Google Chrome vs. Samsung Internet: Which Android Browser Is Better?

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Google Chrome vs. Samsung Internet: Which Android Browser Is Better?

You almost certainly use Google Chrome on a regular basis. After all, it is the most used web browser on the planet. While there are obviously positive aspects to it, you’d be amazed by the functionality available in other browsers. Samsung Internet is one of these browsers.

Samsung Internet isn’t as well-known as Chrome, but if you own a Samsung smartphone, you’ve probably seen it in your app drawer from the beginning. In this post, we will compare Google Chrome vs Samsung Internet to determine which web browser is superior.

1. Browser Speed

First, let’s go through the specifications. Although benchmark results may not necessarily correspond to real-world performance, it is useful to glance at them briefly before delving further.

We chose three benchmarks for this comparison: JetStream2 to assess speed, MotionMark to test graphics performance, and Speedometer to measure responsiveness. We conducted all three benchmarks three times on both browsers to provide the most accurate results.

The findings shown below represent the average of the 18 test cycles. A greater number denotes superior performance:

Google ChromeSamsung Internet

As you can see, Google Chrome outperformed Samsung Internet on two of the three benchmarks we tested, particularly in terms of graphics performance. However, as previously stated, the numerical difference does not translate into a significant difference in real-world application. Still, if you’re looking for benchmarks, Google Chrome is the clear winner.

Winner: Google Chrome

2. Availability and Cross-Platform Sync​​​​​

Google Chrome is accessible for iOS, Android, and PC, however Samsung Internet is only available for Android. The latter is pre-installed on all Samsung mobile devices and is configured as the default browser by default. If you have a different manufacturer’s device, you may download the browser from the Google Play Store.

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Cross-platform sync is another area where Google Chrome outperforms Samsung Internet. Some individuals place a high value on how well a browser syncs your bookmarks across platforms. To sync and access all of your bookmarks and bookmarked sites on any device, just sign in to your Google account using Chrome.

When you move to Samsung Internet, things aren’t as straightforward. If you wish to access bookmarks created with Samsung Internet on your Android phone on a desktop PC, you must install the Samsung Internet extension on Chrome.

Winner: Google Chrome

3. User Interface and Customization

One of our favorite aspects of Samsung Internet is how it handles dark mode. Both browsers support it, however Chrome’s implementation is inadequate. Despite selecting dark mode, many websites on Chrome continue to display properly; just the address bar and internal options menu become dark.

What is the purpose of utilizing dark mode if the majority of your screen still displays dazzling white pixels? That really destroys the idea. In contrast, Samsung Internet darkens as much of your screen as possible, even turning certain parts on some websites completely black. This saves battery life and allows for longer online browsing sessions.

However, unlike Chrome, Samsung Internet does not support Material You’s dynamic color scheme. This implies that if you change the wallpaper and color palette on your phone, Chrome will reflect those changes to improve the app’s UI, but Samsung Internet will not. We also don’t like how the latter organizes tabs.

Samsung Internet toolbar buttons
Samsung Internet address bar bottom position
Samsung Internet address bar bottom position
Samsung Internet tab bar
Samsung Internet tab bar
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In terms of user interface, Samsung Internet is much more customisable and user-friendly than Google Chrome. The former features a toolbar at the bottom of the screen with customisable buttons, making it more simpler to interact with the browser.

In addition, you may conceal your phone’s status bar while scrolling through websites to free up some screen space, and you can move the address bar to the bottom for simpler one-handed usage. If you want to have the address bar at the top, you may configure the browser to display a tab bar, mimicking the UI of a desktop browser.

Winner: Samsung Internet

4. Privacy and Security

Both programs provide secret surfing, but Google Chrome’s Incognito mode is no match for Samsung Internet’s Secret mode. The latter gives you much more control. For example, you may lock Secret mode with a password and your biometrics so that no one else can access your secret tabs.

Also, if you download photos, movies, or music files in Secret mode, they won’t display in your gallery as regular downloads do—you can only access them in Secret mode. This ensures that your private downloads stay secret. Isn’t it cool? Unfortunately, Google Chrome’s Incognito mode performs none of these things.

Samsung Internet also has a comprehensive privacy dashboard that allows you to see which websites attempted to monitor you. You may also disable pop-ups and automated downloads and get alerts about potentially dangerous websites.

Winner: Samsung Internet

5. Additional Features

You may store your address and credit card information in both browsers to autofill web forms for speedier transactions. Chrome, on the other hand, performs a better job of translating web pages by using Google’s machine learning capabilities. In addition, if you often visit a website, you may add it to your Home screen in Chrome.

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However, Samsung Internet also has a built-in QR scanner, a video player with gesture-based controls, and the option to save online pages as PDFs. The Galaxy Store also has handy add-ons for Samsung Internet, like as Amazon Assistant and ad-blockers. Chrome extensions cannot be used with Chrome on Android.

Winner: Samsung Internet

Samsung Internet Makes Chrome Feel Outdated

Despite being the default online browser for billions, Google Chrome lags well behind Samsung Internet. The latter is much more user-friendly, customisable, and packed with valuable features that will enhance your online browsing experience. Its main shortcoming is that it is only accessible on Android.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with Chrome, but it’s evident that Google has taken the “if it ain’t broke, don’t change it” attitude with the browser. If cross-platform sync is critical to you, you should definitely avoid Samsung Internet; but, if you want the greatest browser on your Android smartphone, we cannot recommend it highly enough.

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