8 Niche Video Game Genres With Games Worth Playing

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8 Niche Video Game Genres With Games Worth Playing

Platformers and shooters, for example, are self-explanatory video game genres. However, there are several video game genres that are less well-known.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the more obscure video game genres, explain what they are, and pick the finest titles in each.

1. Visual Novel

The visual novel subgenre blurs the distinction between literature and video games. These pieces of interactive fiction are text-heavy and lack any action. They are often played in first person and offer you with a rich tale and compelling characters.

In contrast to many video games, the “gameplay” components in a visual novel are modest. The most of the time, your engagement with the game is confined to moving through text boxes, selecting dialog options, and completing little puzzles. This genre is more concerned with creating an intriguing environment than with groundbreaking gameplay. Often, your conversational choices have a direct impact on the plot.

Because visual novels are huge in Japan, anime-style art is frequent in these games. They’ve lately gained popularity outside of Japan as a result of a few significant series, many of which you can watch right now.

The Ace Attorney series is a terrific visual novel to get you started. In it, you take on the role of Phoenix Wright and other attorneys who must defend their wrongfully accused clients. Aside from that, we’ve looked at several other visual novels worth checking out, such as the Zero Escape series.

2. 4X

4X is a strategy game in which you have four objectives: explore, expand, exploit, and eliminate. Unlike some of the other genres on our list, which provide relatively easy gameplay, 4X games are highly deep and sometimes take a long time to play.

In a 4X game, you command an empire and must handle crucial factors such as warfare with other kingdoms, claiming new territory, and regulating resources. If you like sophisticated gameplay, 4X games will appeal to you. You’ll have to consider the cultural and political ramifications of your decisions—-what if your government doesn’t like it when you declare war on a nearby region?

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The Civilization series is a famous example of a 4X title. Try these 4X strategy games for Android if you want something a little more approachable.

3. Walking Simulator

While the phrase “walking simulator” is often used disparagingly, it is widely regarded as the name of a kind of adventure game. It refers to a story game with limited gameplay components other than strolling around and interacting with items.

Walking simulators often immerse you in a setting and allow you to learn about it via audio logs, papers, and other materials that you encounter. Because there is no fighting and just a few puzzles to solve, the narrative takes center stage.

If you appreciate the mystery of finding a tale via in-game data rather than cutscenes, you’ll enjoy walking simulators. Are walking simulators considered video games? It is up to you how involved you want your games to be, but many people love them anyway.

If you want to attempt a walking simulator, The Stanley Parable is a good example since it’s pretty meta. Another famous walking simulator is Firewatch, in which you act as a forest fire lookout.

4. Metroidvania

The word “Metroidvania” is a mash-up of two video game franchises: Metroid and Castlevania. Both series have included similar gameplay approaches since 1997’s Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, giving rise to this genre.

A Metroidvania game has a big, complicated map that you cannot access all of right away. Instead, you must explore and discover improvements that allow you to reach new regions. While new skills allow you to explore more of the area, they also function as battle boosts.

Many Metroidvania games have dramatic boss encounters that often defend the upgrades. There are also hidden sections where you may get even more optional goods. Because to the non-linear world design, there is often retracing to earlier sections to uncover new pathways you could not access before.

Most Metroidvania games are 2D, although not all of them. While both series are excellent introductions to the genre, Metroidvania is also a popular genre for current independent projects. Hollow Knight is an excellent example since it does not guide you as you explore. Ori and the Blind Forest is a wonderful introduction to the genre for those looking for something less severe.

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MOBA is an abbreviation for “multiplayer online battle arena.” It’s a real-time strategy and action game in which two teams battle in a limited arena, each attempting to demolish the other’s base. Most MOBA maps include three “lanes” that teams may use to traverse between bases.

In a MOBA, each player normally chooses one hero for the duration of the game. These heroes are divided into classes depending on their objective, and each has its own set of abilities. During a MOBA battle, players kill computer-controlled weak characters known as “creeps” to acquire experience and power up their heroes.

League of Legends and Dota 2 are two well-known MOBAs (Defense of the Ancients).Both are free to play and have a plethora of characters to choose from. To get started, read our League of Legends introduction.

6. Clicker/Idle Game

A clicker game (also known as an idle or incremental game) is a title in which the gameplay is confined to very simple interactions, such as clicking on the screen. Typically, each time you click, you gain points. As you continue to click, the game will present improvements that will allow you to collect more points faster.

After a while, even if you’re not actively “playing,” these enhancements will start to accrue points for you. This is where the word “idle” originates from. Many of them have no finale, but they do provide milestones that you may strive toward.

Cookie Clicker is one of the most well-known free click-and-win games. Every click gets you a cookie, and you can ultimately buy factories and grandmothers to manufacture even more cookies. AdVenture Capitalist is another another clicker game in which you start with a lemonade stand and work your way up to make as much money as possible.

7. Roguelike

The name of this RPG subgenre comes from the legendary 1980 computer game Rogue. One of its distinguishing features is dungeon crawling through randomly generated locations, which means the game is unique each time you play. They also have permadeath, a system that fully resets your progress when you die. “True” roguelikes also use tile-based mobility and place a premium on resource management.

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Classic roguelikes are turn-based, although not all recent examples of the genre are. Darkest Dungeon is a procedurally generated turn-based RPG in which character management is vital.

The roguelite is a subgenre of this genre. This word refers to games that contain certain roguelike elements but lack others. The Binding of Isaac is a well-known and accessible roguelite. It has permadeath, but you may acquire improvements that last throughout playthroughs. The game is not also turn-based.

8. Tower Defense

Tower defense games, another subgenre of strategy games, have you defending a base or area. In most of these games, you must carefully create fortifications and obstacles while surviving waves of approaching opponents.

What distinguishes them from other real-time strategy games, as implied by the name, is that you’re constantly on the defense. You lose if the adversary destroys your base.

Plants vs. Zombies is a good example of a simple tower defense game. Another prominent game in the genre is Kingdom Rush.

What Video Game Genre Will You Play Next?

We’ve looked at a variety of video game genres that you may not be familiar with (like RTwP games).Perhaps you’ve heard the titles before but weren’t sure what each genre comprised. Now that you have them, you should play them all to broaden your gaming horizons.

If you’re a gamer trying to learn more about your passion, here are some music genres that all gamers should like.

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