8 Creative Uses for Google’s Chromecast

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8 Creative Uses for Google’s Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast, which was unveiled in July, entered a crowded market of devices that allow you to stream online video on your TV. There are several methods to get web videos onto your TV screen, ranging from Roku to Smart TVs. What’s truly wonderful about the Chromecast is that it does so much more than simply allow you to view web films on your TV.

With the ability to project any tab from your Chrome browser onto your TV, or even your whole desktop, the Google Chromecast transforms from a simple method to view web films on your TV to an enormously useful and fascinating tool. We’ve come up with eight interesting applications for Google’s Chromecast. Continue reading to learn how to get the most out of your Chromecast.

Whether you have yet to buy a Chromecast, read our in-depth review to see if it is the ideal match for you. Also, with the Christmas season approaching, it makes a terrific geek gift for around $50.

Put On A Slideshow

Aside from watching films on YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and other services, one of the most apparent applications for the Google Chromecast is for picture slideshows. If you post your images to a photo-sharing site like Flickr, a social network like Facebook, or even a service like Dropbox, you can simply view the photos in your Chrome browser and cast that tab to your television. Instead of crowding around a tiny computer screen, display your images on a huge screen.

Share A Demo Or Presentation

A nice Chromecast technique is the ability to cast your full desktop to your TV screen rather than just a tab. Simply go to your browser’s Chromecast button, click the small arrow button, and pick ‘Cast whole screen.’

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As you can see from the menu, this is an experimental feature that is still a bit unstable. Having said that, it’s a terrific method to share PowerPoint presentations, do customer demonstrations, and more. Your presentations and demonstrations may be taken anyplace there is a television set and a wifi connection. Of course, it’s ideal to have a wireless mouse on hand when performing anything like this to make things easier.

Use Your TV As A Huge Monitor

Even if you don’t want to share a presentation or demo with others, you may desire a large computer screen but don’t want to spend money on another device; why not use the Chromecast instead? If you have a laptop or desktop computer, all you need is a $35 Chromecast, a wireless mouse, and a wireless keyboard (if you’re using your desktop).

You can cast your whole desktop, not just a tab, exactly as when using Chromecast to show a presentation.

Video Conference With Friends And Family

If you’re video chatting with friends and family, rather than having everyone swarm around a computer to see who you’re talking to, cast your desktop to your TV instead. Place your laptop in front of the TV so that anybody you’re chatting with can see all of you. Even better, if you have a portable camera, place it on top of the TV. You will then have a large screen to view anybody you are video chatting with.

Watch Web-Only Content

Hulu, Netflix, HBOGo, Google Play, and more services are already supported by the Chromecast. While the list is increasing, there’s no reason you can’t view additional browser-only entertainment while you wait. Amazon Video may be accessed through a Chrome tab. You may watch Hulu web-only material on your TV. You may watch it on your television as long as you can play it on your browser.

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Casting incompatible material was pixelated and almost unwatchable when Google initially announced the Chromecast, but this has now been rectified.

Watch Videos Stored On Your Computer

You may also view downloaded videos on your TV if you have a large number of them stored on your PC. Simply drag the video file into a Google Chrome tab, and it will play immediately from your browser. Simply cast that tab to your TV to see the complete video instead of your computer.

Listen To Music

You don’t have to restrict yourself to video material when it comes to enjoyment. Why not also perform music? Any music that may be played using your Chrome browser can be heard via your TV speakers. Whether you use GrooveShark, Spotify’s web-based version, or a YouTube playlist, you can turn up the volume rather than rely on laptop speakers.

Play Online Games

Why not bring the game to life on a computer screen if you often play computer games online? Whatever game you’re playing on your browser may be projected to a much larger screen on your TV, but like with some of the previous alternatives, if it needs a mouse or keyboard, opt for some wireless devices to truly improve the experience.

Even if they’ve started small, Google is certainly on to something by adding games to the Chromecast. Tic Tac Toe may be played on both iOS and Android smartphones. All you have to do is download the game for iOS or Android [No longer available] and cast it to your TV. It’s a simple start, but it’s a start nevertheless.

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Can you think of any more inventive Google Chromecast applications to add to the list? Please leave them in the comments.

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