Customize Chrome With 10 Unique Browser Extensions

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Customize Chrome With 10 Unique Browser Extensions

Sometimes the greatest extension is a simple one that enables you to modify Chrome and make it your own. Whether it’s a tool to make work time more effective or play time more enjoyable, it might be difficult to discover one that stands out from the crowd.

Take a look at these interesting Chrome extensions and see whether one or more of them are exactly what you’re searching for. And if you’re looking for the best of the best, we’ve got a long list of them as well.

Get Motivated and Track Your Habits

Begin each day or start each tab with something motivating you. These Chrome addons provide inspiration as well as habit monitoring.

Momentum has been addressed before, and with good cause. This useful plugin motivates you every time you open a new tab. You are welcomed with the current time and temperature, as well as your name (assuming you enter it upon installation).All of this is set against a stunning setting. But it isn’t all.

Momentum will ask you for your primary goal for the day, deliver an inspiring quotation, and provide areas for you to add your tasks and favorite links. The backdrop picture will change with each new tab, but the rest of the things will stay.

Momentum is a fantastic Chrome extension for a stunning, scenic new tab look, as well as inspiration and the essential information you want.

Hey Habit may help you monitor everything, whether you wish to improve your present habits or just create new ones. Maybe you want to eat better, exercise more, spend less time online, or smile more. Hey Habit is your personal assistant in achieving your objectives.

Simply write down the things you wish to accomplish to establish your habit and put them on the calendar. You may choose which days of the week an item should repeat when you add it. You can optionally choose start and finish dates as well as a color to make it easier to see on the calendar. As required, delete, amend, and reorganize your tasks. You may move from the calendar view to the task view to evaluate how well you’re doing on each of your individual tasks.

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You can view and keep track of your habits every time you open a new tab. So, with Hey Habit for Chrome, you may stop something terrible, start something good, or just modify.

Travel the World From Your Chair

When you can’t go on vacation, these add-ons bring the vacation to you. Chrome extensions that display the top vacation places throughout the globe make you feel as if you’re there.

3. Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is well-known for its travel guides and inspiration. You may also see a new place every day with the Lonely Planet Chrome addon. You will see a lovely picture with the location’s name. If this piques your interest, just click the destination to be sent directly to the Lonely Planet website to make your arrangements.

If you believe a friend or family member might like the place, you may share it with direct connections to Twitter and Facebook. Or just take in the scenery and daydream about your future vacation.

Hitlist is a mobile app to help you locate the best prices on your next vacation. Wandertab by Hitlist is another another method to find new places to explore. Each time you open a new tab, you will see a new location with an appealing graphic.

You will see the beginning price for flights at your closest airport, as well as a map of the area. If you click that option, you may proceed to look at flight deals. With a click, you may go on to the next location or share the current one on Facebook or Twitter.

Take a vacation with Wandertab for another amazing extension with travel ideas.

Find an Engaging New Story

Bookworms are constantly on the lookout for a fresh compelling story. These Chrome extensions recommend new books to read without the trouble of searching and purchasing.

5. BookBuster

Check out BookBuster if you like reading and are constantly looking for a new one. This handy plugin displays a fresh book each time you open a new tab.

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The book cover, author, and description are all visible. Use the sharing options to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, and then click to buy the book on Amazon. BookBuster makes it easy to find and purchase new books.

100 Million Books is another fantastic book extension. When you open a tab, you will see a new book, similar to BookBuster. This one, on the other hand, updates every 30 minutes or so with a new book.

You may also view the book cover, author, and description, as well as share options, using this Chrome extension. However, 100 Million Books offers additional purchasing alternatives, including Amazon and BookWitty. You may also go directly to GoodReads by clicking a link.

Make It Personal

Customizing Chrome’s theme provides your browser a unique look. However, these extensions provide a little more customization.

Are you sick of staring at that dull scrollbar? If so, install Rescroller and customize it. You may change the size of your Chrome scrollbar, choose a color for the handle, or use an image.

Add shadows and borders in your preferred colors, choose a background color or picture, and pick whether or not to include scroll buttons. You may also modify the corners, as well as the hover and click choices.

Simply add the website to the Blacklist if you don’t want to utilize the custom scrollbar on it. Take a look and use the Rescroller plugin to transform drab into exciting.

CrxMouse Chrome Gestures will help you navigate the internet faster. You may open a link in a new tab, return to the previous page, and save a picture using easy click and drag actions.

You may entirely personalize your selections in addition to the basic movements. Change your scrolling speed, wheel actions, and more using rocker motions. You may also go through the advanced options to import and export your setup, sync with your Chrome account, or reset all of the settings.

CrxMouse is a useful tool for creating a totally personalized Chrome experience.

Have a Little Fun

What could be more entertaining than a genuine pet? It’s a digital one! These adorable characters can keep you busy while you keep them pleased.

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Check out Tabagotchi by Breather if you want a fun approach to increase your productivity by dismissing tabs when you have too many open.

When you just have a few tabs open, your virtual pet will be content and his health meter will be full. When you have a lot of tabs open, Tabagotchi becomes depressed and his health suffers. Every time you open a new tab, you’ll see how well you’re taking care of the little man.

And, as you progress, you will be able to develop Tabagotchi. Every hour you spend with five or fewer tabs open moves you closer to your goal. Take care of your tabs and your pet at the same time for a fun approach to be more productive.

Set your timer, add your to-dos, and start working with Productivity Pet. This addon allows you to look after a digital pet that keeps an eye on you. Do you work when you ought to? Are you doing your tasks? If you want your new buddy to be happy, you must be!

The plugin includes a block list to keep you from visiting inappropriate websites while you should be working. Furthermore, the symbol in your toolbar indicates when you should be working or taking a break based on the timeframe you set.

Using this entertaining Chrome plugin, you can be productive alongside a pet that can assist you.

Do You Look for Unusual Ways to Customize Chrome?

Many people prefer to avoid Chrome extensions, which is very understandable. However, if you like using them and are constantly looking for something unique, please let us know. Perhaps you are looking for productivity extensions, shopping assistance, or just enjoyment.

Comment below with your ideas and experiences with unusual Chrome addons!

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