Alarm Didn’t Go Off on Your Android Phone? Here’s How to Fix It

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Alarm Didn’t Go Off on Your Android Phone? Here’s How to Fix It

From getting emails to conducting bank transactions and making purchases, our smartphones are at the core of our existence. It’s easy to miss one of the most critical applications that pulls us out of bed every morning: the alarm. However, if it fails to function correctly, it might disrupt more than just our sleep routine.

Fortunately, this is a simple problem that is often caused by modest changes in the settings. If your Android alarm does not sound, try the following solutions.

1. Restart Your Phone

As with any smartphone issue, the first thing to attempt is to reset your device. This is beneficial in many ways.

First, it clears the temporary cache, restoring any small modifications to their original condition upon reactivation. Furthermore, it clears the RAM, which records the pieces of info that you consumed while your phone was broken.

This works for many people, but if the problem remains, go to the following step.

2. Check the Alarm Volume and Tone

Most Android phones, particularly those running the most current software, provide a separate volume control for alarms. If you accidentally leave this setting on silence or at a very low level, you may not hear the alarm ring.

There is, however, an easy remedy. All you have to do is hit the volume up/down button, and the slider will appear on top of your screen. Tapping the downward arrow next to the slider opens the volume drop-down menu, which displays choices such as Alarm, Media, System, and so on.

Don’t be concerned if you don’t see the Alarm slider in the volume settings. It does not display on certain Android phones until you launch the Clock app.

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If the volume of your alarm is set too low, move the slider to the right. As you drag, you’ll see your alarm tone playing, enabling you to hear how the volume varies.

If this does not seem to be the issue or does not resolve it, you may have an alarm ringtone that is so quiet that it is inaudible. You might be utilizing an internet tone that you downloaded or uploaded. Such ringtones are incapable of waking you up, particularly if you are deep asleep.

But don’t worry, all you have to do is alter your existing alarm tone to a louder one. Instead, use the default system tone for the alerts, which is generally preferable. Open the Alarm Ringtones list in your Clock app and choose another one that you like.

Don’t worry if none of these appear to work for you. You may always use another alarm app to complete the task.

3. Clear the Clock App Cache

Clearing the cache or storage data for the Clock app may often help. The drawback of utilizing this remedy is that if you delete the data, you will lose all of your existing alerts and will have to set them all over again. But don’t panic, snap a screenshot or make a note of the alerts.

To remove the Clock app’s cache and data, go to Settings > Apps > Clock. Long-pressing the Clock app on your phone’s screen and choosing App Info will also work.

Whatever you chose, your next step is to go to Storage > Clear Cache, which should restore your Android alarm.

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4. Uninstall Updates on Your Clock App

This may be a problem for those using an earlier version of Android (though newer versions are also susceptible).The default applications may get updates that create issues or cause them to perform poorly with your phone.

Unfortunately, the Clock app cannot be completely deleted, but you may uninstall any updates and restore it to its original factory state.

To do so, go back to Settings and scroll down until you locate the Clock app, or search for it if that option is available. The Uninstall updates option may be found on the app’s information page.

5. Check Your “Do Not Disturb” Settings

The Do Not Disturb function is convenient, however it is known for interfering with other applications, notably the Clock app. The majority of the time, individuals are unaware that they have triggered it. Regardless, if you use this option regularly, here’s how to alter the settings right.

Toggle between Settings > Notifications > Do not disturb. Alternatively, you may access the shortcut using the Quick Settings window. Swipe your finger down the top of the screen twice to access the fully enlarged fast settings menu, then long-press on Do not disturb.

Select Allow exceptions now. This will bring up a menu of alternatives, but you must choose the Alarm option. To activate it, click the toggle button next to it.

6. Reset Preferences for the Clock App

If none of the above alternatives work for you, you may reset your app settings. This will not remove any personal information (like the alarms you have set).However, it will restore all of your phone’s settings to their default defaults across all applications.

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This procedure should be used if an odd setting was interfering with the usual operation of your Clock app.

To reset your choices, go to Settings and then System. Select Reset settings and then confirm. On certain phones, the setting may be found under the Apps menu. When the app list opens, hit the three-dot menu and choose Reset app preferences > Reset.

With hope, this will totally resolve the problem, but it should only be done as a last option.

If all of these methods fail to get your phone’s Clock app to operate, you may utilize the alarm app on Windows 10.

Troubleshoot the Android Alarm

We normally take the alarm function on our phones for granted. Setting an alarm at 6:00 a.m. and falling asleep peacefully—this is our way of life. We only understand how important it is in our life when it stops operating.

You don’t have to be a technical guru to troubleshoot your Android phone’s Clock app. All you need to know is which settings to change to get your alarm clock working again.

The essential message here is that, in most cases, your Clock app will not go nuts for no apparent reason. It typically indicates that you just neglected a small setting. Take care of it, and you should be OK.

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