8 Ways to Fix iPhone Voicemail Not Working

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8 Ways to Fix iPhone Voicemail Not Working

If your voicemail is not functioning, you may be missing critical messages. Because there are so many spam calls these days, the only way to know whether an essential call comes in without answering it is to put it to voicemail.

There are a few workarounds you may attempt if you aren’t receiving voicemails or your iPhone’s voicemail app doesn’t seem to be functioning. Hopefully, one of these methods will restore your iPhone’s voicemail and prevent you from missing any more messages in the future.

1. Empty Your Voicemail Box

If your voicemail box becomes too full, you may cease receiving voicemails. While most current iPhones have lots of storage capacity, voicemail storage is restricted and may quickly fill up. Particularly if you get a lot of spam calls.

To remove old voicemails and free up space, open the Phone app and choose Voicemail. When you’re there, press Edit in the upper right-hand corner and pick the voicemails you wish to erase. Once you’ve made your selection, hit Delete in the bottom right-hand corner. If this was the problem, this will free up space and you should be able to receive voicemails again.

2. Check for a Carrier Settings Update

Not many individuals are aware that your carrier settings must be updated on occasion. This does not happen often, but when it does, it signifies that upgrading it will resolve numerous carrier issues. This includes not receiving voicemail messages on your iPhone.

Fortunately, changing your carrier settings is simple. To access your carrier options, go to Settings > General > About. You’ll notice an opportunity to apply a carrier update if your carrier requests one. Otherwise, you’ll just see your carrier’s details.

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3. Turn Cellular Service Off and On Again

A fast reset of your cellular service may sometimes resolve certain voicemail troubles. This is particularly true if your voicemails are taking too long to download. Receiving a voicemail notice hours after receiving a missed call from the same number is a solid sign of this. Turn your cellular service off and on again to address this problem.

You may accomplish this by turning your phone off and on again, or by entering and exiting airplane mode. After that, contact your phone from another device to see whether your voicemail is functioning again. If you got a voicemail, the issue was fixed.

4. Make Sure Cellular Data Is On

cellular data on

In most circumstances, cellular data is required to receive voicemails. After all, voicemail is a carrier service, and being connected to data guarantees that your voicemails arrive. Cellular data is also required for the Visual Voicemail capability to function. You may read a voicemail here without listening to it.

If your voicemail isn’t functioning and you don’t have data switched on, turning it on may fix the problem. To enable Cellular Data, go to Settings > Cellular and hit Cellular Data. If you have a restricted data plan, you may lower your data use while still receiving voicemails.

5. Enable Wi-Fi Calling

wifi calling enable

If you reside in a poor-connection location, your voicemails may take a long time to download to your smartphone. A bad connection might sometimes cause missed call alerts to appear without your phone ringing. If this occurs to you, you may fix it by turning on Wi-Fi calling on your device. This improves your connection and speeds up the download of voicemails. It also improves audio quality and eliminates lost calls.

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Go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling to activate Wi-Fi calling. Once here, toggle on Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone. When you connect to Wi-Fi, this will allow Wi-Fi calling. Because it is free, it is worthwhile to enable.

6. Make Sure Call Forwarding Is Off

If you have Call Forwarding enabled, your calls will be routed to a different number. While it is deactivated by default, it might be accidently reactivated if you fool about with the settings. This is why you aren’t getting voicemails if it is enabled.

To turn it off, go to Settings > Phone > Call Forwarding and choose Disable. Call Forwarding is not available on all carriers. If you don’t see it in your Phone settings, it’s either because you don’t have it or because your carrier has disabled it.

7. Reset Network Settings

reset network settings

If your iPhone’s voicemail is still not functioning after the preceding remedies, changing the network settings may assist. This is also useful if you’re experiencing other network troubles, such as missed calls without your phone ringing or problems with mobile data.

Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings to reset the network settings.

Resetting your Network Settings will not delete any data from your device.

8. Access Your Voicemail the Old-Fashioned Way

Visual Voicemail and the phone app are fantastic, but they aren’t the only ways to check your voicemail if they aren’t functioning. If you’ve tried all of the above solutions and your iPhone’s voicemail still doesn’t function, you may need to check your voicemail the old-fashioned manner for the time being.

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You may check your voicemail via your carrier by dialing your own phone number. To do so, dial your phone number, input your password, and then hit the pound key. If you don’t remember your password, the last four digits of your phone number are normally the default.

If you still can’t get in or are experiencing voicemail problems, call your carrier and ask them to change your voicemail password. You may also contact them to inquire about any other difficulties.

iPhone Voicemail Not Working? There Are Solutions

Your voicemail not functioning might be a major issue. Missing a critical professional meeting, a social gathering, or losing a prospective customer might all result from not receiving a voicemail on your iPhone. Fortunately, there are various remedies you may attempt that will, in most circumstances, address your problems.

If your problems aren’t fixed, you may check your voicemail without using the Visual Voicemail function on your phone. If you’re still experiencing problems, you may contact your carrier for help. Hopefully, you’ll start getting messages again soon.

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