9 Instant Ways to Turn Your Emails into Tasks

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9 Instant Ways to Turn Your Emails into Tasks

Combining emails and to-dos may be a poor idea, but we all know it’s almost hard to separate the two. So let us try to find a happy medium.

How about converting emails into chores to get them out of your way? It’s simple since many task management applications now have a mechanism in place to convert emails into to-dos without leaving your inbox. And, if those applications sync across all of your devices, you can carry your to-do lists with you everywhere you go.

Let’s have a look at how the email-to-task feature works in some of the most popular task management programs.

If you want to send an email as a task to any Trello board, you must first obtain the board’s unique email address. To do so, open the board and choose Show Menu from the far right. A hidden Menu sidebar will appear. To see the email address Trello has allocated to the current board, go to More > Email-to-board Settings.

Have you found the email address? Great! Add it to your address book as a contact. You may now send an email to that address at any time and Trello will convert it into a task at the bottom of the board’s default list.

The topic of the email is used as the task name on the new card, and the body information is used as the description. If you included email attachments, they were also connected to the card.

That isn’t everything. You may assign that card to team members by using @mentions in the To or CC fields, the subject line, or even the email body.

You may also add labels depending on their color, quantity, or name by using hashtags. Take a look at the image above. For example, if I wish to attach the label Akshata to a certain card, I may use the syntax #akshata, #orange, or #2 in the subject line of an email.

Do you want to modify the location of the email-created cards? Email-to-board Settings allows you to choose a default list and card position.

Each card also includes a unique email address, which you can see when you open the card under Share and more… Any email sent to this address is recorded as a remark on the card.

If you use Chrome, you may wish to add Gmail to Trello. This extension adds various handy features to Gmail, such as an Add card button that allows you to create a card from the current email.

To begin converting emails into Wunderlist tasks, click to Mail to Wunderlist and select the option next to Enable Mail to Wunderlist for your account.

After then, you may send or forward any task-related email to me@wunderlist.com, and it will appear as a Wunderlist task in your inbox. Of course, you must send the email from the address linked with your Wunderlist account for this to function.

The topic of the email becomes the task name, and the content of the email is added as a note. The attachments from the email are also carried through. Because Wunderlist does not allow HTML, you must use plaintext in the body of the email.

Here’s an interesting tip: To make a starred task, precede the email topic with an asterisk (*) followed by a space.

Wunderlist does enable you to create tasks by sending emails from various addresses, but only once you have added those addresses to your account settings under Email Addresses. You can also attach each address to a separate default list, allowing you to select where to put a task delivered from a certain email address.

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There is, of course, an IFTTT recipe for creating a new Wunderlist task. We’re delighted you inquired! When you mark an email as “wunderlist,” the recipe is activated.

Go to Settings > Email Tasks in your Remember The Milk account, then click on your profile image at the upper right. Have you seen the address next to Inbox Email? That is the one-of-a-kind email address you may use to forward chores from your inbox. That address is also included in the Welcome email from Remember The Milk.

As is customary, the subject line becomes the task name, and the body material is appended as a note. If you wish to include numerous notes, divide them in the body with three hyphens (—), like shown:

Note 1

Note 2

Note 3

You may include task characteristics in the email body in the following manner:

Priority: 2

Tags: booking travel

List: Personal

Make sure there is no content following the task name in the topic line.

If you’re comfortable with Remember The Milk’s Smart Add function, feel free to include task characteristics in the subject line following the task name.

Also, check out this in-depth tutorial to adding tasks by email and importing lists via email directly from Remember The Milk.

The email tasks option in Todoist is only available to Premium members. If you are, you may utilize it by right-clicking a project name in the sidebar and choosing Email tasks to this project from the selection menu. In an open project, the same option is buried behind the wrench-pencil symbol on the far right of the project name.

When you pick this option, a popup window will appear with the unique email address allocated to that project. In this popup, you’ll also see a few other options:

  • the email syntax for adding task characteristics (such as labels and reminders), and
  • the ability to add additional email addresses from which to delegate jobs

Any email sent to a project’s email address is converted into a task, with the topic of the email serving as the task name and the email contents serving as a note. Attachments of up to 10 MB are also accepted.

Todoist also includes plugins for various email applications and browsers that allow you to attach messages to tasks [Broken URL Removed]. It makes inbox zero seem simple!

You may send emails as tasks to Evernote using the task name in the subject line if you use the multifunctional note-taking program Evernote to manage your to-do lists. To send emails to, you’ll need access to your Evernote email address. It’s under Account Settings, next to Email Notes to.

Want to tag or remind yourself about a task? You may accomplish this by including special syntax (#Tag and!Reminder, respectively) after the task name in the subject line of the email.

For example, if you wish to add a to-do to purchase airplane tickets tomorrow, the topic of your email should be something like this: #travel by booking flights! tomorrow @personal, where personal is the notebook to which the assignment should be added. You may substitute! Tomorrow, with something similar! If you wish to set a date for the reminder, enter 15/02/16.

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Make the notes more task-like by adding checkboxes to note items in Evernote.

When you submit tasks to x@mail.asana.com with the task name in the subject line, Asana adds them to your My Tasks list in the default Organization or Workspace, which you can change under My Profile Settings > From Email.

Email contents become task notes, and email attachments become task attachments. You may add your team members as task followers by ccing them.

It is possible to submit an email to Asana and have it converted into a task under a certain project or tag. Simply modify the send-to-Asana email address to include the project’s unique ID, such as this: x+projectID@mail.asana.com.

To identify the ID of a project, open it and check for a sequence of numbers in the URL in the address bar. That is the project’s (numerical) identifier. For example, the project ID would be 88153235502733 in the project URL https://app.asana.com/0/88153235502733/list.

Another way to determine the project ID is as follows: Select the project from the sidebar, then click the little arrow next to the project name in the main panel, and then select Add Tasks via Email from the menu.

As with Wunderlist, you can add several send-from email addresses to your Asana account and associate each one with a distinct Workspace or Organization for task creation.

There’s more you can do with Asana and email integration, such as creating tasks with automated email forwarding and sending chats to your teams through email. Read Asana’s emailing task instructions.

Please keep in mind that the x in the send-to-Asana email address (x@mail.asana.com) is not a variable. Leave it alone.

You’ll need to create your secret email address before you can submit emails as tasks to your Toodledo account. To do so, simply click on your profile image in the upper right corner. You should now see a dropdown menu.

In the submenu, look for the More… option beneath the (central) Tools column. This will take you to the Tools and Services area, where you must select Configure… in the Email Access panel.

Check the box next to Enable e-mail importing on the following page, then click the Save Changes button. Then you’ll see your private email address.

Any email sent to this address is converted into a task in Toodledo, with the subject line text serving as the task name as normal and the body content serving as a note. If you have a Gold subscription, you may attach email attachments to Toodledo assignments.

Many task parameters may be modified using specific syntax such as % Tag for tag names,: Reminder for reminders, and & Repeat for repeating tasks. Examine all of the task characteristics that you can change. It’s a lengthy list.

If you also use 2Do, any tasks you create in Toodledo through email are instantly synchronized to the 2Do app on all your devices. This will not work in reverse since 2Do lacks a native capability that enables you to convert emails into tasks.

It’s simple to convert emails into Any.do tasks. Any.do turns an email sent to do@any.do with a valid task name in the subject line and task notes in the body into a task. You must send the email from the email address you used to sign up for Any.do.

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Install the Any.do Chrome extension if you use Gmail. It provides a few interesting solutions for managing your Any.do tasks from inside Gmail. Because some users have experienced sync issues with this extension, there is no assurance that it will work for you. However, it’s still worth a chance!

9. Within Gmail

Instead of sending emails to create to-dos in your task management app, you may integrate a task management system directly into Gmail using the following apps:

1.Sortd: This Chrome addon adds a Kanban-styled board to Gmail and organizes your emails into predefined categories. The drag-and-drop interface makes reordering jobs a simple.

2.ActiveInbox: Another Chrome plugin that turns each email into a task and assigns a due date inside Gmail. To-dos and notes may even be included to departing emails for future reference. These will only be accessible to you, not the email recipients.

Try Taskforce [Broken URL Removed] if you’re seeking for a good alternative to ActiveInbox.

3. Google Tasks: How can we overlook Google’s own task management function, which is integrated directly into Gmail? Its simple look conceals some significant characteristics. Check out these five brilliant ways to utilize Google Tasks. And, sure, there is a Chrome addon to enhance Google Tasks!

To send a task from an email to Google Tasks, just press Shift + T while the email is open in Gmail. This generates a new task with the subject text of the email as the task name and a link to the email discussion in the task details.

A Few Points to Note

1.If you use OneNote as your to-do list, our advice on integrating Outlook tasks into OneNote is essential.

2.Google Keep, Google’s own note-taking application, does not offer an email-to-task management configuration. You can’t make one using an IFTTT recipe, though, since IFTTT doesn’t have a Google Keep channel.

3.If you wish to enable someone to submit tasks to your to-do lists, keep the unique email addresses produced by your task management software a secret.

4.It is common for email tasks to take some time to appear in your task manager.

5.Many Android and iOS email applications integrate with to-do list apps. You may wish to see if there is an integration for the email-task management combination you use.

6.Depending on your to-do list software, you may be able to retrieve items through email. Check the app’s Help or Support section to discover whether this is possible.

You Inbox as a To-Do List: Not as Bad as You Think

Emails aren’t always used for communication. They are often about discussing, allocating, and following up on responsibilities. You can’t stop such to-do emails from arriving in your inbox, but you can transform them into tasks to better manage them. It’s an excellent approach to guarantee that you never neglect a task again because you lost or forgot about an email.

Which task management software do you use? Is it simple to integrate with email, and do you take use of it? We’d want to know whether you’re comfortable managing your to-do list by email.

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