85 Percent of Microsoft 365 Organizations Suffer Email Leaks, Says Research

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85 Percent of Microsoft 365 Organizations Suffer Email Leaks, Says Research

With more people working from home than ever before, Microsoft has pushed for organizations and individuals to sign up for its 365 plan. However, according to recent study, 85 percent of firms who utilized the service had an email leak in the previous year.

What Does the Research Say About Microsoft 365?

According to Egress researchers, the great majority of firms utilizing Microsoft 365 had an email data breach in the previous year.

Of course, if other services were equally targeted, this increase in assaults would be less damaging to Microsoft 365. Unfortunately, Egress discovered that firms who did not employ Microsoft 365 saw fewer total breaches than those that did.

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Egress provides some compelling proof that Microsoft 365’s security is to blame for this email data leak spree:

Since March 2020, organizations who use Microsoft 365 have witnessed a 67 percent spike in data breaches through email, compared to only 32 percent of firms that do not. And these aren’t isolated cases. We also discovered that 15% of Microsoft 365 organizations had been penetrated more than 500 times within the same time period.

According to the study, 28 percent of IT executives that use Microsoft 365 claimed that the client’s data was leaked the most. In contrast, just 10% of executives who did not utilize 365 said the same.

According to the survey, firms that use Microsoft 365 spend more time dealing with the consequences of data breaches. They also have higher “client churn,” which is another way of describing “losing customers.”

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Why Is Microsoft 365 Suffering So Much?

According to the research, Microsoft 365 utilizes “standard static DLP rules” to prevent email leaks, but this is insufficient. Because these regulations are incapable of effectively adapting to the techniques and tricks used by hackers, they suffer in the present age of hacking.

Even those who utilize Microsoft 365’s DLP solutions are dissatisfied. When Egress questioned IT executives who utilized the tools what they thought of them, they all replied they “were irritated by their usage.”

As a result, Egress recommends that Microsoft transition to a better email security solution that use machine learning to detect vulnerabilities as they develop. As long as the software behemoth adheres to rigid standards, these breaches may persist… or possibly worsen.

Egress’ Challenge to Microsoft 365

Despite being a popular and valuable productivity tool, Microsoft 365 enterprises experience more email data breaches than non-users. Let us hope that Microsoft implements more clever rulesets to assist in keeping up with hackers’ attempts.

While we’re on the subject of email security, how is yours? There are several methods for hackers to abuse your email account, so you must ensure that it is secure from prying eyes.

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