Get More Out of Your Emails With These 5 Firefox Add-Ons

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Get More Out of Your Emails With These 5 Firefox Add-Ons

Many of you undoubtedly feel like you spend much too much time reading emails. Because so much of work consists of reading, replying to, and creating emails, why spend more time on it than necessary?

Firefox includes a variety of add-ons that help you email better, quicker, and less often. Why not give them a shot? Here are the top five Firefox add-ons for changing the way you email.

This list begins with Inbox When Ready for Gmail. Inbox When Ready, unlike the majority of the other items on this list, only works with Gmail, so you won’t be able to profit if you use another email service.

Email When Ready seeks to eliminate the need for you to check your inbox as often as you do now. It does this in a variety of ways. For example, you may have Inbox When Ready conceal your emails automatically. You may schedule this between particular hours to allow you to concentrate on serious work.

This allows you to continue to create fresh emails and search for particular requests without being bogged down in every new email that arrives.

You may even create an inbox budget so that you only check them a specific number of times each day, allowing you to concentrate on more essential concerns.

The add-on says that it can help you recover an hour from your inbox each week, but whether you use it more or less than that, you’re certain to profit from the features Inbox When Ready provides.

Firefox Relay is the next entry on this list. This is an approved Mozilla add-on, thus it has to be included.

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Firefox Relay is based on a basic concept. Essentially, all of our internet accounts are linked to a tiny number of emails. When you join up, for example, you must authenticate your account, so use the same email address you use for everything.

The trouble with this, of course, is that if that one email account is hijacked, everything else is now at danger. Firefox Relay is an add-on that seeks to solve this problem.

It does this via a really simple and intuitive technique. Firefox Relay makes it simple to create email aliases that you can use to sign up for almost anything. The aliases are generated at random and saved by the add-on.

If you know how to create email aliases to Gmail, you can do something similar, but if you use another email provider or want additional functionality, Firefox Relay is the way to go.

If you’re concerned about forgetting one of the aliases, you may quickly double-check it on the extension page. You may also see how many emails have been forwarded from those aliases, including spam or undesirable emails.

You can only create a certain number of aliases at first, but if you discover that one alias is getting a lot of spam, you can simply block all messages from it or even remove the alias completely.

There are premium options as well, so if you’re willing to pay, you can create infinite aliases, custom domain aliases, and more.

If you’re concerned about the privacy or security of your emails, Mailvelope is a nice little add-on that may assist.

Mailvelope addresses these security problems by integrating missing encryption and decryption functionality into a variety of email services. You may utilize these encryption capabilities directly from your email provider’s interface, and you can even encrypt attachments from your hard drive.

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This is accomplished by the add-on requiring you to produce a key that is unique to you. You may then use it to sign emails that you send using the Mailvelope addon. Those who receive it will need your key to decrypt it after it’s been transmitted, but the procedure is simple once you’ve set it up.

What makes Mailvelope unique is the attention to detail. The project is completely open-source, so you can examine how it works from the inside out. If you’re concerned about how the project could be utilizing your data, you can readily examine what it’s doing with it.

Mailvelope also contains a slew of choices for customizing how it appears as you use it. This seems to be part of the security procedure, but the method used means that you can ensure that the add-on works precisely as you want it to, even down to its look.

Following that, we have GMX MailCheck for Firefox. If you’re the sort of person who has many email accounts with various providers set up, or if you simply need to check them fast, this might be a useful add-on for you.

GMX MailCheck is a simple add-on that enables you to quickly and conveniently retrieve your emails. You sign in using the extension and then read emails straight from the extension.

This means you no longer need to sign in or open a new tab for each email that arrives. The add-on will notify you and even allow you to respond to emails straight from the add-on.

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It’s also worth noting that, despite the fact that GMX is in the name of this add-on, it’s not the only email provider that GMX MailCheck supports. There are several services accessible here, including GMX,, and Gmail, among many others.

Finally, Email Tabs are available. Email Tabs is a fantastic Firefox add-on that is ideal for those of you who wind up having a plethora of different tabs open. Of course, the greatest Firefox add-ons for tab management are those that are entirely devoted to the task.

The idea of Email Tabs is clear. If you’ve ever wanted to store or share a group of backed-up tabs, this add-on makes it simple.

You may send an email including material from your open tabs with a single click of the add-on. This may contain links with or without screenshots, as well as links that lead to entire articles.

You may send these emails to yourself, keep them in drafts to examine later and perhaps offline, or share them with others who might find them interesting.

Redefine How You Email

As you can see, there are a plethora of different Firefox add-ons available that drastically transform how you email. Whether you need to manage how your email arrives or just want to be more safe while sending emails, there is a solution for you.

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