8 Reasons to Stop Buying Games on Steam

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8 Reasons to Stop Buying Games on Steam

Steam is the most popular digital distribution platform for PC games. So, if you’re a PC player, you’re probably familiar with Steam. Is it, however, the greatest method to purchase games? While Steam is secure, here are several reasons why you should avoid purchasing games on the platform.

1. DRM Means You Don’t Own Anything

Steam is a kind of digital rights management (DRM), which is used to prevent piracy. When you open a game, Steam launches alongside it, allowing you to take advantage of platform features such as achievements, cloud saves, and trade cards (how to get Steam trading cards).

The DRM is optional, which is a plus. Developers may turn it off and enable their games to operate without using Steam. Many, though, do not.

For those who are unaware, that game is linked to your Steam account. As a result, if Steam is shut down or your account is banned, you will lose access to the games you purchased. That is, you are essentially renting a license to play a game.

2. You Can’t Resell Your Steam Games

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There is no method to resell a game purchased on Steam. While you may request a refund in some circumstances, you cannot sell it on any marketplace. Your account is linked to the game.

That differs from purchasing a physical game (assuming you do not need to redeem a key to play the game). They’re simple to sell on eBay, trade in, or give to a thrift shop.

A French court, however, determined that Steam customers had the right to resale their games. That has yet to be implemented since Valve is appealing the ruling.

3. Steam Games Rarely Come With Bonus Goodies

The major attraction is obviously playing the game you purchase, but it’s always good to get some extras for free. Unfortunately, when you purchase a game on Steam, you seldom receive any extras.

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When you purchase directly from the developer or from a third-party shop like GOG, you typically receive downloaded bonuses like art books, soundtracks, wallpapers, and more.

It’s reminiscent of the days when you’d receive actual goodies with your games, such as a cloth map or figure.

4. Valve Takes a Huge Cut From Developers

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It is tough to create video games. Making a profit from them? That’s even more difficult. As is customary, Valve gets a 30 percent share of all Steam purchases. When specific income milestones are met, that proportion decreases on a sliding scale, although most developers will never reach that stage.

Some creators believe Valve does not deserve such a significant slice of the pie, but Steam’s ubiquity makes it difficult to refute. Because it is where many customers go to purchase games, not having a game listed on Steam is dangerous.

If you want to help a developer, you should cease purchasing games on Steam. Instead, if at all feasible, purchase games directly from creators. The Epic Store, on the other hand, only takes a 12 percent cut, but Humble Bundle let you to select how much of the purchase price goes to the developer.

5. Steam Isn’t Always the Cheapest Option

There are usually deals on Steam. There are everyday bargains as well as large seasonal sales during holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. Even so, it’s not always the cheapest location to purchase games.

Gaming is a costly passion even under the best of circumstances, so there’s no sense in overspending. Especially when the ultimate result is same wherever you purchase it (things like pre-order bonuses aside.)

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Check out our choices for the greatest video game discount websites. Some websites even offer your purchase as a Steam voucher, implying that the only difference between the products is the price.

6. You Are Tied Into the Steam Ecosystem

Some individuals choose to own all of their games on Steam and be a part of the Steam ecosystem. Maybe it’s the collector in them, or maybe it’s simply what all of their pals use.

The issue arises when you wish to purchase anything outside of Steam.

Assume you purchase a game on Steam and the developer subsequently provides DLC. You have no option except to purchase the DLC via Steam, even if it is cheaper elsewhere, since there is no other method to connect the two transactions.

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7. You Don’t Get a Physical Box

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Video games used to come in large cardboard boxes with beautiful artwork that could be displayed. That changed with the advent of CDs and DVDs, but there’s still something gratifying about seeing a shelf stacked with your favorite games.

While browsing and searching your collection on Steam is significantly faster, it isn’t exactly the same. Visitors to your house are unlikely to spark up a discussion about your Steam collection, as they might if they saw a row of physical game boxes.

There was also something unique about reading through a game’s instructions on the drive home from the store. That’s an experience wasted, albeit to be honest, it does save paper and plastic waste.

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8. The Steam Store Is Full of Trash

Tens of thousands of games are available on Steam. The quantity of titles available on the shop has exploded in recent years, owing in part to Valve’s lack of moderation.

Unlike your local shop, where the product has been carefully selected, the Steam store hosts anything. While it’s great that the entrance barrier is low, it also means there’s a lot of garbage and low-effort games to go through.

For example, 4,000 of the games on the market are classified as Early Access, indicating that development is ongoing. And there’s no assurance that these games will ever be completed correctly.

Why should it be the consumer’s responsibility to separate the wheat from the chaff?

The Best PC Game Launchers

Despite all of these reasons to cease purchasing games on Steam, many of which also apply to other services such as Ubisoft Connect, it clearly has a place. The issue is that Steam has such a stranglehold on the market that it makes it tough for rivals to emerge and shake things up.

A game launcher is required if you possess a large number of games across many platforms and wish to arrange them. Take a look at our selection of the top PC game launchers to get you started.

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