Buried In Emails? Shrink Your Massive Inbox To Zero With Mailstrom

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Buried In Emails? Shrink Your Massive Inbox To Zero With Mailstrom

Hello. I’m Ryan Dube, and I’m an Inbox hoarder. I’ve chosen that my objective for this week and for this post will be to solve my email Inbox problems using Mailstrom, an email management service.

I’m not joking about inbox problems. My Yahoo email account has more than 13,000 emails. Gmail has exceeded 10,000 users. My objective for this essay was to see if I could cut a few thousand emails from the 10,000 Gmail account. If it works, I’ll probably join up for a full Mailstrom account.

When I originally signed up for a free account with Mailstrom, I realized the trial limit was slightly around 1500 email deletions. After testing the program with others at MUO, we discovered that the trial deletions are decided by the total number of messages in your inbox. As you use the service, you’ll be able to prolong the free deletions up to a third of your inbox, after which you’ll need to join up for a premium subscription to clear out the remainder. This test period provided enough opportunity to assess how successful the Mailstrom system is in cleaning out a tremendously congested inbox.

We’ve provided a variety of options over the years to help you manage your Gmail account and clear up a packed inbox, including MailMate and Gmail’s own unsubscribe button. All of these options are wonderful, but nothing beats a centralized online system like Mailstrom.

Cleaning Up Your Inbox

Many individuals avoid cleaning out their inboxes due to a lack of time. Mailstrom’s tagline is “Clean Up Your Inbox Now.” They actually mean “right now.”

You must to create an account before you can get started straight away. Mailstrom is very successful with Gmail and Windows Live accounts, however it did not work with Yahoo. Yahoo was only momentarily unavailable, according to the system. Gmail testing worked quickly, and the machine began searching through the account.

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Time is the most important factor in inbox organizing. When things have gotten that bad, scrolling through 10,000 individual emails to discover the ones you can delete will never suffice. Instead, Mailstrom recognizes and categorizes your email, such as Sending, Subject, if you may Unsubscribe, and whether it is from a shopping merchant or anybody else.

The goal is to provide you with large blocks of emails that you can handle all at once rather than one at a time. The Sender category immediately identified one of my worst offenders: daily Google Alerts subscriptions that weren’t being properly routed to another folder that could be cleaned up at regular intervals. Instead, they were all clogging up my email.

Mailstrom can help you find chances like this one. It will allow you to identify, delete, or better organize hundreds to thousands of emails in seconds.

Deciding What to Do With Your Email

When you click on an individual email, Mailstrom gives you many alternatives, such as transferring it to a more descriptive folder (and out of your inbox), deleting it, archiving it, moving it to the Spam folder, or “Chilling.”

Chill is a nice function that allows you to force an email to be re-delivered when you know you’ll be better prepared to deal with it.

If you’re running out of space in your email account, you may quickly go to the “Size” category and identify the main offenders – emails in the “Extra Large” and “Jumbo” categories.

Instead of losing those vital emails that you come across with Mailstrom, just click on the “Move” button and put them into a “Important” folder that you can deal with later, rather than allowing those emails get buried under a congested inbox.

Using Mailstrom Categories

Mailstrom is efficient at cleaning up large collections of email because it allows you to aggregate those jumbled emails into blocks that you can sort or discard all at once. Depending on how you use your email the most of the time, certain collections are more valuable than others.

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For example, if you’re a shopaholic who has subscribed to several shopping bargain emails or alerts over the years, the “Shopping” category is likely to come in handy.

If you’re a social media junkie who has activated email notifications in all of your social accounts, you can imagine how useful the “Social” category will be in cleaning things up.

If you’re at a loss for words and merely want to delete anything older than a given date, the “time” category is the place to start. At the very least, it will show you where the majority of your emails are located so that you can deal with some of the older ones that are probably no longer useful to you.

Unsubscribing from Email

This is one of the simplest and quickest methods to not only clear up the garbage in your inbox, but also unsubscribe from those you’ve subscribed to. Simply choose the “Unsubscribe” category to see them.

Mailstrom can recognize incoming emails that you’ve registered to and provides a function to unsubscribe for you – or at the very least, it’ll redirect you to the website where you may unsubscribe. Simply pick the email address and click the “Unsubscribe” button.

You may choose to unsubscribe just or unsubscribe and delete the email as well.

Making Progress and Additional Features

You’ll see a progress indicator at the bottom of the left navigation menu as you work your way through clearing out your email inbox. This section displays how many messages you’ve cleared from your inbox today, how many new messages you’ve received, and a percentage indicating how far you’ve progressed.

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It’s incredibly motivating to watch how quickly the inbox contents decrease, and it’s pleasant to see how tidy a typical inbox can be. Fortunately, it’s not as complicated as it might be with Mailstrom. The illogical dread of losing anything vital is replaced with the extremely uplifting realization that your inbox will never be crowded again.

Paid Features in Mailstrom

Mailstrom allows you to erase up to 4,000 email messages from your inbox for free. If you don’t have a big mess to clean up, this could suffice. However, if you have a mound of emails to go through as I do, or if you want a system like Mailstrom to help you keep your inbox clean, the $49.95 per year full subscription plan may be worth it. A complete membership allows you to handle up to 200 automated rules for processing incoming emails and allows you to maintain 10 addresses rather than just three.

If you get a large number of emails every day, using automated rules to keep your inbox clean may help you retain your inbox and your sanity. And, since those rules apply to the categories established in Mailstrom, it extends the functionality given by email providers such as Gmail.

As you can see, managing your extremely packed inbox does not have to be a hard or even unpleasant chore. Given that email is one of the most widely utilized productivity tools on the globe, keeping your inbox functioning smoothly and effectively is one of the simplest methods to stay as productive as possible.

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