9 Awesome Free Printable Board Games

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9 Awesome Free Printable Board Games

If you’re looking for a new pastime, you’ve definitely thought about looking into printable board games and printable card games. And it turns out that making your own games is both simple and inexpensive.

There are several games that you may download and print at home. You just need dice, counters, and poker chips. To get you started, here are some terrific free printable board games and printable card games.

The goal of the game, set at Lucky Mansion, is to discover and murder Doctor Lucky. He’s suitably called, so it’s not as simple as it seems. You also have competition from your opponents.

This free printable game is based on Kill Doctor Lucky’s 2002 “Director’s Cut” and contains five PDF files for you to download. You’ll also need some player pieces, such as chess pawns and checkers pieces.

Take-Back Toe seems to be straightforward to learn. Even better, you can play it again and over without growing tired of it.

Take-Back Toe, which requires 40 poker chips (or checkers), a 4 x 3 grid, and a six-sided die, is based on the classic games mancala and backgammon. It’s a strategy game that can be printed, with the playing board intended to fit a regular mouse mat.

This means you may print it to a 9 by 7.5-inch mouse pad if you wish.

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Simon Cogan produced this single adventure game based on the British TV show Doctor Who. It’s a booklet-based adventure game in which you act as the Doctor and create your own Doctor Who story.

“The Universe has been overrun by evil happenings! The Time War has devastated the Timelords and your home planet of Gallifrey. You escaped and are now standing at the console of your TARDIS as it travels through the Time Vortex in a fresh regeneration.”

The game necessitates the download of four booklets: Rules, Adventures, Enemies, and Events. You will also need two six-sided dice. Cards assist you in gaining friends, fighting opponents, and participating in events and adventures. A narrative book based on the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood is also available as an extension.

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And if you’re new to Doctor Who, these are the finest Doctor Who episodes of all time.

You’ve probably heard of Cards Against Humanity. Described as “a party game for horrible people” it is available to download under Creative Commons license (what is Creative Commons?).

This printable card game’s download size is roughly 9MB, which means you’ll need a lot of ink. While this is a downloaded game, the makers recommend visiting a print shop. Printing is expected to cost roughly $10.

Cards Against Humanity is a famous card game. However, it is not intended for youngsters.

If you like it, you may get Cards Against Humanity instead.

TimeLine is another game with a time travel premise that challenges you to uncover vital items from across history. After retrieving the artifacts, you must journey to the end of time to sell them.

TimeLine is essentially a card-laying game that requires three PDF files to be downloaded. You’ll also need 20 colored chips and pawns for each player. TimeLine is a simple, enjoyable, and lightweight game that is ideal for playing while traveling.

Zombie In My Pocket is a fun solo game in which you combat zombies that is licensed under Creative Commons. Because of the modular board and development cards, each game you play is unique. It’s worth spending a few seconds to download and print, since it’s been downloaded over 72,000 times.

Furthermore, the graphic design of this printable card game is spectacular, maybe the finest on our list.

This single print-and-play game is tiny enough to fit in a pocket. Which is great since it allows you to play Zombie In My Pocket while on a train, in an airport lounge, or anyplace else you can think of.

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Printable table-top game Pirates and Plunder
Image credit: Jester/BoardGameGeek (CC)

This tile-laying game, inspired by Carcassonne, allows you to play like a pirate on the high seas. Explore the islands, build trade routes, and defeat your opponents.

Pirates and Plunder necessitates the usage of printable ship components or anything that resembles an existing boat. The tiles may be downloaded and printed (they’re just 179KB), but you’ll need a color printer and something to add weight. Card, plastic, or cork will suffice.

This is a fantastic game, especially for family play. After all, youngsters like dressing up as pirates.

Here’s a fun way to give your old Guess Who? game a LEGO makeover. If you’re bored with the original game, Mom Blogger Keri Houchin offers a solution.

You can use her printables to replace the original Guess Who? cards and create a brand-new, LEGO-themed game. Even better, you may be able to do it yourself. As Keri points out: “I basically took images of a number of minifigures and modified them in Photoshop. For the purpose of the game, I named all of the characters.”

Guess Who, like LEGO? There is an official LEGO What Am I? game with 16 minifigures.

Print your own Monopoly board game
Image credit: atkinson000/Flickr

Monopoly, maybe the most recognized board game in the world, comes in a variety of flavors. It has remained popular from Star Wars to Fortnite, across many major cities around the globe and even the Cheater’s Edition.

But what if you wanted to make your own Monopoly game?

Blogger Shauna1934 has made a totally blank Monopoly game, complete with the board, money, and property cards. You must organize your own Chance and Community Chest cards, however this is a quite large download. It’s a good idea to have colored paper on hand for the Monopoly money.

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For the board, you’ll need nine pieces of card or paper (glued to card). The instructions illustrate how to print the board picture over numerous sheets, but you’ll also need to perform some trimming. By the end, you’ll have your own personalized Monopoly game to play with your family and friends.

How Long Do Printable Board Games Last?

Printing your own board games saves money on professional display, transportation or shipment, and time. But is it really worthwhile?

While printable games might be like having an immediate boxed game come out of your printer, the approach is not without flaws. After all, cards, sheets, and boards, like genuine games, may get worn. As a result, it’s a good idea to laminate your prints to make them last longer.

You could simply purchase some generic game pieces and dice and store them in a plastic container.

Find More Free Printable Card and Board Games

The games shown here are just a handful of the fantastic free printable games available today. Looking for more printable games? Then check out these websites:

  • Free Printable: Provides a variety of printable board games as well as word searches and crossword puzzles.
  • BoardGame Geek: The finest website for board game aficionados, with numerous free downloading board games.
  • CheapAss Games: This website offers a carefully chosen variety of board games, card games, and even beta games.

You should have discovered all of the downloadable board games you can shake a die at by now. Do you want anything different? Then try these great video game-inspired board games instead.

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