Google Assistant May Get Its “What’s On My Screen” Feature Back

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Google Assistant May Get Its “What’s On My Screen” Feature Back

You may recall asking Google Assistant “what’s on my screen?” back in the Android days before it disappeared into the ether. Now, it seems like Google is planning on giving it a second life under a new Android area.

What’s Going On With “What’s On My Screen?”

This useful feature was noticed by XDA Developers during their normal APKteardown. The website peels up the code of Google’s Android APK and examines all the intriguing stuff buried away in the code.

These APK teardowns might sometimes disclose work done in preparation for a future feature. This was the case this time, as the website unearthed proof that Google is working on resurrecting “what’s on my screen?”

If you missed the command when it originally appeared, “what’s on my screen” was a convenient method to learn more about what you were viewing. For example, it might look up notable persons in an article or provide extra information about a song that was now playing.

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Of course, the APK breakdown should be used with caution. Developers constantly add code for possible future additions, but there is no certainty that it will be revealed. This is especially true with the “what’s on my screen” command, which Google seems to add and delete from Android at will.

Regardless, something unusual occurred in the most recent update. Google is currently working on an Android “my activities” area. This allows you to store frequently used commands for later usage, so you don’t have to mention them every time you want them to fire.

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This version introduces a new area to the new “my activities” pane, dubbed “on my screen.” The section is still under development since nothing is on it, and it is currently using a placeholder green color. However, it’s quite possible that this part will mimic the “what’s on my screen” command without requiring you to say anything.

Because this was an APK investigation, there is no official word on when or if this functionality will be released. If Google sticks to its guns, we may get this useful tool back and better than before.

A Handy Feature, Hopefully on Everyone’s Screens Soon

The “what’s on my screen” command appears and disappears from Android without much notice from Google. However, the tech titan is considering making it a command that may be used without speaking. Let’s hope that continues.

In terms of useful Google Assistant commands, did you know it can lock and unlock your phone? Once your Google Assistant can distinguish your voice from everyone else’s, you can use a vocal order to access your phone.

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