.

Both the Home Mini and Nest Mini can utilize Google Assistant to play a YouTube video on your Chromecast-enabled TV. You may also use voice commands to operate compatible smart home devices such as smart lighting, smart switches, and security cameras. Connect both smart speakers to Wi-Fi and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

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Aside from better sound clarity, the Google Nest Mini has double the bass power of the Google Home Mini. The bass is provided by an unique 1.57-inch speaker intended to collect bass frequencies and transport them forward into the sound stage.

Deciding Between the Google Home Mini or Nest Mini

The Google Nest Mini is an obvious improvement over the Google Home Mini.

It improves the whole audio experience by improving sound quality and bass. The Nest Mini produces a considerably more accurate and natural sound, which enhances your music experience.

The newest model is both wall-mountable and environmentally friendly. It has ultrasonic technology to assist you engage with the volume controls more effortlessly. You can even construct a stereo sound system by connecting two Nest Mini speakers.

If you want a Google smart speaker, you may as well get the latest and greatest model.

And, regardless of whatever Google speaker you choose, you can use it in your everyday life and even utilize it to assist organize your day.

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