Email Faster & Better With Canned Responses

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Email Faster & Better With Canned Responses

Don’t have time to prepare lunch? No worries, just grab a can. Need some non-perishable camping food? Simply grab some tinned food. Tired of typing the same email responses over and again? Try using canned emails! Do you think I’m joking? Consider again. Premade answers, or canned responses, are a tool that far too many people have never used, but once you do, there’s no going back.

Have you ever heard of Gmail prepared answers but never tried them? Is this your first time hearing about it? Regardless of your response, if you’ve never used this amazing tool before, it’s high time you did, and to make it absolutely apparent why, this piece will explain you everything about canned answers, precisely what they are, why they are beneficial, and how you can use them to save time.

What Are Canned Responses?

If you’ve been around for a few years, you’ve most likely heard of scripted replies. Canned replies, despite their comical moniker, are just as valuable as canned food and nearly twice as healthful. Simply said, prefabricated answers come in handy when you need to utilize the same language in an email over and over again. There are several applications for scripted replies, as we shall see shortly, but before we get started, it’s vital to define canned responses.

Almost everyone gets recurrent emails that say the same thing over and over again, for whatever reason. You can compose these replies each time you wish to send them, but you can also write them once, can them, and pull them out of the can each time you want to use them. This function is accessible on practically every email platform, although Gmail is perhaps the most well-known and simplest to use.

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Why Would I Want To Use Them?

Simply said, why wouldn’t you? Here are some excellent applications for scripted responses:

Sending the same email many times: Do you sell items on eBay, Amazon, or other comparable sites? Use scripted replies to explain your product or to warn customers when it is out of stock. Do you need to communicate contracts, queries, or information to many clients? Can those emails be sent? Do you need to answer to several emails in the same way? This is an excellent application for scripted replies. Instead than composing these emails from start or copying and pasting from earlier ones, save a premade answer. This is the traditional use.

Smart auto-responder: You may utilize premade replies to build up smart auto-responders in Gmail and any other client that has complex filters. What makes them intelligent? When you configure an auto-response email, it is sent to everyone who contacts you, regardless of who they are. This is not always the best option. Do you want your customers to receive one response, your family to get another, and the remainder to get no response at all? Simply create several prefabricated answers and include them into your email filters.

Many email programs do not allow you to use numerous signatures for the same email address. You may keep numerous distinct signatures as canned replies when using canned responses. When you begin composing an email, you can now add the necessary signature with a single click.

Creative applications: There is no limit to what you can accomplish with scripted replies; it all relies on your level of creativity. Do you keep a shopping list? Set it to send automatically when your hubby emails you requesting it. Do you need to explain anything to someone several times? Don’t spend time; just provide the basic explanation and adjust it as needed. Have some fun with it!

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Setting Up Canned Responses In Gmail

While the resources above will teach you how to set up automated answers in multiple providers and clients, the instructions for Gmail are provided below. Why use Gmail? For starters, it’s what I use, and according to statistics, it’s currently the world’s most popular email service, having surpassed Hotmail earlier this year.

Canned answers are still not a native Gmail feature, and you must activate them in the Labs tab before you can use them. To create a Gmail canned answer, begin by writing it in a new email window. When finished, click the triangle on the right side of the compose window, choose “Canned answers,” and then click “New canned response…”

The method is somewhat different if you’re still using the old Gmail compose, which I’m sure many of you are. Look for the “Canned answers” link beneath the subject line once you’ve finished writing your email. The “New scripted answer…” option may be found here.

Congratulations! You now have a fresh scripted answer at your disposal. As you continue to add them, the list will get larger and longer. But be careful not to get confused. The list is divided into three sections: Insert, Save, and Delete. The first and third options are self-explanatory, but selecting one of your replies from the Save menu will replace it with whatever is now on your draft email.

To combine a scripted answer with a filter, create a new filter in the settings, and when selecting the filter’s actions, check the box next to “Send canned response,” and then choose which response to send.

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Canned replies are, without a doubt, one of the finest innovations since canned food. Accomplish yourself a favor and compose one scripted answer if you don’t do anything else today. I guarantee you won’t be sorry.

How do you implement canned responses? Do you have any inventive applications to share? After reading this post, were you encouraged to test out the feature? Tell us everything in the comments.

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