Facebook Favorite For Chrome Is A Private Way To Save Posts For Later

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Facebook Favorite For Chrome Is A Private Way To Save Posts For Later

Facebook only includes “Like” and “Share” buttons, both of which publicly express your opinion. But what if you want to save an article without announcing or supporting it? Say hello to Facebook Favorite for Chrome.

Solving A Facebook Problem

One of the most difficult issues I have on Facebook is that there is no simple way to save a post privately. I sometimes come across stories and postings that I don’t agree with but want to save for future reference—there is no mechanism to do so directly on Facebook.

What you like on Facebook might reveal a lot about your personality. Indeed, a group of scientists has developed a personality test based on Facebook Likes. So be cautious with what you click Like on.

Facebook Favorite is a Chrome extension that overcomes this issue by providing a simple one-click solution that seems to be part of the standard Facebook experience. It’s also fully local and private, preventing Facebook from spying on you.

How It Works

There are two noticeable changes after installing Facebook Favorite for Chrome. The first is the toolbar’s little icon. The second feature is that it adds a “Favorite” button to your news stream, among other buttons like as Like, Comment, and Share. Here’s an example, with the button marked in red:

As you can see, it blends in well with the rest of Facebook. So, to save a post, just choose Favorite and proceed. It makes a great difference to have it as an integrated part of the Facebook design since you aren’t solicited for confirmations or forced to go elsewhere outside the news stream.

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It’s not like you need to open that post in a new tab to bookmark it or store it to a read-it-later service. It’s a lot simpler and hence speedier procedure.

Viewing Your Favorites

All of your favorites are available at all times. Simply click the Facebook Favorite symbol in the toolbar to get a list of all your recent saves. However, you must be on Facebook and logged in for Facebook Favorite to operate; selecting the extension will not show you anything if you are viewing another website at the same time.

There are two further options: lists and feeds.

  • Lists: This is a chronological text list of everything you’ve saved in Facebook Favorite, and it’s pretty self-explanatory. There’s also a search bar to help you discover what you’re searching for quickly—and since it’s a local save, the search is lightning fast and refreshes in real time.
  • Feed: Unlike the Lists view, which just displays text, the Feed view displays the whole article as it would have appeared on your News Feed, replete with choices to Like, Comment, and Share, as well as any embedded links. It’s great for browsing, but there’s no search function.

Unfortunately, It’s Only Local

The unmistakable “it simply works” appeal of Facebook Favorite is justification enough to install this extension. However, one limitation prevents it from becoming a powerful tool: it is limited to local saves only.

This means you can’t use Facebook Favorite on two separate computers and expect the saved posts to sync. You only receive what you store on one machine. I wish there was a way around this, but for the time being, you’re stuck with this restricted capabilities.

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On the other hand, local storage helps keep your data secure and private. Nobody will be able to tell which posts you have favorited for subsequent viewing.

Facebook Favorite for Chrome is available for free from the Chrome Web Store. You may also be interested in some other amazing Facebook Chrome extensions, such as No Theater Facebook Image Gallery and Photo Zoom for Facebook.

Download: [No Longer Available] Facebook Favorite For Chrome | Official Website [Broken URL Removed]

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