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Google Chrome | MUO

Chrome OS is strewn over several form factors, but can it truly compete with the all-in-one desktop? The LG Chromebase ($329) is here to prove it. Or not.

In today’s workplace, your email often becomes your task list. Sortd, a new Chrome extension, allows you to obtain Trello-style organization directly in Gmail.

Hangouts is a fantastic cross-platform messaging and video chat program, but this latest update from Google improves on it by adding Facebook-style “Chat Heads” to Chrome.

Also, Google reinvents the bookmarks manager, France is dealing with drone issues, Deadline predicts your death, and the ultimate poster for Apple fans.

Pop-ups have long been regarded as one of the most vexing and aggravating parts of Internet surfing. However, not all pop-ups are terrible, and there may be times when you wish to permit them.

The Netflix UI could need some work, so I discovered several Chrome addons to make my Netflix account seem nicer. No, it doesn’t include a little lipstick and rouge.

With the pace at which consumers acquire new tablets, smartphones, and laptops, Google has made the process of uninstalling old devices incredibly opaque in their online support materials.

It is now possible to launch Android applications in the Chrome browser with a little effort.

Pinnable information abounds on the internet. Install these extensions, and you’ll never run out of fresh things to pin. Once again, and again, and again.

Chrome 64-bit is available to everyone running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 on a PC with a 64-bit CPU. What’s the distinction? I’m happy you inquired.

  Chrome Sound Not Working in Windows? Here's the Fix

Chrome installation on Windows 8 is not as straightforward as you may expect. Let’s go through some of your options and any troubles you could encounter when attempting to install it.

Also, Amazon Wishlist, Chrome’s infinite runner, the Sunset Overdrive teaser, and smartphone bendiness testing.

Chrome’s clean and user-friendly design, as well as the superb extensions available in the Web shop, are major reasons for its success. Here are three that will make your browsing experience more enjoyable.

Chromebooks are very contentious, and reaching an agreement on the merits of Google’s product is a long way off. Here are the main benefits of utilizing a Chromebook over a Windows or Mac computer.

Chrome supports keyboard shortcuts for the whole system. If you install an app that needs media keys, such as Google Play Music for Chrome, those media keys will be hijacked. But this is something that can be rectified!

Space exploration has become more accessible because to cutting-edge Web technology. Begin your space trip using just the Chrome browser. Here are a few space-related tools.

Google’s ChromeOS is perhaps the world’s most secure operating system (at the cost of some limited functionality).Unfortunately, ChromeOS isn’t a panacea, and there are still severe security issues regarding the platform.

Here are some helpful hints for getting over Facebook annoyances. They’re also a lot of fun to use, so you could end yourself playing with them a lot!

Are you the sort of person that need unrestricted access to their browsing data? You never have to worry about leaving your websites, tabs, or clipboard info behind with these Chrome hacks.

  How to Install Chrome OS in a Virtual Machine

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