Dropbox Automator Sends Emails, Converts PDFs, Downsizes Files & More

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Dropbox Automator Sends Emails, Converts PDFs, Downsizes Files & More

Dropbox is the go-to online storage and file sharing service for many computer users when it comes to accessing data across devices. I utilize Dropbox more than my Mac’s Documents folder. It also works well for automatically synchronizing changes you make to programs like TextExpander and 1Password on your various PCs (through symbolic links).

Now, if you’re a big Dropbox user like me, you may be interested in Dropbox Automator, a new online tool that can automatically do a variety of actions when you upload files to your specified Dropbox folders.

Wappwolf.com’s developers have created an online application that performs tasks on files added to a Dropbox folder automatically, such as converting text files to PDF (or PDF to text), emailing a file to a designated recipient, renaming or encrypting/decrypting files, or sending information to your Twitter or Facebook timeline. (See the whole list below.)

These folder automations are generally accomplished using AppleScript, Automator, or Hazel, but they may now be performed with Dropbox online, without any knowledge or usage of computer code. It takes a few minutes to set up, but you get that time back when it starts doing things for you.

Setting Up Dropbox Automations

To begin using Dropbox Automator, follow this link to the site and sign in to your Dropbox account. Dropbox Automator will, of course, require access to your account in order to work on folders you specify.

Next, choose a folder to attach an action to (or create a new folder on your Dropbox account).

If your Dropbox account has a large number of folders, you’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to click the “Next” button, which will lead you to the application’s “Choose an action” page. This is where you choose one of a few dozen actions to attach to the folder you’ve chosen. This is the complete list:

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For example, you might pick the email action, which would automatically send a file you place in your specified folder to the email box of your pre-selected recipient once configured.

After adding an automation, go to the top of the page and choose “finished?” or add another action to the folder. When you’re done, Dropbox Automator will validate the automation you’ve created on your specified folder.

When you conduct an action in Dropbox Automator, it normally generates two folders in the chosen folder: a “processed” folder for the files that the action was done on, and a “result” folder for processed copies of the original files.

Dropbox Automator Account

Wappwolf.com also allows you to join up and establish an account in order to access all of its free and premium activities. You may favorite activities, examine a history of actions done on your selected Dropbox folder(s), and upload files directly to your account to be processed.

So far, all of the above activities are free to use, with the exception of the “Send postcard with your picture” action, which requires the purchase of credits.

You may use your Dropbox Automator account to conduct tasks from other sources, such as direct upload, your Google Docs account, and other websites.

Wappwolf App

Wappwolf also provides an iPhone and iPad app for managing files and documents from your Dropbox account or other sources.

I tested multiple Dropbox Automator actions, and the most of them worked as expected; but, the send to Twitter action never worked for me.

Please let us know how Dropbox Automator works for you. Check out our collection of articles for more Dropbox hacks and tips.

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