Do You Use Wrong Emojis? Take This Quiz to Know the Meanings

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Do You Use Wrong Emojis? Take This Quiz to Know the Meanings

Emojis are becoming a part of your regular speech. But are you making proper use of them? I have a brief question. Do you believe this is a punch or a fist-bump?

If you thought it was a fist-bump, you were mistaken. While the finest emoji-to-English dictionary, Emojipedia, claims you may use it any way, here’s a hint: the shortcode for it is




. Sorry fist-bumpers!

Are there any additional emojis you’re using incorrectly? To discover out, take these quizzes. Then utilize the additional applications and websites suggested below to guarantee you never make the same mistake again.

1. Beginner Level Quizzes (Web)

This is a collection of quizzes, not a single one. They vary from well-known emojis to seldom used symbols. But hey, it’s just one new word a day!

Buzzfeed offers a great multiple-choice quiz to help you figure out what emojis signify. Similarly, the Metro’s emoji quiz is simple enough, but give it a go.

If you’re looking for something a bit more difficult, the PlayBuzz Emoji IQ quiz should be just up your alley.

2. Guess the Emoji (Android, iOS)

Have you ever seen someone compose a complete sentence using emojis? Yes, it is possible. You must also learn it if you wish to be a part of the new internet lexicon.

The first step is to learn the meanings of these emoji statements. You may also challenge your pals to the Guess the Emoji game to see how far you can go.

Each level displays one of these emoji phrases, along with an array of letters at the bottom and a few vacant tiles that represent the solution. Rearrange the letters so that they fit within the tiles. It seems simple, and the first few levels are, but boy, does it become challenging later on. On the bright side, it’s an entertaining method to learn new emoji meanings.

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There’s also an online Guess the Emoji quiz if you want to play this on your computer screen.

Download — Guess the Emoji for Android or for iOS (Free)

Okay, you now understand the meanings of these emoji statements. However, creating one on your own might be difficult. Leave the translation to the professionals.

Monica Dinculescu, an engineer, created a simple program that converts text into emoji phrases. Fill in the blanks with anything you like, and you’ll see it transformed into emoji-speak in real time. Copy the new phrase to your clipboard and paste it wherever.

Just make sure you’re copying it into an emoji-compatible app. Most current programs support it, but you can’t add it to Outlook Express to send it as an email.

You have no idea what an emoji means? This is the most convenient method. Copy and paste it into the WhatMoji search box to instantly identify the emoji.

It’s not the most complete dictionary (that honor goes to Emojipedia), but it’s certainly the quickest. You’ll be given the shortcode, unicode, emoji name, and annotation. That’s all you actually need to understand the message.

WhatMoji’s emphasis on speed is seen in its quick-search tool. When you see an emoji, copy it and put it at the end of the website’s URL:<emoji>


Here are some easy methods to locate and add emojis or emoticons to the search if you need assistance.

5. EmojiOne (Chrome, Opera, Firefox)

There is a better approach to add emojis that also functions as a dictionary. EmojiOne has created extensions for the main browsers that allow you to swiftly copy and insert emojis.

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The extension is located in the toolbar of the browser. Click it to open a little window containing all of the emojis you could possibly need. Every year, EmojiOne upgrades its emoji collection, ensuring that you are never left behind. Hover your cursor over any emoji to learn what it means. This is most likely quicker than any other approach.

Of course, you can also copy the emoji (or a group of emojis) and paste it anywhere you like.

The extension is currently available for Opera, but it should work with any Chromium-based browser.

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