A Beginner’s Guide to Xbox Game Pass on iPhone and iPad

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A Beginner’s Guide to Xbox Game Pass on iPhone and iPad

Xbox Game Pass is nothing new to new Android users, but it took longer to arrive as an open beta for iPhone and iPad devices. This might be a game changer for Apple customers, since they will be able to access Game Pass’s massive collection of games from anywhere, at any time.

This article will lead you through the process of installing Xbox Game Pass on iOS and iPadOS.

What Is Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass is a membership service that gives you unlimited access to a library of games that changes on a regular basis. You will also enjoy first-day access to Xbox Game Studios games without having to buy them separately at full price. Consider it a game-streaming service similar to Netflix.

As we discussed in our Game Pass overview, there are three forms of membership for the program. If you want to play on mobile, you will need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.

The monthly fee for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is $9.99. You will get access to Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, and EA Play in exchange. Game Pass Perks are also accessible to Ultimate subscribers.

One of the finest features of Xbox Game Pass is the ability to resume a game from where you left off on another device, such as an Xbox Series X. This functionality enables smooth gaming across many devices, ensuring that your favorite games are always close at hand.

Another helpful aspect is that you do not need any other console to play Xbox Game Pass on your iOS smartphone, making it quite easy.

What Kind of Games Can You Play on Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass provides you with access to a rotating roster of over 250 high-quality games that are accessible on consoles and PC. You will also get first-day access to major Xbox Studios titles like Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite.

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EA Play, EA’s subscription program, is also included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. EA Play gives you unrestricted access to their famous games including The Sims 4 and It Takes Two.

What Do You Need to Get Started?

To begin playing Xbox Game Pass on your iPhone or iPad, you must first have a compatible iOS device. You must have iOS 12 or above to download and utilize Xbox Game Pass on your iOS device. To download the software, you must to have at least 76.2 MB of free space on your smartphone.

The cloud is used by Xbox Game Pass to stream games to your mobile device. An Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership is required to use Xbox Game Pass on your mobile device. Cloud streaming enables you to play a game without having to download it. Instead, the game will be streamed to your device from another server.

When utilizing the cloud, a solid internet connection is essential for a pleasant gameplay experience. A good Wi-Fi connection is recommended for this. You can get a similar outcome with 5G, but it will most certainly devour all of your data at breakneck speed.

How to Set Up Xbox Game Pass on iPhone and iPad

The first step in configuring Xbox Game Pass on iOS is to go to xbox.com/play. Simply sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate from this page. The option to instantly download a shortcut to the app on your iPhone or iPad will then be presented to you.

You may now leave the website. Navigate to the new app on your phone, launch it, and log in. Let us now demonstrate how to utilize Xbox Game Pass.

How to Use Xbox Game Pass on iPhone and iPad

You’re ready to play now that you’ve signed up for Xbox Game Pass. The app is the sole way to play games. If you didn’t already have the game shortcut on your phone’s home screen, you may do it immediately by clicking on any game.

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When you press the Get Ready to Play button, you will be asked to add the shortcut to your home screen once again. At the bottom of the window, tap the center symbol. Scroll down and hit the Add to Home Screen button. From here, in the top-right corner, hit Add. You may now close your browser and launch the app.

You may play any game you choose after you access the app and sign in again. There are hundreds of fantastic games accessible on the app, so choosing one might be difficult. Continue scrolling down the main page to uncover categories where you may search for your favorite genres. These categories make it simpler for you to choose the ideal game.

If you’re searching for a certain game, you may search for it by tapping the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner of your screen. When you locate a game you want to play, just choose it, hit play, and begin playing!

What Controllers Can You Use for Xbox Game Pass?

For mobile gaming, very few titles enable touch controls. To get the most out of your Xbox Game Pass games, you’ll need a different controller.

There are several controllers available that can link to your phone through Bluetooth. The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller and the Xbox Wireless controller are two examples. You may pair them with any iOS smartphone running iOS 13 or later over Bluetooth.

8bitdo xbox gaming clip
Image Credit: 8BitDo

There are several mobile grips for these controllers available on the market, such as the 8BitDo Mobile Gaming Clip (pictured above).These are brackets that attach to the controller while hanging your phone slightly above it. These are especially useful for mobile gaming since they eliminate the need to put your phone up on a surface.

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Razer Kishi iOS
Image Credit: Apple

Alternatively, there are various different controllers on the market that are particularly intended for mobile gaming. The Razer Kishi Controller (seen above) for iOS is an excellent choice. This controller attaches to your smartphone through Bluetooth and cradles it, thereby transforming your iPhone into a Nintendo Switch.

How Does Xbox Game Pass Compare to Apple Arcade?

Xbox Gaming Pass is a significant improvement over Apple’s existing game subscription program, Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade, like Xbox Game Pass, has a monthly price. Apple Arcade will cost you $4.99 a month to access its enormous game collection.

Apple Arcade is less expensive, however the quality of the games accessible isn’t as high as that of Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass offers premium AAA titles for powerful platforms and PC. Cozy Grove is one of the more casual titles in the Apple Arcade repertoire.

Xbox Cloud Gaming at Your Fingertips

Not everyone wants to get into gaming by dishing out a large sum of money on a console. Xbox Game Pass for iPhone and iPad allows players to test the waters and see whether they like the experience before committing to the next stage.

The addition of Xbox Game Pass on iOS is a significant step forward for Apple. And we’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds for iOS and cloud gaming.

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