Android 11-Based LineageOS 18.1 Released for Over 60 Devices

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Android 11-Based LineageOS 18.1 Released for Over 60 Devices

LineageOS 18.1 based on Android 11 has been released by the team behind the popular Android custom ROM LineageOS. This is a significant new version based on the Android 11 December Security patch.

Aside from a new basis, the version includes new features, updated system programs, and other improvements.

LineageOS 18.1 is the first stable version based on Android 11. Because the most recent iteration of the custom ROM is based on Android 11, you receive all of the new delights that the OS has to offer, such as one-time permissions, new emoji, a new notification panel, and more.

New and Enhanced System Apps

The LineageOS team has upgraded several of the system applications as part of the release. The Recorder app has been completely redesigned, with a new user interface that allows you to simply manage and share your voice notes. To reduce space, you may also adjust the quality of the voice notes.

The old AOSP calendar software has been replaced with the open-source Etar calendar program, with some LineageOS team additions tossed in. Eleven, the integrated music app, has also been upgraded with a new UI and works nicely with all of Google’s media player-related enhancements in Android 11.

SeedVault, a new app for app and data backup, is now included with the ROM. This software will allow you to backup your phone’s data without relying on Google services. If you choose, you may even backup your device data to an external USB drive.

All LineageOS applications now have dark mode support. The LineageOS recovery has also been redesigned with a more colorful and user-friendly interface. The volume panel has also been upgraded with an expanding user interface that enables you to regulate the volume of individual streams.

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With the release of LineageOS 18.1, the team will cease delivering LineageOS 16 based on Android 9 in mid-February.

LineageOS 18.1 Compatible Devices

LineageOS 18.1’s first release is now available for over 60 devices. Popular Android smartphones such as the Essential PH-1, Google Nexus 6, Pixel 2/XL, LG G2, LG V20, Samsung Galaxy S4 series, and others are included.

To install LineageOS on your Android smartphone, it must be rooted.

You may check the LineageOS device wikipage to see whether your Android smartphone is supported by LineageOS. More devices will be supported in the following weeks. You may get the most recent version of the custom ROM from the LineageOS downloads page.

If you have an older Android device that is no longer supported by its OEM, you may install LineageOS on it to experience the most recent version of Android.

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