Bing Images vs. Google Images – Which Has Better Results?

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Bing Images vs. Google Images – Which Has Better Results?

Bing’s picture search used to compete with Google, providing more functionality and a more appealing look. Bing was really better than Google at picture search only a few years ago, with endless scrolling and the ability to search for comparable photos. However, Google has now closed the ground and made significant progress. What are their current standings, and which should be your preferred picture search engine?

Bing Images and Google Images are both enough for most people. Either way, you can’t go wrong. However, there is one search engine that has more functionality, a better interface, and overall superior results with fewer duplicates.

Comparing Results

To compare the results, I ran a fast search for “dog” on both Bing Images and Google Images. Bing Photos gave reasonable results, but it had a few flaws, including a few duplication images and several clip art-style images. People looking for this are unlikely to be interested in clip art pictures.

Google Pictures, on the other hand, returned only unique images – and only photographs, no clip art. I conducted many further searches and discovered that, on general, Bing seemed to offer more duplicate photos than Google.

Google Images also outperforms Bing Images in terms of display, with bigger picture thumbnails. Bing, on the other hand, leaves more white space between photographs and organizes them in a grid with lines. Google Images dynamically organizes thumbnails based on their size, ensuring that they fit together well and make the most use of the available space.

Both results pages use the “infinite scroll” function, which Bing pioneered. You don’t have to click a link to see additional results; the website loads fresh photos as you browse.

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Viewing An Image

When you click a picture, Bing will link you to a website containing a smaller version of the image. Bing lets you browse through various photos in the search results, but seeing the full-size image needs an extra click.

With a single click, Google delivers you to the full-size picture. It does not enable you to scroll through the other photographs, but you may choose another image by clicking the back button.

It is entirely up to you which one you choose. Personally, I like Google’s version since I’ve already clicked the picture and am likely interested in seeing it at full size rather than exploring other photographs.

Sort By Subject

Google Images can automatically categorize search results by topic, which might aid in organization. This is a very amazing feature that Bing doesn’t provide unless you want to run several searches and see the results on other sites.

Similar Images

When you hover your mouse over a picture in Google Photos, you’ll see a “Similar Images” link that provides aesthetically similar images. This functionality is not available on Bing.

You would think that Google is only ahead of Bing, but you’d be mistaken; Bing had a “similar photos” option before Google. Google eventually incorporated it, and at the time, the press stated that Google was mimicking Bing. Bing looks to have deleted the function in 2010, leaving Google in the lead. I’m not sure why they’d do this – if Bing ever re-implements this functionality, they’ll be accused of mimicking Google!

Search Options

Google and Bing both provide a decent selection of search tools. You may find photographs by size, color, or dimensions. Look for images, clip art, line drawings, or faces as well.

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Google offers one feature that Bing does not: you can search for photographs from the last week, but Bing does not have a time range option. If you’re seeking for photographs related to a recent incident, Google comes out on top.

Uploading An Image

You may upload a picture from your computer or enter its URL into Google Images (web address).To upload a picture, click the camera icon in the search box or drag & drop an image into the page.

Google will not just display comparable photos on the web, but it will also attempt to infer what the image is and provide sites that include it for context. If you have an image file but don’t know what it is or where it came from, Google can assist. This functionality is not available on Bing.

The Verdict

Bing started from a position of strength, with its “similar images” feature, infinite scrolling, and better laid out search results. Over time, Google has matched and surpassed Bing’s design and features, while Bing has actually gone in reverse by removing the ability to search for similar images. Google includes more search features, a better design, and what seem like better results (this part is much more questionable – I’m sure there are results for which Bing beats Google, although Bing seems to consistently show more duplicates).

Unless you really like Bing – or just dislike Google – I can’t see any reason to use Bing Images over Google Images.

Which do you prefer – Google Images or Bing Images? Does Bing Images have a killer feature that we missed? Leave a comment and let us know.

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