Android 11 vs. Android 12: What Are the Differences?

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Android 11 vs. Android 12: What Are the Differences?

Unfortunately, Android has abandoned its traditional name standards, such as referring to Android 8 as Oreo or Android 5 as Lollipop. Even though Google no longer names its Android versions after delectable sweets, the operating system is continually updated and new versions are released.

Android 10 was the first to be released without a dessert, followed by Android 11, and now Android 12, Google’s newest Android operating system. How much difference was there between Android 11 and Android 12? We’ll go through all of the specifics and see which version comes out on top.

What Are the Main Differences Between Android 11 and 12?

Android 12 is more configurable and tailored for you, with a stronger emphasis on speed and privacy than Android 11. If you’re acquainted with Apple’s personalisation capabilities in its newest iOS versions, Google seems to be attempting to replicate them in its current Android version.

Although the revamped user interface, dubbed Material You by Google, is one of the most noticeable improvements, there’s a lot going on behind the surface. Battery life, privacy and security, and other performance characteristics have all been improved. Let’s go into the details now!

A Great New UI: Material You

Material You are the long-awaited upgrade for Android users. You can now modify widgets and alter select app icons to look the way you want with this user interface makeover, making your phone seem more like you.

Then you may choose your phone’s color pallet, which will be visible everywhere. When you change your wallpaper, you’ll be asked whether you want to alter your color scheme as well. This will alter the color of your phone’s notification icons, brightness, phone buttons, and some settings.

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You may also add a new discussion widget to your home screen. This widget enables you to keep the people you care about at the top of your home screen. It will show messages, missed calls, birthdays, and other information for those individuals in a beautiful widget format.

Google has also introduced some fantastic accessibility features! You may enlarge any section of your screen without losing context on the rest of the screen’s information for anybody who needs it. You may also make your display unusually dark, use strong writing to make things clearer, and even convert all of your device’s colors to grayscale.

Android 11 vs 12: Security and Privacy

Google prioritizes consumer privacy inside the Android operating system. Although Android 11 was safe, Android 12 takes privacy even further with simple-to-use features.

One of the most noticeable privacy improvements is an alert that appears when your camera or microphone is in use. Many individuals have expressed worry over this, with some even placing a little sticky note over the camera just in case.

However, with this notification on your status bar, you’ll never have to worry whether someone is listening in or observing you without your permission. With the growth of video calls, it’s also useful to know when your camera and microphone have been formally unplugged from the conversation by seeing the indications vanish.

promotional screenshots of android 12 and its features
Image Credit: Google

With Android 11, you may select whether or not to provide an app location rights. You had no other choices. However, with Android 12, you can choose whether to share an app your exact or estimated position. While certain programs, such as Google Maps, need a specific position, the vast majority of others can work properly with an estimated location.

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Google also made it easy for users to see how permissions are utilized over time. Check your Privacy Dashboard to discover how often applications use your location, microphone, or camera in a 24-hour period.

Finally, Android 12 includes the Private Compute Core, a secure mobile environment. Any personal information handled in the Private Compute Core needs your express consent before being shared with Google or any other app or service. Android 12 is a significant advance in terms of privacy.

Android 11 vs 12: Battery Life

The CPU will be less in demand as a consequence of a minor change in how Android 12 handles essential system functions, resulting in a longer overall battery life. You may pick between a performance-based game mode and one that prioritizes battery life when it comes to mobile gaming. If you choose performance, you will have a richer gaming experience but will deplete your battery quicker; alternatively, you may select battery life and the game will not look or feel as good.

Android 11 vs 12: Performance

Everything about Android 12 seems to be much more user-friendly. Android’s redesigned user interface makes it even more enjoyable to use, and switching from another operating system to Android 12 has never been simpler. According to Google, you can transfer all of your important data from any phone (even an iPhone) using a wire or a shared Wi-Fi connection.

After updating to Android 12, you’ll also find that your movements and gestures seem more fluid. In addition, aside from the Material You Change, you’ll notice a notification bar that’s simpler to read with a short look and see what’s open in the background.

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Other Notable Features of Android 12

promotional image of android 12's magnification feature
Image Credit: Google

The ability to snap a scrolling screenshot is one of Android 12’s finest features. This is precisely as it sounds. You can now snap numerous screenshots of a lengthy article or text chain with a single picture if you’ve ever needed to. When you begin capturing screenshots, you will be able to scroll to capture as much as you need to.

The clipboard functionality has also been updated. When you copy anything, whether it’s text, a link, or an image, you’ll now see that information anytime you touch wherever you’d normally input. If you copy someone’s phone number to share to a friend, the phone number will appear above your keyboard when you attempt to text your buddy.

Is Android 12 Better Than Android 11?

In a nutshell, sure. There is seldom a new version of the Android operating system that is not superior than its predecessor. Android 12 is no exception.

There are updates and adjustments that consumers anticipate, such as performance improvements, changes to battery life and consumption, and other behind-the-scenes tweaks that most people do not see right immediately.

But, unlike previous systems, Android 12 introduced a customized, configurable user interface. For many Android users, this function is a game changer.

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