Beautify Your Emails With Apple’s Mail Stationery

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Beautify Your Emails With Apple’s Mail Stationery

Convert your plaintext emails to personal ones. Apple Mail features stunning Stationery designs for making your communications stand out.

Mail has had stationery for some years, but unless you’re a die-hard Mac user, you may not be aware of its existence. Stationery, like iPhoto’s greeting card and photo book capabilities, enables you to dress up and customize your email messages using professionally created themes and personal photographs.

Fortunately, Stationery will remain a part of OS X Yosemite, so here’s how to utilize it.

Create A Stationery Email

To use the Stationery feature, start a new message in Mail and then click the Stationery button on the right side of the toolbar (see image below).

You will see a list of stationery templates to explore through. When you find one you like, choose it and it will be applied to your current message. Stationery contains 23 templates for announcements, birthdays, business letters, and greeting cards.

Some of the designs may look old, but they nevertheless provide something distinct than basic text-based emails.

Editing a Template

You may drag and drop a picture or image from the media browser in the toolbar or the Finder to replace an existing image photo in a template’s placeholder, much as in Apple’s Pages.

When you put a picture into a template, the photo will appear when you go to another design. While you can modify all of the placeholder text for your own messages, that is the limit of the modifications you can make to a template.

You can’t change the designs until you find the bundled contents hidden in the library folder (User Account > Library > Containers > > Data > Library > Application Support > Mail > Stationary > Apple > Contents > Resources > Custom > Contents > Resources, if you’re curious).

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Though Apple only supplies a few layouts, you may save your favorites in the Favorites folder for easy access.

Third-Party Templates

If you like these templates, you may want to investigate downloading more from third-party developers. provides the most comprehensive collection of multi-purpose templates accessible via their free Stationery Greeting Cards program, which is also available in the Mac App Store.

The program comes with a few free example designs as well as a large selection of paid holiday, seasonal, and business layouts. You may preview templates before buying them, and all of your purchases are saved with Equinux and can be restored to the app if they are accidentally deleted or lost.

You may install a template by using the keyboard shortcut Command+N, or by dragging the template into the preview window and clicking the New Message window. The template will be delivered as a new message in Mail, with the option to save it to the Stationery library. All imported templates may be accessed in the library’s Custom section.

Equinux also offers a Picture Mails greeting card software for the iPad ($0.99), which allows you to explore, buy, and personalize layouts from its extensive library.

Macmanus, another developer, provides a smorgasbord of templates in itsMail Stationery Themes ($9.99) program, which contains designs for invites, announcements, notes, and holidays. Selected templates may be previewed by pressing the space bar and put in the Stationery library by double-clicking.

The Macmanus website offers a few additional sample samples of its stationery designs, which are available as a full collection rather than separately or in packs.

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Jumpsoft’s MailStationery($19.99)application, which has 149 themes that can be seen on its website, may be the developer with the most current designs. Their Cardboard templates, for example, may be excellent attention grabbers for brief email messages and could be used for both personal and creative commercial applications.

A key feature of Jumpsoft’s templates is that when you click on the background of most templates, the background color changes, giving you more design possibilities.

Before You Buy

There are a few excellent online digital greeting and stationery card businesses, such as,, and, which each offer free and premium options. So, before you buy templates from third-party suppliers, you should consider alternative possibilities for the kind and style of stationery that best suits your demands.

Do you use postage stamps? Have you ever purchased any third-party designs? Please let us know!

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