8 Iconic Games Recreated in Microsoft Excel

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8 Iconic Games Recreated in Microsoft Excel

In many respects, Microsoft Excel is a lifesaver. Its data processing capabilities include formulas, functions, spreadsheets, and business intelligence. But what about when it’s all too much and you simply want to unwind, if only for a moment? Excel, being the great program that it is, has you covered.

Let’s take a look at eight games that you can play in Microsoft Excel without ever leaving your spreadsheets.

1. 2048

The single-player puzzler 2048 is still a popular option for Android and iOS smartphones. 2048 is based on earlier generations of games such as Threes and 1024, and was written in one weekend by Gabriele Cirulli, a 19-year-old student. Cirulli, unwilling to earn money from “something he didn’t develop,” made free versions of 2048 available on both iOS and Android.

Spreadsheet1 has created an Excel version of 2048, which allows you to play the numerical puzzler directly from your spreadsheet. It has a 2D or 3D display, sound effects, motion tracking and history, and other useful features.

Download: 2048 for Microsoft Excel (Free)

2048 Stealth Mode in Excel

If showing a game in Excel is not permitted at your office, you may utilize Redditor Krzychu81’s stealth version, which has “very complex cloaking algorithms to disguise itself as financial statistics.”

The game is camouflaged as other figures in a financial statement. It’s simple, yet it gets the job done.

2. Scrabble

Continuing with the puzzle games, why not play Scrabble in Excel?

Redditor Tom Jobim created a game that runs in a different window from Excel, so it’s not exactly “in” the spreadsheet. The Scrabble version, on the other hand, runs the whole program using VBA, making it very much an Excel game.

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The implementation is also excellent. You compete against a difficult AI opponent with varying skill levels (between 1-100).There’s also an anagram tool, a built-in dictionary, themed boards, turn clocks, and much more.

Download: Scrabble for Microsoft Excel (Free)

3. Arena.Xlsm

Do you prefer puzzle games than hacking and slashing? What about a little bit of both? Arena. Xlsm sets you against over 2,000 possible opponents, each with unique AI skills. It’s your responsibility to take out the adversaries as they appear on the screen, from the small bunny to the Death Mauler.

Arena also includes eight boss encounters, 12 pre-programmed fighting venues, over 30 spells for your character to employ, 20 unique items, and an award system.

If you want to keep track of your games on a certain platform, Arena.Xlsm is also accessible on Itch.io.

Download: Arena.Xlsm for Microsoft Excel (Free)

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4. Candy Crunch Number Saga

Control the stock market, especially the market price of Candy Crush Saga producer King.com. This humorous spin on the story “takes place in the not-too-distant future, when King.com (KING) has had a successful IPO,” putting their stock market goals in jeopardy.

Candy Number Crunch Saga contains a real-time stock ticker and over 35 news items that directly effect your stock price. It is the fantastic result of four days of effort by Canadian accountant Cary Walkin (also responsible for Arena.Xlsm, above).

Candy Crunch Number Saga, like Arena.Xlsm, is accessible on Itch.io.

Candy Crunch Number Saga for Microsoft Excel is available for download (Free)

5. Championship Manager for Microsoft Excel

One of the world’s most addicting video game series expands into Excel. It makes sense, given that previous editions of Championship Manager were basically simply spreadsheet interfaces (has anything changed?! ), and current version of Championship Manager is just as one-click-more inducing as the greatest sports management games available.

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You may play in the top four English divisions, as well as the FA Cup, League Cup, and Champions League, and make moves from a 3,000-player database.

Suspensions and injuries seem to be common occurrences, but it is also simple to bolster a team with young players to counteract them. I also like the old-fashioned scorecard for each week’s round of matches.

Just keep in mind that you will not be able to recruit any top-tier Premier League players from the actual world. To avoid copyright takedown demands, all names are generated at random.

Download: Championship Manager for Microsoft Excel (Free)

6. CellSweeper

CellSweeper is a dungeon crawling RPG/roguelike based on the Minesweeper game from earlier versions of Windows.

CellSweeper is an Excel-based game with six character classes, rapid gameplay, and a strangely inverted difficulty curve. Nonetheless, it’s more interesting than it seems, and I’m certain you’ll spend more time with it than you think.

Download: CellSweeper for Microsoft Excel (Free)

7. Tetris

Microsoft Excel is ideal for puzzle games. So, what list would be complete without including Tetris?

Tetris’ Excel game is very simple, but it’s enough for passing the time.

If Tetris isn’t your thing, try these brief free online games.

Download: Tetris for Microsoft Excel (Free)

8. Yahtzee

Yahtzee is a fun dice game that may be played alone or with others. You’re attempting to build poker hands using a set of dice, either by holding back dice you desire or exchanging them into your next roll. It’s simple gameplay, but it’s enjoyable in its simplicity.

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The Excel version includes a versus-AI game as well as a 2-player option. There are also instructions for playing and scoring.

Download: Yahtzee for Microsoft Excel (Free)

Bonus: Fraqcel

This is more of a trippy exploration experience than a game. Or, at the very least, an effort at one.

Fraqcel creates a huge fractal design in Excel for you to explore, enabling you to zoom in hundreds of times to explore the depths of geometry. It has four fractal varieties, picture export facilities, deep zooming capabilities, and color palettes that may be customized.

The deeper you go, the more amazing the designs become. You can use the menu to change settings, colors, and more, so have fun with it.

Download: Fraqcel for Microsoft Excel (Free)

Excel Games Roundup

Excel games are fairly niche. Most of the time, they come from people learning VBA as part of a course or to expand their Excel skillset. Almost all games use a combination of VBA and handcrafted macros to deliver the fun, but Excel can also play host to many flash games.

Be warned: the flash games are much harder to hide from other people!

These games show the amazing versatility of Excel, and if you’re caught playing while at work, you can at least point to your ever-expanding knowledge of the inner-workings of Excel!

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