Can You Use Microsoft Word on a Chromebook?

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Can You Use Microsoft Word on a Chromebook?

One of the nicest aspects of using a Chromebook is that you don’t need to install anything to be productive since Chrome OS is built to function mostly with online applications. But what if you need to change anything in a Microsoft Word document? Fortunately, both Microsoft and third-party solutions make this simple.

Use the Official Microsoft Chrome App

The most straightforward approach is to utilize Office 365, Microsoft’s online version of Office that includes Word. While you’ll need a subscription Office 365 plan for greater storage, the free plan’s five gigabytes should be plenty for infrequent users since text documents are so little.

You could just visit to the website to utilize the app, but if you want something that acts more like an app, you can install Microsoft’s extension from the Google Web Store. Remember that Google Chrome applications will be phased out in 2021. (2022 for enterprise users).In any case, it’s merely a link to the online version.

Download: Word Online

Use Office 365 on the Web and Android

As previously stated, you may use the actual Microsoft Office on a Chromebook or any other Linux machine through the Web. If you just need to view and exchange basic Word documents, you may be able to get by with alternatives; but, for more complex formatting, you may want the genuine thing.

As previously stated, Google is replacing Chrome applications with Progressive Web Programs, which are ordinary webpages that you may “install” like other apps on your device. Simply click the “Install” button in the URL bar, and it will appear in your Launcher and open in a new window.

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You may also install the app this way since most new Chromebooks enable Android applications. If your Chromebook has a touchscreen, it may be useful if you wish to use it as a tablet.

Download: Microsoft Word

Alternatives to Microsoft Word on Chromebook

You don’t always require the Microsoft Word application as a tool that allows you to read and write Microsoft Word files.

Google Docs has long been the go-to app for Chromebook users who wish to share and receive Word documents. It’s easy to understand why, given Google’s enormous storage allowance, even on a free account.

It’s excellent enough that college students will use it to write term papers instead of downloading Microsoft Office, which is often offered for free or at a discounted cost from colleges, as Harvard history Ph.D. candidate Jake Anbinder found when judging student papers.

To give someone a Word version of a Google Docs document, just export it.

2. LibreOffice With Linux

Another long-standing favorite in the Linux community is LibreOffice. You must first install Linux on your Chromebook before you can use it. Then, using APT, install LibreOffice in the normal Debian system.

sudo apt install libreoffice

To use LibreOffice Writer, just seek for it in the app launcher as you would any other software. When you run it, the regular OpenOffice Writer interface will appear in all its clumsy splendor.

You may then create your document as you would on any other system. Remember to save it as a Microsoft Word document (DOCX) rather than the regular OpenOffice format when you save it (ODT).

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Yes, You Can Read, Edit Word Documents on a Chromebook

While a Chromebook does not natively enable reading and editing Word documents out of the box, you may share Microsoft Word files with multiple users if necessary. Perhaps your professor only accepts Word submissions, or perhaps you work from home with coworkers who also use Word. In either case, you’re protected.

Simply utilize Microsoft’s official web-based Word software or download the Android version. If you prefer Google, you may export Google Docs files to Word. You can even use LibreOffice if you install Linux on your Chromebook. On a Chromebook, you have alternatives.

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