Everything You Want to Know About Game of Thrones

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Everything You Want to Know About Game of Thrones

There’s no disputing that Game of Thrones has become a sensation, with millions of fans eagerly anticipating the next episode or binge-watching whole seasons. For the majority of fans, the novels and/or TV series are sufficient. However, for hardcore fans, more information, context, news, and commentary are always appreciated.

With that in mind, we combed the Internet for the greatest resources to educate you the history and geography of Westeros. To provide you with more breaking news and gossip than you can reasonably read. And to discover the creativity and expertise required to make such a legendary event.

NB: If you haven’t finished watching Game of Thrones yet, you should read our guide to avoiding Game of Thrones spoilers before proceeding. You’ve been forewarned!

Explore the World of Game of Thrones

It might be difficult to get your mind around Westeros’ landscape. Knowing the location of Casterly Rock in relation to Braavos, on the other hand, may bring a whole new depth to your knowledge of the complicated network of storylines that is Game of Thrones.

You may discover mountains of fan-made maps by searching Google Images. HBO has even designed its own map, which is sadly lacking in depth. This interactive map of Westeros is by far the most comprehensive. You can see even the tiniest of waypoints noted, with links to their corresponding pages in the Westeros.org wiki.

The geographical timeline is much more remarkable. Choose the characters you want to see, then use the timeframe slider (on the right).This will show you, episode by episode, the trajectories these characters are going.

Read the Latest Game of Thrones News

There are two websites that you should visit if you want to stay up to speed on the newest Game of Thrones fan theories, news, and gossip. Winter is Coming is a constantly updated website that features breaking news, episode reviews, and behind-the-scenes information. You’ll be astounded at how much information there is to ingest on this now-cultural phenomenon in just a few minutes.

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Watchers on the Wall is another option. This is “a Game of Thrones forum for breaking news, casting announcements, and comments.” It surely does not disappoint based on that description. In-depth interviews, extensive story summaries, and a popular podcast are all available. Oh, and a countdown timer for the next episode’s release.

Scour Game of Thrones Episode Guides

If you become confused about what’s going on or need to recall where you are in Game of Thrones, an episode guide is what you need. HBO’s Episode Guide is the finest. Select the most recent episode you viewed at the top of the page. You’ll find links to a thorough overview, special information, and bios of the key characters featured in the episode.

Check out The Guardian’s guidelines for more opinionated advice. And, for even more concise descriptions, see IMDb.

Explore the Game of Thrones Wiki

The HBO series “Game of Thrones” Wikiansanswers any Game of Thrones-related questions you may have. Whether you seek additional information about the Mutiny at Castle Black or are entirely perplexed by the Old Gods of The Forest, you may find it here. The extra sections on Culture and Society, as well as Production, provide a wealth of background.

Explore Game of Thrones Houses

Westeros’ House situation looks to be worse than dysfunctional. And sometimes absolutely perplexing. Fortunately, HBO has created this visual Guide to Game of Thrones Houses to help you understand who is linked to whom and where each lineage starts.

To offer even more background, watch these YouTube videos on Game of Thrones’ past. This Viewers Guide to Houses also recounts the history of each house and includes character biographies. Examine this historical chronology to better grasp all of this in connection to Westeros’ history and legend.

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Go Behind the Scenes of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones sets are outstanding in terms of talent and technology. Deborah Riley, the production designer, is responsible for most of this. She says in the video above that the goal is for the audience to be able to “smell the set.” “Create worlds and surroundings in which the viewer believes.” In other words, it must be flawless.

Read the interview and watch the films at SmithsonianMag to discover more about the workmanship that goes into each of these Game of Thrones sets. Winter is Coming also offers a few of excellent essays on the topic. You may also learn about Deborah’s real-life inspirations for her settings.

It’s not simply the settings that are spectacular. The costume designers for Game of Thrones work diligently to produce a large number of detailed clothes for the vast cast. Ex-Game of Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton discusses some of the most well-known ensembles we’ve seen on the show, as well as the problems she and her crew have encountered, in the video above.

It’s fascinating to see some of the details in these clothes. Consider the crown Joffrey wore during his wedding. It not only included Baratheon antlers, but it was also linked with the flowers in Margaery’s crown, representing Margaery’s eventual influence over his deeds. Several more strange costume messages appear throughout the series as well.

More information on Game of Thrones costume design may be found on Fashionista, Spin, and Making Game of Thrones.

Listen to Game of Thrones Podcasts

Aside from everything covered so far, there are a handful of excellent Game of Thrones podcasts. Cast of Thrones is one of the most popular (iTunes).While the series is airing, this podcast features frequent, casual discussions regarding each episode. There are talks about the novels and the Telltale video game series during Game of Thrones blackouts.

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A Cast of Kings is another possibility (iTunes).This is a weekly podcast in which Vanity Fair columnist Joanna Robinson and novelist Dave Chen examine the HBO series’ storylines and ideas. Both hosts are exceptionally well-informed. Listening to the podcast immediately after seeing an episode is an excellent method to grasp the nuances hidden within the narrative.

If you’d prefer listen to a podcast on the TV program rather than the novels, try Game of Thrones:The Podcast (iTunes).This frequent chat between Jim and Aron, the two hosts, provides an informative analysis of each episode, is actually amusing, and is produced to a very high degree.

Down the Game of Thrones Rabbit Hole

As you can see, Game of Thrones seems to have taken over not just social media, but also a substantial portion of the Internet. The materials mentioned above are only the top of an ever-expanding iceberg. In tandem to George R. R. Martin’s novels and the blockbuster TV program, an iceberg of excellent material is being generated.

This is a full-fledged entertainment franchise. A series whose fans not only hold watching parties, but also go as far as they are willing to go into the mythology, characters, workmanship, and news around it. And it seems that the farther you go, the more there is to learn about this enthralling, fictitious world of power conflicts and magic.

We value your feedback, so please let us know what more Game of Thrones materials you would add to our list. Or tell us which materials have enhanced your Game of Thrones experience the most.

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