9 Chrome Extensions to View and Organize Your Browsing History

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9 Chrome Extensions to View and Organize Your Browsing History

Google Chrome performs an excellent job at preserving and retaining your browser history for an extended period of time. However, finding a specific website you viewed might be difficult. There is no way to skip to a particular date, and unlimited scrolling makes matters worse.

If you regularly need to return to a site, these Chrome extensions may be useful. They arrange your browser history and make it easy to access.

1. Better History

Better History, as the name implies, gives a considerably more detailed snapshot of your browsing history. It offers a simple UI and many ways to search for anything in your past.

Because this extension organizes your browser history by device, day, and hour, you may easily access any page from your browsing history if you know when you visited the site. To examine your previous visits to the website, hover over any history item and select More From Site.

It offers a convenient search box where you can look up your website visitors and downloads. You may examine the history of visits to the website you are now on by using the right-click context menu.

Delete history is also easy. You may do this individually or delete the full hour of browser history. It’s a popular extension for managing Chrome history, with over 60,000 downloads.

Download: Better History for Google Chrome (Free)

2. Recent History

When you click on its icon, a little pop-up on the side displays your most recently visited URLs. You may access a thorough yet easy view of all your browser history by selecting Show all History.

You may organize history in both chronological and reverse chronological order using Recent History. Similarly, you may choose whether you want to display all visited sites or simply website names.

It also has a search bar. The history entries may be filtered and deleted by date. Because the extension is very configurable, you may change the design and functionality to your desire. You may, for example, choose which domains should not be included in your history.

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Recent History has 40,000 downloads and a Featured badge in the Chrome Web Store.

Download: Recent History for Google Chrome (Free)

3. History Manager

History Manager is a simple add-on that allows you to search and arrange your browser history by date. You may discover the most frequented sites by searching for keywords. You may also pick the beginning and ending dates, and it will display all of the sites you visited within that time period.

You may visualize your website visiting time as a donut chart in the Statistics page. It also displays a hit rate graph, which reveals which websites you visited the most.

You may add domains to the invisible items list to prevent certain websites from appearing in the history. It allows you to remove objects one at a time or by searching for a certain term and removing all of the results that display. Similarly, by choosing Wipe All, you may delete the whole Google Chrome history.

Download: History Manager for Google Chrome (Free)

4. History Master

History Master displays a tabular overview of your history, categorizing the websites you’ve visited by date and time. By default, the sidebar displays the history of the last seven days. However, you may retrieve earlier history by using the date filters at the top.

It tracks your visits to each website and tells you which ones you visit the most. It allows you to look for and erase certain things in your history. You may clear the full day’s history at once.

The Statistics tab contains a wealth of useful information. It displays a graph showing the total number of pages viewed on any given day. You may examine your surfing patterns by adjusting the time range of this graph. Similarly, you may see the top 10 most visited websites.

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The best part is that it allows you to export and import your Chrome history.

Download: History Master for Google Chrome (Free)

5. Improved History

Improved History is a Featured plugin that displays your browser history in the toolbar.

The recent history may be accessed by clicking on the extension icon. You can go back in time to any date and time. It offers a search bar and the ability to remove history hourly or individually, as do practically other extensions.

It is a basic extension with no new features, but it does give a nicer interface for viewing your Chrome history.

Download: Improved History for Google Chrome (Free)

6. History by Date

History by Date provides exactly what the name implies: it allows you to see your browser history by date. Even better, it organizes your browser history based on ongoing sessions.

Assume you browse from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. and again from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on May 10th. When you choose that date, the time and quantity of pages viewed in each of the two browsing sessions will be shown.

The history is expanded when you click the Plus symbol, and you can see the sites you visited here. You may exclude certain domains by entering them in or choosing them from the dropdown menu. Furthermore, this extension records your online use and displays the overall amount of time spent surfing each day.

This is a nice option if you’re searching for an open-source add-on.

Download: History by Date for Google Chrome (Free)

7. Chrome Visual History

Chrome Visual History is a good option for individuals who wish to view their browsing history. This simple addon shows four pie charts. These graphs show the websites that were visited today, this week, this month, and all time.

Hovering over any region of the graph displays the total number of visitors to that domain. Aside from that, it displays the URL of the most recently viewed sites on the right side.

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Download: Chrome Visual History for Google Chrome (Free)

8. Tree Style History

Tree Style Past organizes your history in a distinctive way. It depicts a tree-style history that may be expanded.

The website name is shown by default. Individual pages are visible when you expand the history by clicking the + symbol. On the right side, you may filter the history by date.

You can simply view your internet history thanks to these two features. Aside from that, it shows your bookmarks. You may experiment with many customisation choices.

Download: Tree Style History for Google Chrome (Free)

9. History Map

History Map is a wonderful plugin for tracing a page without getting lost in your browser history. It organizes your history based on the pages you’ve viewed.

It begins a fresh map for each new tab and displays the previously visited sites. Although it is a little unusual, it may be useful in some situations. However, discovering earlier history may be more challenging. You may try searching by keyword in the search box.

Download: History Map for Google Chrome (Free)

Resume Your Interrupted Browsing Sessions

These addons are ideal if you merely want a clean interface or extra choices for finding visited URLs. They may depict your history using charts, maps, and trees.

However, most extensions arrange your browser history by time and date, making it simple to restart paused browsing sessions if Chrome Journeys does not work for you.

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